Chapter 82

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After the band-aid, Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang went back to having their dinner and everything was quiet for few minutes.
Gong Ouyang uninterestedly stirred his soup for the third time.
“Do you know why we are here today?” he asked.
Xiaonian put down the spoon that she raised and sat straight. She thought he just called her here because he could and he felt like it. Isn’t that why things happened around her?
Gong Ouyang saw that she did not say anything but looked at him in question. He picked up the win…

Chapter 81: Changes

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“Come here.”
As soon as the door shut behind her, Gong Ouyang’s deep voice rang out in the room. He still stood out there, on the balcony, and did not turn around.
Did she imagine him being lonely? He sounds just like he always does. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she took small steps towards him. The huge french windows that led to the balcony were open and she walked through them and stood beside him, looking at the wide expanse of the valley before her.
The sun hadn’t quite set yet, so she was still able to make out the shapes of the tress and the curves of the mountains in the valley.
The two people stayed silent, both watching the valley slowly…

Chapter 80: Villa in the wild

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True to Gong Ouyang’s word, Feng De dutifully brought the flash drive containing the spy ware.
What surprised Xiaonian most about the software was that if you entered few choice key words, then the program can actually record conversations that contain those words eliminating the need to be constantly on watch for all the phone calls she might be receiving.
Xiaonian felt relieved when Feng De explained this. There was a part of her that niggled her for being unethical. But with this, she can now just listen to already recorded phone conversations without having to snoop through each and every call.
“I installed the software and it is now ready to run. All Miss Shi has to do now is to send a message to the intended recipient from here,” he pointed to a small empty space on the right side of the computer.
“Mh,” Xiaonian made a sound of acknowledge…

Chapter 79: Distracted

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For the third time, Xiaonian absentmindedly put another piece of vegetable on Gong Ouyang’s plate leaving the big meaty pieces inside the pot.
Gong Ouyang’s eyebrows twitched in a mixture of confusion and frustration. His good food stayed in the pot and he was being fed only goat food.
Who cared for these vegetables?
The maids standing behind started sweating bullets as they watched Xiaonian act as if her thoughts were a million miles away. Wasn’t she scared?
Their boss was a fire a breathing dragon when he is displeased, ah!
Gong Ouyang finished his vegetables and looked expectantly at the pot filled with meat pieces.
A maid noticed that Xiaonian’s eyes were still glued to her own plate and hurriedly moved to serve her master.
Gong Ouyang looked at her with displeasure but let her serve. As soon as the food was his plate, his attention was once again focused on his food.
It was only after he was done that he noticed Xiaonian’s non-partici…

Chapter 78: Eavesdropping

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Xia Yu, Xiaonian agrees, is a good and friendly editor on most days.
With her cute face, and hip hairstyle, she could almost be passed for a normal human being. But anyone in the field of creative works knows that the editors of romance stories geared towards young women are generally loopy.
And this is true in the case of Xia Yu more than anyone.
Xiaonian had 2 editors before Xia Yu. Both weird in their own capacity, but Xia Yu, she was the weirdest when it comes to her duties. Xiaonian bravely mentioned this to her in the spirit of friendship after she downed two bottles of beer during a new year’s fe…

Chapter 77.1: Bonus 1

Bonus 1: Designing the personalities of main characters
T/N: Hello dear readers, I promised you some extras a long time back and I found some time to do it this weekend. As you know, the characters in the original story are rather baffling because they make random decisions without any behavioral pattern. One of the first things I did before I decided to change the story here and there was to give a well defined outline to the characters. Being an amateur writer, I am probably not doing a great job translating those behaviors into dialogues, so here I’m giving you an explanation of what drives the characters and why they do what they do.
In order to avoid spoilers, I will discuss only the basics here. I hope you find some answers you are looking for here.
Gong Ouyang:
Gong Ouyang has a cluster of personality disorders. He suffers from a mixture of paranoid personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.
Paranoid personality disorder (Taken as is from websit…

Chapter 77: Embarrassment

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The weekend arrived quickly.
Early Saturday morning, Xiaonian scuttled around getting ready. The click clack of her heels on the floor woke up a bleary eyed Gong Ouyang who looked at Xiaonian in confusion.
“What are you doing getting ready so early in the morning?” he mumbled into his pillow.
Xiaonian paused as she was turning the cap of the lip balm. Did he already forget?
“I have to be at the Cuisine class in half an hour.”
“Oh.” And he fell asleep again without another word.
Gong Ouyang stayed in his study into the early morning working on a new software he developed and did not get even 3 hours of sleep.
Xiaonian picked up a small booklet in which she noted some questions about the preparation of few dishes and shoved it into her bag.
She was not interested in impressing Gong Ouyang’s pare…