Chapter 75: Message (Part 2)

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“Come and see me in my office in an hour, I’ll set up a new one for you,” he told her as he casually walked past her wearing only his black pajama pants hanging low on his hips. His tousled hair added a sensual aspect to his looks but was lost on Xiaonian who was still looking at the place where her phone disappeared.
After an hour, Xiaonian mumbled a hundred and one curses against Gong Ouyang as she made her way to his office.
What was the use of a new phone ah? Her old one stayed with her through thick and thin, through comic beginnings …

Chapter 75: Message (Part 1)

Xiaonian snuggled deep into her blankets as the air condition ran at a lower temperature setting. Her head disappeared under the sheets and only few strands of her silky hair escaped the confines of the blanket and scattered on the white pillow contrasting starkly.
Gong Ouyang supported his head on his hands as he watched the blanket covered bulge wiggle. His hand lazily reached out to touch a few strands and rubbed them between his fingers feeling the silken texture slide along.
He remembered last evening when she touched him out of her own initiative. His eyes darkened for a second before it was replaced by a hint of satisfaction. He looped the hair around his finger and played with it.
Was she falling in love with him?
If this was how it was, then he wholeheartedly commended the direction of this relationship. He wanted her to look at him like that again and touch him with the same gentleness and care.
He suddenly sharply tugged at the piece of hair in his fingers eliciting a muffled pr…

Chapter 74: Giving in (Part 2)

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Sighing inside her heart at the unfathomable emotions roiling inside her, Xiaonian looked sympathetically at Gong Ouyang.
A person’s kindness weighs a thousand times the hurt caused.
“Nothing to be worried about. It’s probably the change in the seasons. Summer’s have always been difficult for me.”
“Mm.” Gong Ouyang made an acknowledging sound and once again became silent. His fingers playing with hers slowly slowed down until they stopped completely.
He fell asleep?
Xiaonian eyes travelled from his thick eyelashes falling peacefully on his cheeks, to his chiseled jaw and followed the jawline to his adam’s apple slightly covered by his collar and tie. He looked burnt out.
He looked so defenseless that if she threw him out on the…

Chapter 74: Giving in (Part 1)

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The next few days, Xiaonian acted more cautiously around Gong Ouyang. But, Gong Ouyang on the other hand, behaved as if the incident never happened.
The only thing that changed was how he now constantly asked her if she was in love with him yet.
Xiaonian felt quite speechless.
He behaved without any consideration towards her and yet expected her to fall in love with him? How was that possible?
But despite her many objections towards his behavior, she found that she was not as uncomfortable with Gong Ouyang’s unreasonable behavior as she was before.
When she first realized this, she dropped a coffee cup in shock.
If thi…

chapter 73: The Ring

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Gong ouyang’s expression twisted at the box that was pushed towards him. He glanced at the box but his hands stayed where they were making no effort to pick it.
In the last two weeks, he had his PI team re-investigate the incident on Baja cruise. He had been very sure about the instigator, until his last trip on Baja. And now, he was not sure any more.
Either way, he had to know the truth.
But the reports that were sent became more and more blurrier with only circumstantial evidence pointing towards Xiaonian. And that ambiguity made his c…

Chapter 70-72

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Tianzhi’s upscale supermarket did not carry the brands she liked to eat, and she was determined to buy as many as she can and hoard them in her study.
When she stepped out of the store with another two bags packed with stuff into the middle of the crowd she felt an immense sense of relief, as if she was finally where she belonged. She felt comforted and safe in an environment like this, this was what she was used to. That horrendously expensive TianZhi never actually felt like home.
She adjusted her bags and tucked her purse beneath her elbow and walked in the direction of the car when a young man around her age stopped her near the intersection.
When Xiaonian looked up, she saw a smart looking guy in his glasses holding a laptop bag in his hand. He caught her looking at him and his cheeks blushed red which became apparent on his pale cheeks.
“Yes?” Xiaoinan asked giving a small smile. S city was a big place and it was not un…

Chapter 69

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For the next few weeks, Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang fell into a routine which Xiaonian felt almost resembled a normal married couple’s life. She cooked the meals, bid him goodbye, and slept in the same bed. She didn’t known a lot of married couples, but these things were what she thought a marriage would have.
Gong Ouyang’s unreasonableness and fixation on things did not completely go away, but she could see that it had toned down a lot.
Just last week, he compromised and let her go outside whenever she wanted as long as she took security with her. Escaping his paranoia was beyond impossible, but Xiaonian felt happy that she could now leave the place to take a walk or go shop whenever she wanted. There had been a couple of things she wanted to buy for her study and she already informed the security to leave…