Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 3)

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“Isn’t she thinking that she can now rebel against me? Isn’t it all because she knows that I’m good to her?” Gong Ouyang shouted indignantly, “Feng De, pull her out!”

“Master, the contract says that we can’t use physical force against Miss Shi.”

Otherwise, it’s a breach of contract.

“Then tie her up!” Gong Ouyang kicked away the table.

Feng De stood by Gong Ouyang and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “Master, I don’t know if I can say something.”

“Talk!” Gong Ouyang ordered irritably.

“As far as I know, Miss Shi has very few relationships with people and she has always been rather lonely. Her editor especially seems to be very close to her. I think she does not like that an innocent friend’s family was implicated this time” he said.

He knew about what happened in the car and then later at the hotel from the security and the driver.


Gong Ouyang went quiet. Her friends were rather few, he hardly ever saw her on the phone talking or messaging people like other girls he knew.

“And the young master today…” Feng De observed Gong Ouyang’s face and softened his voice, “master’s treatment of Miss Shi in the car really was a little too much.”

A good man was beaten until bones were broken, for no reason.

And a women with whom his master was in an intimate relationship, someone he was especially was attached to, was treated cruelly without any apparent reason.

Gong Ouyang stirred in his seat uncomfortably.

Did he really overdo it today?

But just thinking of the other man touching her made him want to kill someone. And, he did push her out of the car to avoid hurting her anymore.

Gong Ouyang pushed his hair back in frustration.

No matter how excessive he was, why should he, Gong Ouyang, apologize to anyone?
Next day:

Xiaonian was sitting in her study working on her comic, ‘the president is paranoid’.

She drew the hero’s character on the paper and described how he became jealous and then proceeded to draw him hiding in a dark corner and weeping secretly.

Once she completed the strip, her mood became much better.

There, what can he do to her now!


She leaned back into her chair satisfied with her revenge tactics on the paper when a series of knocks disturbed her.

“Shi Xiaonian! Come out! I haven’t had my breakfast yet!” Gong Ouyang’s voice poured through her door.

Who did not eat breakfast?

She was pushed out of a car so hard that she had to visit a hospital and he cared about breakfast?

The knocks quieted and Xiaonian thought he left, but instead he started talking again.

“Shi Xiaonian, you better take a look at the contract and see what the penalty is for not cooking my meals!” Gong Ouyang said loudly.

Penalty for not cooking?

Xiaonian opened the left drawer and pulled out the hefty contract from inside and started leafing through it to find the aforesaid penalty.

She actually found it pretty quickly, it was on the 12th page and it clearly said that-

Xiaonian silently read through the terms.


There were so many ways a person could be punished and what did this man do?

Actually wrote down in contract that the punishment would be him being able to practice SM in bedroom!!

He is mad!!

Psst: For those of you who don’t know, SM, also BDSM, is a kind of erotic practice in the bedroom which can range anything from spanking, tying up with ropes to much heavier side of domination. Find more on Wiki if you are interested. :)

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