Chapter 25: Mu Qian Chu, I gave up on you (Part 1)

“Okay, you can go then,” hearing that he could eat the ice cream, Gong Ouyang let her go.”

The bad man did not even thank her for the ice cream. Xiaonian sighed and turned to walk away.

Feng De had already prepared a car for her outside otherwise she would have to walk and it was already dark outside. There was no way she would make it out of the forest like that.

Shi Xiaonian got into the car and the drive started the engine and drove her away immediately. She looked back at the magnificent castle getting farther and farther away from her sight. Hopefully, she’ll never have to look at this place again.

Goodbye Gong Ouyang.

Goodbye, my nightmare.

“Miss shi, should I send you home?”

“No. Go to Hancheng steam house first.”



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The driver drove her into S city as she looked at the traffic and the bustling of the pedestrians there was an illusion of rebirth, as if she had left her life and was trapped by a great devil. She had almost forgotten how lively it was outside.

Hancheng steam house was in front of a public library, Xiaonian got down and walked to the front desk.

“I had a cell phone and bag deposited here, I want them back.”

Back then, she only hurriedly put on her clothes before Gong Ouyang’s bodyguards had taken her away. But her bag and cellphone were left behind.

She did not know if they still would be here, but she came to try her luck.
“Please write down your information” the front desk lady asked.

She did not have to spend much time on that. She listed the information and got back her bag and cell phone.

When she looked up, she saw an alarm on the wall.

If only…

If only someone had called for policeman when Gong Ouyang brought people here to cause trouble, then she wouldn’t..

What to do?

Thinking about all the way things could have been different that day Xiaonian felt uncomfortable all over. 

Shaking herself out of the such thoughts Xiaonian put her bag on her shoulder and looked at her phone history as she walked out of the steam house. The phone died midway. She has to charge it as soon as she gets home.


An imperceptible voice called her from a distance.

She looked up and saw a Rolls Royce Phantom extended version luxury car slowly stopping in front of her. The rear window opened and the man sitting inside became visible.

His folded arm was placed on the window. He wore a light colored suit that looked expensive and well tailored and his short hair emphasized his sharp features and deeps eyes. And they were looking at her coldly at this moment.

He is different from the handsome man who looks nearly evil. His face had a gentle touch.

It was Mu Qian Chu.

On the street near Hanchen steam house, Shi Xiaonian ran into Mu Qian Chu in such unpredictable manner. And the first thing she noticed about him was the disgust in his eyes as he looked at her making her feel as if she got slapped.

Shi Xiaonian stood there like a stone statue, completely motionless.

Mu Qian Chu sat in his car looking other with a sneer on his lips, “Weren’t you kidnapped? How could you be just walking out in the open now?”

Listening to his voice, Xiaonian had an illusion of the past.

May be, it was because of what happened the night before.

“How come you aren't speaking now?” Mu Qian Chu mocked her, “Why don't I help you, you can say that you used your wits to cleverly escape the kidnappers.”

Shi Xiaonian fixed her eyes on his face and remained silent.

She knew that no matter what and how she explained he simply wouldn’t believe her.

The teenager who once depended on her, trusted her can now only feel disgust with her. She would not see the look on the teenager’s face directed at her again.

“What, cant talk anymore sister?” Mu Qian Chu ridiculed her, his face showing his mocking.


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