Chapter 48: Get out! (Part 2)

“Do you know how to make English breakfast?” Gong Ouyang asked her.

Xiaonian shook her head.

“You are so stupid. How do you not know how to make English breakfast?” Gong Ouayng lectured her sternly.

Later when he took her and the child back to England to meet his family, how will she win the favor of his parents without even knowing that?

Gong Ouyang suddenly stopped in his tracks, his face frozen with shock.

Why did he want her to be liked by his parents?

Gong Ouyang was shocked to realize that he was concerned about this insignificant woman and was planning to pave a way for her to stay by his side in the future. 

This was ridiculous!

This type of woman, who did not have anything to her name, someone not even qualified to lift his shoes, for her he visited an island and now a grocery store?

How did he become like this without his own knowledge? Unless she was manipulating him slowly!

Gong Ouyang’s hands clenched in rage.

“What do you like in english breakfast?” Xiaonian who still in a good mood from his praise inquired him without knowing what he was thinking.

She vaguely remembered that one of his parent belonged to the British aristocracy and his family was now based in Britain. Was he previously used to eating English breakfast?

“Nothing!” Gong Ouyang snapped at her.


Xiaonian found his mood swing inexplicable. She couldn’t understand why he became angry all of a sudden, wasn’t he in a good mood just a few minutes ago?

Xiaonian quickly finished the billing and carried the bags to the luxury car waiting for them in the basement. 

Gong Ouyang became unusually silent since then and refused to talk to her or look at her. He just stood by her side and looked fierce.

Xiaonian put the last of the bags in the trunk with the help of the driver and looked inexplicably at Gong Ouyang’s angry face.

Gong Ouyang noticed her gaze and his mood worsened. He rushed forward and grabbing her arm he pushed her into the car in an unreasonable manner. 

The car frame hit her head roughly before she tumbled on the rear seat. She couldn’t help but look at him in confusion.

What did she do to displease him?

Was this the good temper butler De talked about? Really good!

She gently touched her head to see if there was bump.

“Shi Xiaonian!” Gong Ouyang bent over her and held her throat in his hand tightly, “shouldn’t you be more truthful now?”


Xianian felt fear shoot up through her stomach. 

Her throat hurt, his grip was really strong and she couldn’t struggle free from it. Stabbing pain kept shooting from where his fingers pinched her.

The driver ignored the happenings in the back seat and started the car. 

The road back to TianZhi was blocked by a charity event, so he took an alternative road through the city.

Gong Ouyang looked at her face contorted in pain, “just confess and I won’t push you away”.

Gong Ouyang thought that the main reason behind Xiaonian’s behavior was to keep staying beside him. And he did not want to drive her away after she gave up his child, he would still keep her by his side. But she definitely cannot manipulate him!

He felt her body trembling in fear and his hold on her throat slackened, and Xiaonian immediately scooted far away from him curling into a ball against the door.

She really did not understand what he wanted her to confess.

Gong Ouyang saw that she was scared, may be now she wouldn’t be so obstinate and tell the truth, “until when are you going to pretend that you are innocent? Aren’t these cheap tricks just a way to stay by my side?”

Xiaonian was startled. Was he talking about the child again?

“Three years ago… it wan’t me who gave you the medicine.. I really don’t have your baby” she managed to say weakly. Her throat hurt and every word she uttered sent pain streaming.

“You keep lying!” Gong Ouyang shouted at her looking bitter.

Xiaonian jumped at his loud voice.

Why can’t she understand that she just needed to tell the truth and he would make sure that she had a decent life. Instead of manipulating him, she should just be honest and he would definitely let her live a better life. 

Both her and the child.

Gong Ouyang’s gloom deepened, her pitiful figure made him want to gather her into his arms and soothe her fears away, but the cynical part of his brain reminded him that this might be an act on her part to bend him to her will.

Gong Ouyang controlled his emotions and a calm expression slid on his face. He tried to remember that she was not capable of such tactics, that she might not be doing this by her own volition. 

Slowly, his mood stabilized enough for him to sit back and talk without bursting out.

“Tell me where you hid the child?” he asked her again.

Xiaonian went pale at his questioning. Where was she supposed to get a non existent child from?

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