Chapter 18: Pleasing a man

So unpalatable.
Seems like Xie Linlin pretended to hit her and took the opportunity to put soemthing in her ice cream. Gong Ouyang was so outrageously bad tempered, if he ate this, he would definitely kill her the moment he ate this.
She is really vicious but seems to play naive tricks.
Shi Xiaonian nibbled her small lips, turned back to the kitchen and once again made a bucket of ice cream and went to Gong Ouyang's study.
Shi Xiaonian knocked on the door twice.
"Get in" the voice of Gong Ouyang came from inside.
SHi Xiaonian bit her lips once again, cursed him twice in her heart secretly. His fingers were crossed under his chin and he looked at her as she came in with contempt in his eyes, "You are a simple looking woman but you know a lot of scheming."
"I do not know what you are saying."
Shi Xiaonian did noy say anything else and put the ice cream bucket on the corner of the desk, glancing over the computer monitor. The picture on it was exactly the same the corner of the stair case she was on minutes before with Xie linlin. 
It turned out that her and Xie Linlin's dispute was already seen. No wonder he said that to her.
"I don't think I had a plan to act like that. I just learnt that I am the only one that will stand up for myself" Xiaonian said in her defense.
In this no-yet-dead place, besides herself, who else can protect her?

"Why do keep prolonging this??" Gong Ouyang asked coldly, locking his eyes with her eyes, his eyes slowly glowing with anger.
He has long been impatient to reclaim that child.
"I made ice cream, do you want to taste it after we finish talking," she said, knowing he was about to get angry.
Gong Ouyang liked to drink her boiled fish soup but she was not sure if he would like her ice cream...
"Want to please me?" Gong Ouyang saw through her purpose at a glance.
Shi Xiaonian was speechless.
"I won't eat! I never eat desserts" Gong Ouyang proclaimed in disdain.
"Oh, okay. I'll take it back" and she picked up the ice cream bucket to take it away.
"Put it down!"
Shi Xiaonian stayed silent, Gong Ouyang glared at her, and grabbed the bucket.
Could this man be anymore volatile?
Gong Ouyang was about to pick up the spoon to scoop up some ice cream when a suddenly a series of vastly complex data code appeared on the computer screen. His eyes turned cold and throwing away the spoon, he issued a command in his cold voice, "Feed me!"
His overbearing tone did not brook any resistance.

What was he thinking?
Gong Ouyang quickly tapped on the keyboard and snapped, "Feng De can only count as an elderly, cannot be considered as a man, should you listen to his advice? Do you know hwat really pleases a man?"
" ...... "
Once again, Shi Xiaonian felt that this man was terrible, he knew everything. She glanced at the ice cream, and said, "I will wait for you to eat the ice cream and you can calmly talk to me"
She stressed four words.
In the beginning, she did not have any bargaining ability. Gong Ouyang looked at her and said, "hey!"
Looking at the expression of the man in front of me, she suddenly felt like pouring the entire tub of icecream on his face. But, she took a deep breath, thought about her own situation and gently scooped up some ice cream and carried it to his lips.


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