Chapter 51: Apology (Part 2)

After covering the dishes, just in case, and washing the pots, she slowly made her way back to her study. As she was moving ahead, she saw Feng De carrying a bag and a pile of files in his arms.

Feng De quickly stopped when he saw her and greeted her, “Miss Shi.”

“Housekeeper De, where are going with all that?” Xiaonian asked standing on one foot.

“The young master went back to Senlin (Gong Ouyang’s place with the forest) and I was ordered to bring back his work and essentials” feng De told her courteously.

It turned out that Gong Ouyang actually left this place. No wonder he did not come to eat.

Xiaonian nodded, “Is he going to stay there?”

Feng De modded, “Yes Miss, I think the young master is planning to go back and live there again.”

“Oh.” Xiaonian was surprised, “I understand. My foot is not in good condition so I won’t be able to see you off, please take care of yourself housekeeper De” Xiaonian said politely.

Planning to live there.

That means that Gong Ouyang will probably not come here for a long time. She didn’t have to see him?

Xiaonian breathed a sigh of relief.

With the things that happened, she preferred some time away from him to sort her own mind and keep calm.

It was best not to meet for a few days.

Feng De watched Xiaonian’s expression, nodded his head and headed out of the house.

The next Sunday, on a golf course in Senlin:

Gong Ouyang was standing on a green field of wearing a dark blue polo and looked particularly young and slender. His dark eyes were focused on the ground his thoughts unfathomable.

Several women flocked to the men on the course, most Gong Ouyang’s business associates, looking to get on their good side by flirting in sexy gold attire sitting under parasols.

Among them, Xie Linlin was present and her, along with a very few others dared to focus their sight on Gong Ouyang. She was elegantly sipping from a herbal tea and slowly walked to him, “Mr Gong, take this glass of water to hydrate yourself.”

Gong Ouyang immediately regained his gaze and looked at the woman without any expression, reaching out to take the glass from her hands.

Seeing him accept the drink she got, Xie Linlin felt proud of herself. She was still the most favored among the women that Gong Ouyang frequents. She gently leaned against Gong Ouyang and looked at him with tenderness, “Mr Gong, you’ve already played a couple of rounds and the sun is already high in the sky, why don’t you sit in that chair, and I can give you a shoulder massage?”

Gong Ouyang returned to Senlin only a few days ago, and ever since then he did not allow anyone in. Now that they are invited to this game, she wanted to make the best of it and leave a good impression of her on him.

As soon as she leaned on him, Gong Ouyang wrinkled his nose at the strong stench of perfume coming off of her in waves and assaulting his senses.

Gong Ouyang immediately stepped back shaking off her hands and putting some distance between them. “What kind of perfume are you using? So unpleasant.”

Xie Linlin, who was pushed away, looked at him in grievance, “You said that you liked this perfume a lot Mr Gong.”

She clearly remembered him telling her that he liked the smell when they were in bed a few months back.

Did his taste change?


This was a perfume he said he liked? Gong Ouyang felt that it just smelled displeasing.

Gong Ouyang took another step back. This smell was strong enough to cover his whole house!

Next time, he’ll ask Xiaonian what perfume she used, she always smelled faintly of strawberries, very appetizing.

His grip on the golf club became strong. Damnit! He kept thinking about the woman again and again in the last few days!

There are so many woman here, although only a very few are as beautiful as her, he could have anyone he wanted. And that woman was uncute too.

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