Chapter 25: Mu Qian Chu, I gave up on you (Part 2)


He called her sister..

Shi Xiaonian kept looking at his face.

She thought she wouldn’t feel sad after her near death decision, but she couldn’t help but be hurt by his words.

“Drive” he said to the driver after he felt that he unmasked her hypocritical face.

The luxury car started slowly and as Mu Qian Chu was about to close the window he heard a hoarse voice, “Do you really hate me?”

Mu Qian Chu felt suddenly shaken. May be it was her voice or her question, he did not know.

He turned to look at her beautiful face and sneered, “For a woman who wants to aim for her brother in law, what kind of emotion do you think I should have? Should I greet you with a smile?”

He had his eye surgery 6 years ago. And after that he got together with Shi Yue and since then, her sister Shi Xiaonian kept nagging him, forcing him to remember a past he doesn't know of regardless of occasion and even though she was rebuffed, she would try again and again, writing to him and pestering him.

How can this woman not be annoying?

If it weren’t for the fact that she was Ah Yue’s sister, he would have already sent someone to take care of her.

Shi Xiaonian couldn’t look at his eyes full of disgust, it just reminded her that once, even when his eyes didn't look at anything, he was gentle to her and depended on her whole heartedly.

“You can rest assured. I won’t bother you in the future.” She lowered her head slightly, her voice was almost lost in the breeze but her tone was very firm.

“Do you think I’ll trust someone like you?” She tried to entangle with him for a few years!

“Before, I was ready to give up on you when you married Shi Yue,” Xiaonian said softly, “now, I’m just letting go ahead.”

In fact, these years, she was repeatedly humiliated by Mu Qian Chu. She told herself to give up every time. But…. but, he was the only one who liked her, who needed her, who made her feel like her existence was worth something. So, she struggled to make him remember. She did so many ridiculous things out of desperation.

She told herself many excuses for her behavior, but the truth was, she was just afraid of the loneliness.

But, with him treating her like this, it felt, that perhaps loneliness was preferable to him looking at her this way.

She now knew, that this time it really was the time to let go.


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May be she should be grateful to Gong Ouyang. The harsh experience made her understand some things clearly.

At Gong Ouyang’s place, when Mu Qian Chu said that he would come to receive her corpse, she realized that the previous Mu Qian Chu would never come back.

This present person, to her, is simply a brother in law.

The person she knew, already died during the surgery.

When he heard her say that Mu Qian Chu said, “In that case, should I be thankful to my sister?” His voice was cold and incisive.

Must he hurt her even when she said that she’ll give up.

Shi Xiaonian’s eyes were dry for a long time, she slowly looked up and looked again at the man sitting in the car. She exhausted the last of her mental strength to tell him, “Mu Qian Chu, I tried. I really tried very hard. day, you remember, please don’t blame me.”

This time, she finally gave up.

“Even if I remember, I’ll still love Ah Yue.”

Is that so?

It looks like there is no changing things then.

Xiaonian smiled at him, “I know. I’m leaving then. You take care.”

She couldn’t stay in his presence for a second. She turned and walked away, every step taking her further and further from his sight. A gust of cold wind crossed the street and blew by her.

The hem of of her skirt rustled around her legs making the whole scene rather dream like.


Mu Qian Chu sat in the car and looked at the back of that person walking away.

This was the first time she left him so simple. In the past, she would dwell on the things of past and wouldn't leave no matter what.

It is best that what she said be true.

Mu Qian Chu regained his gaze and sat sequestered way from the hustle and bustle around him. He felt restless, pulling at his tight tie. His chest felt uncomfortable whenever he remembered her words just now.

“Mu Qian Chu. I tried. I really tried very hard. day, you remember, please don’t blame me.”

When she said it, it felt like she was looking through him to an another man. The one who existed in her memories.


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  1. You will regret this! I know you would 😣😖

  2. I'm Just terribly sad. It hurts. The story in itself is horrible. It doesn't have any morals.
    And I read it because I just hope she will find peace. I hate the 2 ML... Either they surrender completely to her and she let them go out of her life after they realise she is innocent, or she dies to end this sickening life.


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