Chapter 85: Appreciation

“Does he like you?” Gong Ouyang asked her straight as soon as the doors of elevator closed. There  was a hint of displeasure in his words.

Xiaonian’s scalp went numb as she was brought down to earth after hearing his question. Involuntarily she squeezed her fingers and not a single expression could be squeezed out of her stiff face.

Gong Ouyang’s eyes narrowed in dissatisfaction at her silence. “Does he?” he asked again, this time his voice was laced with danger.

Xiaonian pinched her forefinger with her thumb and middle finger and squeezed out a smile. “He is my sister’s husband, you’ve been to their wedding too,” she reminded him.

“So?” Gong Ouyang asked arrogantly, “does it mean that he can’t chase his wife’s sister?”

Xiaonian was stunned at his response.

“How is that possible?” she asked with genuine disbelief, “he is married to Shi Yue. She is beautiful and very popular.” She paused, still looking at the floor, she is now more accepting of it than she was before, she chuckled, “..and I am, I am just me.”

When she looked at Gong Ouyang to share the joke of it, she found that he was looking at her seriously as if he didn’t see the joke.

“She is so ugly, how can he like her, ignoring you?” he snorted derisively.

Xiaonian’s eyes widened slightly and she burst out laughing. 

Ah! Who had eyes and tastes as eccentric as Gong Ouyang?

But, an unknown part of her mind felt liberated and she felt much lighter than she ever did in the last couple of years.

“It is impossible,” she reassured him.

Gong Ouyang paused when he saw her laugh. Although she said it was impossible, the way Mu Qian Chu reacted was as if he encountered an enemy.

Gong Ouyang’s pupils constricted. Even if she said that it was impossible, that person’s reaction was very suspicious.

Xiaonian saw that Gong Ouyang was still looking at her suspiciously and her heart skipped a beat in fright. What will he do if he found out that she once liked Mu Qian Chu?

She remembered how Feng De cautioned her about Gong Ouyang’s personality and how she shouldn’t let him know about her past romantic affairs.

She pulled her lips into a self deprecatory smile and said, “Gong Ouyang, it really is not possible for the person to like me. Really.”

The doors opened and she looked straight at him and waited until he got off to follow him into their apartment.

Gong Ouyang looked at her behavior and let the topic go, but he stored today’s meeting in his subconscious. If the man ever tried to encroach on his territory, he will let him know the cost of riling Gong Ouyang.


As soon as they entered into the apartment, a maid came to take their coats.  And Gong Ouyang’s sight was once again riveted to the girl in the school uniform.

Xiaonian saw his gaze and immediately ran into the bedroom, quickly locking it after her. 

Through the door, she could faintly hear Gong Ouyang saying something. 

She stopped her steps an cocked an ear to hear what he was saying.

“….let me appreciate it for a while.”


Appreciate what?

This dress?




Translator’s interview with Gong Ouyang:

Tish: Mr Ouyang! How nice to see you again! 

GO: (Taps the table and looks at the translator coldly) Do you know how many days our intimates scenes were left hanging?

Tish: (Laughs forcefully) Ha..ha..ha. That…I, I had very important things to do.

GO: What can be more important than this!! (Slaps the table furiously)

Tish: (Cowering in the chair) ye..yes, yes! Of course! What can be more important? Ha..ha..ha.. (Sweats)

GO: (Stares at the translator coldly) I’ll give you three days. Compensate.

Tish: …Compensate? (╥﹏╥)

GO:  (Threateningly) Problem?

Tish: No (╥﹏╥)

So, readers, compensation for next three days. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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  1. Haha you're so funny Miss Tish!! Thank you for the chapter and Take care.

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