Chapter 87: A home for master

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The next two weeks went by quickly.

Xiaonian was busy with her upcoming story arc of  the comic book, and Gong Ouyang was also held back at his work due to some unexpected problems in their research department. They only saw each other at night and rarely in the mornings.

Xiaonian cooked his breakfasts the night before and two house maids, Xiao Li and Luo Fan, took over heating it up and serving it to him in the mornings.

For the first time since she lived with him, Xiaonian saw Gong Ouyang leave so early in the morning. One time she was sure he slept at 12 in the night, and woke up at 2 in the morning and left.

She couldn’t help but be surprised. 

She always imagined rich people to be more…, leisurely may be?

She knew that he liked his work. Many times, she saw him shut himself in his study working on his computer, sometimes even forgetting his meals. But she did not pin him to be someone who would attend to his work at such inconvenient hours.

Xiaonian leaned back in her chair looking at the first draft of the story.

How can a guy who thought the world revolved around him, do things a normal office worker would do?

She struck off the character description of the hero, and added a tag ‘develop’ beside it.

Did she have a biased view of Gong Ouyang? Because he treated her so, she developed a skewed understanding of him?

She sighed and pushed the papers back on the desk. It’s not that she wanted to vilify him, but his behavior drove her to. But taking a glimpse of this side of him, she had to grudgingly agree that she respected this Gong Ouyang who worked hard.


Gong Ouyang watched as the people in the conference room descended into another discussion about their upcoming product. 

Ze Chen silently stood beside him and waited for a decision. If everything went well, they will be releasing it into the international markets this Monday. 

He quickly took a peek at his boss, and went back to observing the room again.

He started working in this company when he was only 22, and it has now been 6 years. There had been opportunities elsewhere over the years, but he always put them off. Not because he wasn’t tempted. He was. As someone who worked under Gong Ouyang, his net value in the market was quite high and companies fell over themselves to pull him into their ranks. 

However, Ze Chen understood this game. 

He had yet to meet some one as business savvy as Gong Ouyang. Not only was he a brilliant business man, but he was born into a family where children learn about managing businesses as soon as they start drinking milk. That was an advantage ordinary people couldn’t even graze. No matter how much of a genius a person is, with the advantages that Gong Ouyang has since his birth, there was no way anyone could match up to him no matter how much they tried. 

He has seen business men better than Gong Ouyang. But none as young as him. By the time he caught up to their age, there was no telling what he could accomplish. And Ze Chen, who had his own ambitions, wanted to be there, at the peak with the best of the pack in this competitive jungle. And the best way to do it, was work at Gong Ouyang’s side.


At Sen Lin, many female house guests left the mansion as soon as Gong Ouyang left to live with Xiaonian at TianZhi. Some held hopes and stuck around, and were elated when he returned. But before long, he was gone once again.

Feng De periodically returned here to take care of his master’s estate affairs and what’s left of his ‘house guests’.

“Butler De,” a particularly curvaceous woman stopped him on the stairs to third floor.

“Miss Li,” Feng De greeted her politely. 

“When will Mr. Gong return?” 

Feng De smiled politely. “”I’m not sure of master’s ideas Miss.”

The smile of Li Mei’s face dimmed. She forced a smile and asked, “Does Butler De know where Mr Gong is staying currently?” 

If she can get an access to Gong Ouyang, she might be a step ahead of Xie Linlin. 

“I’m sorry Miss Li, but I’m not at liberty to discuss master’s whereabouts with anyone without his express permission.”

Li Mei pouted and without another word went back to her room.

Feng De went to his office and started sorting out the bills. 

Even though Gong Ouyang stayed at Tian Zhi, Sen Lin was his main residence. It was the address that connected his personal life and business. And with the vast assets in the name of Gong Ouyang, it wasn’t possible to conduct their usual businesses in Tian Zhi. That place was much too small and inconvenient.

Feng De fell into thought as he leafed through Tian Zhi’s expenses. 

A small smile curved the wrinkled corner of his eyes. This place, where his master resided, was surprisingly the place that generated the least expense these days. Tian Zhi needed no expert chefs, required a very small number of staff and Miss Xiaonian’s shopping expenses, if any, were yet to come to light. 
“Butler De, the manager of the southern island is here to talk,” a young staff announced outside his door. The estates needed to be taken care of.

“Ask him to come in.”

Perhaps, in the future, this building might be more than an address. Perhaps, Miss Xiaonian might live here and make it a home for his master.




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