Chapter 52: Schemes (Part 1)

For the next few days, Xiaonian faced unprecedented problem at TianZhi.
First, the heating system went down, but Xiaonian was used to living in a rundown apartment where breakdowns in the heating were very common. She wasn’t unused to taking a cold shower especially in summer, so she simply used the cold water and when necessary heated up some water in the pan or microwave.
But it came as a surprise that such a thing would happen in a place like TianZhi where the richest of the rich live.
Looks like, these problems crop up everywhere and even the rich are not immune to it. There was something satisfying about it.
She wanted to complain to the building maintenance but she did not know the number and she definitely did not want to call any one related to Gong Ouyang for help.
It could jinx her.
The next day, Xiaonian woke up to find that the water supply stopped.
This was TianZHi, right?
The money that went into paying for a square foot of this place was more than she could afford i…

Chapter 51: Apology (Part 3)

Look at this woman before him now, she was looking at him waiting for his approval and ready to do whatever she can to please him. This is how a woman should be, both beautiful and pleasing.
Xie Linlin saw Gong Ouyang staring at her thoughtfully and thought that he was interested in her despite his previous comments and tried to get closer to him.
But as soon as she got closer, Gong Ouyang immediately took few steps back again, “Don’t come near me while you still stink!” he snapped at her and walked away towards his table.
He dropped into a chair and picked up a drink from the tray held by a maid.
“Find Feng De and call him here” he issued an order.
The maid obeyed with alacrity and in a few minutes, Feng De was on his way in a golf cart.
Gong Ouyang glanced at Feng De as he made his way towards him. when he came near his table, Gong Ouyang shifted his sight to the drink in his hand and asked offhandedly, “Is that woman making fuss?”
No that he hadn’t visited for a fee days, she should be cr…

Chapter 51: Apology (Part 2)

After covering the dishes, just in case, and washing the pots, she slowly made her way back to her study. As she was moving ahead, she saw Feng De carrying a bag and a pile of files in his arms.
Feng De quickly stopped when he saw her and greeted her, “Miss Shi.”
“Housekeeper De, where are going with all that?” Xiaonian asked standing on one foot.
“The young master went back to Senlin (Gong Ouyang’s place with the forest) and I was ordered to bring back his work and essentials” feng De told her courteously.
It turned out that Gong Ouyang actually left this place. No wonder he did not come to eat.
Xiaonian nodded, “Is he going to stay there?”
Feng De modded, “Yes Miss, I think the young master is planning to go back and live there again.”
“Oh.” Xiaonian was surprised, “I understand. My foot is not in good condition so I won’t be able to see you off, please take care of yourself housekeeper De” Xiaonian said politely.
Planning to live there.
That means that Gong Ouyang will probably not come her…

Chapter 51: Apology (Part 1)

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“If you don’t open the door, I can have Feng De find the spare key” Gong Ouyang’s silky threatening voice poured through the door.
Gong Ouyang stood on the other side of the door, arms folded and extremely calm.
She is here, in his domain, what can’t he do?
When he did not hear any movement from the other side, he ordered Feng De, “Feng De, get me the key.”
He was not on the losing end. Even if she doesn’t obey him, he can take his dues in the bedroom tonight. While he was not terribly pleased about not getting his lunch, he can compromise with the knowledge that he can tie her up tonight.
Before Feng De could return back, the door before him was pulled open.
Gong Ouyang almsot felt a twinge of regret, but he stood before the damned woman with a proud face at winning this little game.
Xiaonian looked at him coldly and hobbled towards the k…

Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 3)

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“Isn’t she thinking that she can now rebel against me? Isn’t it all because she knows that I’m good to her?” Gong Ouyang shouted indignantly, “Feng De, pull her out!”
“Master, the contract says that we can’t use physical force against Miss Shi.”
Otherwise, it’s a breach of contract.
“Then tie her up!” Gong Ouyang kicked away the table.
Feng De stood by Gong Ouyang and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “Master, I don’t know if I can say something.”
“Talk!” Gong Ouyang ordered irritably.
“As far as I know, Miss Shi has very few relationships with people and she has always been rather lonely. Her editor especially seems to be very close to her. I think she does not like that an innocent friend’s family was implicated this time” he said.
He knew about what happened in the car and then later at the hotel from the security and the driver.
Gong Ouyang went quiet. Her friends were rather few, he hardly ever saw her on the phone ta…

Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 2)

“What’s with your attitude? Don’t forget, in our relationship, you exist to please me!”
Xiaonian suddenly felt a small spurt of anger in her heart. If her leg was;t hurt, she would have ran o him and given him a good beating!
Xiaonian controlled her face to make sure that her feelings were not apparent. She slowly walked forward silently.
“Your foot is swollen and you are running like a toddler!” Gong Ouyang looked at her as if she was an embarrassment and took a step forward and before she knew it Xiaonian felt her whole body carried up and thrown on his shoulder like a sack of onions.
“What are you doing?! Let me down!” Xiaonian screamed at the boor carrying her with no respect to her person.
But without paying any heed to her protests, Gong Ouyang carried her all the way down the hall and broke into a doctor’s office.
The doctor and the two nurses looked like they were waiting for him and froze on the spot when they saw him ‘carry’ a woman with him. After a moment, they immediately start…

Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 1)

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Xiaonian watched Mu Qian Chu, she suddenly felt that he was acting very strange.
In the last 6 years, he was never once cordial to her, and she had tasted disappointment too many times to count with him so she wasn’t in hurry to believe that he would become cordial to her just after a small misunderstanding like that.
She looked at him warily.
“It was not a big thing,” Xiaonian said lightly holding the bottle in her hand, “I’ll leave now, I hope you get better,” she pointed at him vaguely and limped back.
“What happened to your feet?” Mu Qian Chu asked frowning when he noticed that she was walking favoring one leg, “you are here to see a doctor? I’ll go with you?”
Xiaonian’s eyes widened momentarily from shock.
“No. No, I’ll go by myself” she rejected him immediately. At this moment, he was not just someo…