Chapter 87: A home for master

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The next two weeks went by quickly.
Xiaonian was busy with her upcoming story arc ofthe comic book, and Gong Ouyang was also held back at his work due to some unexpected problems in their research department. They only saw each other at night and rarely in the mornings.
Xiaonian cooked his breakfasts the night before and two house maids, Xiao Li and Luo Fan, took over heating it up and serving it to him in the mornings.
For the first time since she lived with him, Xiaonian saw Gong Ouyang leave so early in the morning. One time she was sure he slept at 12 in the night, and woke up at 2 in the morning and left.
She could…

Chapter 86: Is this me?

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For the next two days, Gong Ouyang continued to harass Xiaonian to wear the school uniform once again.
Exhausted with his demand, she secretly took it to the kitchen and burnt it. On the third day when she came out of the bathroom, a fresh set of school uniform was placed on the bed in plain view.
She quickly stuffed them underneath the dresser and went out wear…

Chapter 85: Appreciation

“Does he like you?” Gong Ouyang asked her straight as soon as the doors of elevator closed. Therewas a hint of displeasure in his words.
Xiaonian’s scalp went numb as she was brought down to earth after hearing his question. Involuntarily she squeezed her fingers and not a single expression could be squeezed out of her stiff face.
Gong Ouyang’s eyes narrowed in dissatisfaction at her silence. “Does he?” he asked again, this time his voice was laced with danger.
Xiaonian pinched her forefinger with her thumb and middle finger and squeezed out a smile. “He is my sister’s husband, you’ve been to their wedding too,” she reminded him.
“So?” Gong Ouyang asked arrogantly, “does it mean that he can’t chase his wife’s sister?”
Xiaonian was stunned at his response.
“How is that possible?” she asked with genuine disbelief, “he is married to Shi Yue. She is beautiful and very popular.” She paused, still looking at the floor, she is now more accepting of it than she was before, she chuckled, “..and I am…

Chapter 83-84: Antagonism

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The next day, Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang left the villa immediately after breakfast.
Perhaps, Xiaonian thought, Gong Ouyang wasn’t as calm as he appeared to be. After all, it was his own brother.
The only complaint Xiaonian had in her heart other than him threatening to kill her yesterday night, was her uniform.
It gave her chills, looking at herself in the mirror in this weird uniform.
They started back to TianZhi quite early in the morning, as a result there wasn’t much traffic on the roads and they reached the city very early.
Xiaonian sighed inside herself in sheer relief. There won’t be lot of people around this time and as long as she made…

Chapter 82

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After the band-aid, Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang went back to having their dinner and everything was quiet for few minutes.
Gong Ouyang uninterestedly stirred his soup for the third time.
“Do you know why we are here today?” he asked.
Xiaonian put down the spoon that she raised and sat straight. She thought he just called her here because he could and he felt like it. Isn’t that why things happened around her?
Gong Ouyang saw that she did not say anything but looked at him in question. He picked up the win…

Chapter 81: Changes

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“Come here.”
As soon as the door shut behind her, Gong Ouyang’s deep voice rang out in the room. He still stood out there, on the balcony, and did not turn around.
Did she imagine him being lonely? He sounds just like he always does. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she took small steps towards him. The huge french windows that led to the balcony were open and she walked through them and stood beside him, looking at the wide expanse of the valley before her.
The sun hadn’t quite set yet, so she was still able to make out the shapes of the tress and the curves of the mountains in the valley.
The two people stayed silent, both watching the valley slowly…

Chapter 80: Villa in the wild

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True to Gong Ouyang’s word, Feng De dutifully brought the flash drive containing the spy ware.
What surprised Xiaonian most about the software was that if you entered few choice key words, then the program can actually record conversations that contain those words eliminating the need to be constantly on watch for all the phone calls she might be receiving.
Xiaonian felt relieved when Feng De explained this. There was a part of her that niggled her for being unethical. But with this, she can now just listen to already recorded phone conversations without having to snoop through each and every call.
“I installed the software and it is now ready to run. All Miss Shi has to do now is to send a message to the intended recipient from here,” he pointed to a small empty space on the right side of the computer.
“Mh,” Xiaonian made a sound of acknowledge…