Chapter 51: Apology (Part 3)

Look at this woman before him now, she was looking at him waiting for his approval and ready to do whatever she can to please him. This is how a woman should be, both beautiful and pleasing.

Xie Linlin saw Gong Ouyang staring at her thoughtfully and thought that he was interested in her despite his previous comments and tried to get closer to him.

But as soon as she got closer, Gong Ouyang immediately took few steps back again, “Don’t come near me while you still stink!” he snapped at her and walked away towards his table.

He dropped into a chair and picked up a drink from the tray held by a maid.

“Find Feng De and call him here” he issued an order.

The maid obeyed with alacrity and in a few minutes, Feng De was on his way in a golf cart.

Gong Ouyang glanced at Feng De as he made his way towards him. when he came near his table, Gong Ouyang shifted his sight to the drink in his hand and asked offhandedly, “Is that woman making fuss?”

No that he hadn’t visited for a fee days, she should be crying to see him again wanting him back.

Feng De coughed slightly, stepped back and said softly, “She is not giving any trouble master.”

Gong ouyang did not seem to hear Feng De’s reply, still lost in thoughts in the drink, he said, “Is that so? She must have asked you to bring her here to see me” he looked pensive, “send a car to pick her up, her leg should be troubling her still.”

Feng De cleared his throat to catch his master’s attention, “That, young master, Miss Shi did not ask me anything.”

he still tried to be polite, not uttering the direct truth but simply alluding to it.

The hand holding the drink stiffened, he looked coldly at Feng De, “what did you say?”

“Miss Shi is very calm and does her business and hasn’t given the guards any trouble at all,” Feng De said.

Very calm? She was very calm?

Gong Ouyang’s eyes had a hint of anger in them, “did you tell her that I’m planning to live at Senlin? Doesn’t she know how many women visit this place?”

He can’t believe that she wouldn’t be jealous.

“I didn’t say anything about the women, but Miss Shi should be clear about it” Feng De replied politely. After all, she had seen them the last time she was kept here.


She was clear and she still dares to stay calm!

Gong Ouyang angrily put the drink back on the table sloshing its contents, “stop the money I’m providing her!”

This time, she has to come and beg for his forgiveness.

Feng De hesitated before he said, “young master, you didn’t give her any money except for the house she lives in now.”

A person who did not come for money, how can they financially restrain her.

Gong Ouyang stiffened. She lived with for a good amount of time now and he did not give her any money? Didn’t all women ask for jewelleries and  properties?

“The food..”

“All the groceries in the house are bought and paid for by Miss Shi since a long time master.”

After the initial few days, Xiaonian insisted on spending for the food herself and she did not retain any maids or staff. Gong Ouyang’s personal staff came back to Senlin with him and Xiaonian liked her privacy and looked after the house by herself.

Gong Ouyang was stupefied at what he was learning. During the time he stayed at Tianzhi, he was living off of her money?

Now that he thought about it, even the last time when they went to the market together, the card she used to pay for the purchases was not something he issued. But he was occupied with other thoughts at that time to pay attention to it.

Damn it!

Gong Ouyang did not get angry this time, but looked ta Feng De in dissatisfaction, “Why did you not tell me about this earlier, old man you are getting more and more unruly!”

He actually let him eat soft rice!

“It’s my fault master” Feng De respectfully acknowledged his mistake.

When Xiaonian didn;t mention it, the master didn’t mention it, he also forgot about it. He really made a mistake.

“Think about something that can control her. In short, I want her to come and seek me, do you understand?” Gong Ouyang looked at Feng De.

He was done waiting for her to come to him. If she does not, he will make her.

Two women walked towards Gong Ouyang but were held back by his guards making them disgruntled.

For once, Mr Gong seems to be in a good mood and they were being stopped.


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  1. Hahahahaha!!!! He lost.... Xiaonian was actually raising him in Tiangzi..... Lol


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