Chapter 13: Because he's Gong Ouyang

She promptly used the Internet phone to call the police. But halfway through, the call was disconnected. She did not give up and tried calling twice more with the same results.
No way!
Shi Xiaonian tried to send a distress signal to her company's colleagues hoping that they could find her and help her. But within seconds of sending the information, she saw the three lines of text disappearing in an instant.
Disappeared ......
They disappeared.
Shi Xiaonian looked at the screen in shock and hurriedly typed out another sentence, but it disappeared too.
Unspeakable panic went through her, and she telephoned with the Internet phone to a newspaper office she remembered. She wanted to escape. She had to escape!
The results were the same, The phone was automatically hung up.
The door that has been locked was easily pushed open from the outside, and Shi Xiaonian sitting in front of the desk chair felt a moment of panic and looked up.
Feng De was pushing in a dining cart.
Feng De glanced towards her face, earnestly speaking, "Miss, it's all in vain."
Shi Xiaonian was stunned when she heard him say it so earnestly.
In their eyes, all her attempts were useless.
"This place rigorously monitors all the information, and the electronic devices that are not registered by the Master himself are fully monitored. And, even if it's working and you use your phone to call out for help" he looked at her with pity in his eyes and continued, "it is still useless."
"Because he is Gong Ouyang." Feng De said.
Gong Ouyang. Two words, which, in this world, also mean - privilege.
Shi Xiaonian sat in chair, discouraged, her hands tightly wrapped around her in a protective posture.
She did not know what to do, she can only be imprisoned here without any escape.
"Miss Shi, you are too weak. Please eat something," said Feng De, putting on the desk hot savory meal from the dinner.
"I really did not give birth to a child, I really did not have anything to do with him" Xiaonian murmured, holding the last glimmer of hope with Feng De.
"Housekeeper De, will it be useful if I tried to beg Gong Ouyang?"
If he just let her go, let her have her freedom, she was willing to beg and plead like a beggar....
In response to her question, Feng De kept his silence and looked at her with compassion.
When Shi Xiaonian understood his meaning she felt despair. She can not get that person to agree with her requests? NO, no, she did not want this..
Gong Ouyang did not come to violate her, in fact, he did not even look at her again.
As time went by, Xiaonian's body was gradually restored, she was already imprisoned in the Imperial castle for several days but her spirit was getting worse.
Castle bodyguards went up and down her room countless times, even when she was walking inside she was watched continuously, she couldn't even take a step away from her room without being watched.
She wasn't able to contact even one of her family, colleague or a friend and Feng De and the psychologists took turns everyday to ask her about the whereabouts of the baby asking her endless streams of questions. Even if she was fatigued, she was constantly questioned not even letting her use the wash room and they would intimidate her with law. With things like that, she almost neared collapse.
She could not figure out why Gong Ouyang would have decided that she had given birth to his child. When they pressed her repeatedly, she felt like she had lost her own memories sometimes.
But she clearly remembered everything except for the baby.
If there really was a baby, then she should know about it, but she really did not remember anything relating to it at all. It made no sense at all...
What happened to her that she did not know.


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