Chapter 80: Villa in the wild

T/N: So much anxiety, and so little help  ( ゚д゚). Do you guys feel unbearably anxious at times? How do you cope?

True to Gong Ouyang’s word, Feng De dutifully brought the flash drive containing the spy ware. 

What surprised Xiaonian most about the software was that if you entered few choice key words, then the program can actually record conversations that contain those words eliminating the need to be constantly on watch for all the phone calls she might be receiving.

Xiaonian felt relieved when Feng De explained this. There was a part of her that niggled her for being unethical. But with this, she can now just listen to already recorded phone conversations without having to snoop through each and every call. 

“I installed the software and it is now ready to run. All Miss Shi has to do now is to send a message to the intended recipient from here,” he pointed to a small empty space on the right side of the computer.

“Mh,” Xiaonian made a sound of acknowledgement.

“If you have any questions, please ask them Miss Shi,” Feng De took a step back and stood aside enquiring her politely.

Xiaonian carefully went through the instructions in her head and shook her head. She couldn’t help but feel a little awe at how this program was built. She did not understand much about technology but even she understood the ramifications of a technology like this.

Should she really be using something like this?

But her misgivings were quickly swallowed up her desire to find out what actually happened that night three years ago, and how is Shi Yue connected to all this, if at all?

“Well then Miss. I have orders to inform you that master will be away for a few days for work but he’ll meet you at his summer villa on Saturday night.”

Xiaonian looked at him blankly. 

“A car will pick you up from TianZhi miss. I hope you will be ready.” Feng De made a smart bow and left the room leaving her half confused.


By Saturday evening, Xiaonian still did not know much about where she going. She simply put on  a decent dress and picked up her purse and followed the guards waiting for her outside the door.

“Mr Wen, do you know where we are going?” she asked the guard sitting in the front seat of the car she was in. They left TianZhi a couple of minutes ago but they did not travel on any roads she was familiar with. Instead she was on an outskirt road leading towards, if she remembered correctly, to the south of the city. 

“We will be there soon Miss,” the bodyguard did not elaborate and gave a short answer that told her nothing.

Xiaonian sighed in her heart. Was there a need for such secrecy?

As she watched the scenery flash by, the area become less and less familiar. 

Was there really a villa in a area like this?

But the car still did not stop. It had been more than an hour and they were still traveling making Xiaonian curious about their destination.

Then before she knew it, the car suddenly stopped and turned onto a small road leading into dense woods.


And then Xiaonian saw that the road opened into a small open area. If the lights did not turn on, she wouldn’t have realized that there was a garage built inside the small rocky mountain covered with greenery.

“Miss, this way,” a burly guard opened her door and walked ahead.

Xiaonian silently followed him looking around as she went. There was a narrow flight of steps that blended into the surroundings and wouldn’t be found easily. The sun was setting slowly and the guard held a flash light which made it easier for her to stay on the path, otherwise she would have slipped off the narrow steps a long time back.

The steps curved around the rocks and climbed up an incline. Just when she thought she was going to take another turn, the steps opened to a wide space filled with meticulously cultivated flowers and a cozy villa built on the edge of the hill over looking the vast sky and the valley beneath it.

Xiaonian stood still looking at what she believed was an architectural marvel. 

“Miss,” the guard called her when he found that she was no longer following him.

Xiaonian diverted her gaze from the villa and followed him again into the villa itself.

Xiaonian was led into a bedroom on the first floor and a maid was already waiting there with a package for her.

“Miss Shi, please change into this. After that, I will lead you upstairs to the viewing room.”

Curious about what was in the package, Xiaonian carefully peeled back the lid and found a set of clothing inside.

The maid already left the room, giving her some privacy to change.

Xiaonian looked into the mirror, aghast at what she saw.

The clothes in the package turned out be a uniform set? She now wore a gray colored skirt and simple white shirt with blue stripes on it. It would have looked cute on a little girl, but she was already a well developed woman now. 

On her slender body, the uniform outlined her curves almost making it seem perverse. As if she was cosplaying.

Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment. 

What was Gong Ouyang thinking?! Or did he prefer things like this? What an eccentric man!

There was no way she could wear it. Thinking that, she started to quickly unbutton her shirt, but right then the maid came in and started removing her discarded dress.

Xiaonian was startled. “What are you doing?”

The maid gave her a small smile, “Miss, the master gave strict instructions that you should wear that dress to the viewing room.”
“If you are ready miss, please come with me this way.”

Helpless, Xiaonian buttoned back the shirt and silently followed her upstairs.

As soon as the door opened, she recognized Gong Ouyang’s back as he stood outside the french windows watching the dark valley.

The maid closed the door behind Xiaonian as soon as she entered the room, leaving only her and Gong Ouyang. The lights were dim but it was easy to make out the cozily designed room and the man standing ahead.

For a moment, she thought it looked quite lonely.


  1. This is turning better than I expected

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  3. When I get too anxious, I write down everything I have to do in order and focus just on the next thing, then put on one of the worlds most calming songs (weightless by marconu union) and do monotonous stuff like cleaning (thats the best since you feel better with a clean room), hope that helps and thanks for the chapter :P

    1. I took your advice very seriously and am happy to report that it worked for me. I am chronically anxious person, so I was back to being a bunch of knots again. But, putting my life in order was a nice feeling, and quite soothing.

  4. When I gets anxious, I tried to find an empty room or shoves my head to the pillow to scream as loud as I can. I also tried to go to the balcony or open the window in my room and sits in front of it while looking to the sky outside. I also find that listening while singing a song with anxiety lyrics helps me a lot because i feel connected and it feels like I was telling my story to an invisible friend in my room through those songs. But I think the point is try to avert your attention or focus to something else other than your anxiety (like watching a funny clip). I hope that helps your anxiety and thanks for the hard work ����

    1. I tried the pillow thing. I did not scream though. It sounded more like a high pitched squeal. Lol. Was sorta relieving. :D Thank you.

  5. Anxiety happens to almost everyone especially the young adults, so you have to believe that everything is going to be alright.

    1. Hmm. Without knowing this mindless anxiety just invaded my life, and I think at this point thinking it's going to alright isn't working anymore Ridlo. But, I do see your point of keeping optimistic.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! I need that picture of Xiaonian... ugh

    1. Hahaha. Imagination is the best picture generator Kouka san. It won't let you down. :D

  7. Thanks to this bab,,, more interest

  8. I focus in religion when I'm anxious or depressed this helped me more than just listening to music and other stuff.

    1. Religion? That is very interesting. Never thought of that before. But, I will give it a try. :) Thank you.

  9. When i feel anxious i will get out, i would join some social activities, I help others. It would help me feel im not struggling alone. I would also visit my most close people, bff, or my dad. Hope you will get through this anxiousness. You will be okay, dont put it too much thought. Hwaiting!

  10. Also, you are great!!!! Thank you for this update :-)

  11. omg thank you for the translation, i only found this two days ago and i already finished all the chapters avialble, i hope you continue this story until the end, i heard that there are more than 1000 chapters, i'll wait for the updates thank you for doing this

    1. :) Happy to see you enjoying this. There are 1000+ chapter, but I'll probably condense a lot later on. So, definitely not more than 1000, I think.


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