Chapter 26: Helicopter on the rooftop (Part 1)

Thinking about it, in the past few years she was indeed guilty of being too persistent. She did encroach on her sister’s territory, even if it was just trying to make Mu Qian Chu remember his past. She deserved the love they had between them, Xiaonian had no right to anything when he doesn’t remember anything about her.

Fortunately, it was now over. 

It’s over.

She is no longer involved with mu Qian Chu’s life, no longer worried about the memories from the past, from now on she is going to live for herself.

Xiaonian wiped away her tears with her hand and opened her bag for keys to open her apartment.

When she opened the door she found that house looked nearly destroyed. Her artwork was tuned upside down and the shoes in her shoe box were thrown in a mess, the whole place looked as if robbers ransacked it.

Standing at the doorway for a while, Xiaonian could only think of one person who could do this.

Gong Ouyang.

She could guess why he did this. Probably to find the whereabouts of the so called child.

She sighed. 

She met Mu Qian Chu and forgot her priorities. Right now the most important thing was to prove her innocence.

She thought that the easiest and most straightforward way was to go to the hospital for an examination and let the doctor prove that she never had a child.

Now that she made found a solution, Xiaonian was not in a hurry to go to the hospital.

She was tired. She worked hard to make the ice cream for Gong Ouyang and them met Mu Qian Chu. If one consumed her physical energy, the other consumed her mental energy.

She walked to her bedroom, charged her phone, cleared the house as much as she can and  went straight to her bedroom and slept.

May be she was more exhausted than she expected,  she slept comfortably in her own bed and quilt. 

It felt like that not even a minute had passed when at midnight a heavy buzzing sound was heard. It sounded like it came from some sort of machine.
 Xiaonian tossed in her bed unable to sleep. She got up, put on her coat and went out see what was happening.

Other residents were already in the corridor also to check the source of the noise and were asking each other if any one knew what was going on.

Xiaonian yawned and looked at the dark sky somewhat confused. 

Where is the sound coming from? So noisy..

“Shi Xiaonian! Come to the rooftop!” A sultry voice was suddenly heard above the night sky. The sound was clearly transmitted through a loudspeaker. Each word was loud enough for everyone in the building to hear.

Shi Xiaonian’s sleepiness vanished without a trace and she wide awake with shock.

This voice…isn’t it Gong Ouyang?

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Impossible…It must be her mistake.

Xiaonian shook her head and turned back to head into her house when Feng de’s voice was now heard through the loudspeaker.

“Miss Shi, the young master is on the rooftop, please come right away.”

“Miss Shi, the young master is on the rooftop, please come right away.”

“Miss Shi, the young master is on the rooftop, please come right away.”

Three times..

It’s no use doubting her own ears now. Behind her the tenants were complaining but Feng de’s voice showed no sign of stopping.

Xiaonian bit her lip and walked towards the direction of the elevator and headed directly to the rooftop.

Her heart felt very messy.

Why did Gong Ouyang find her this time?

He clearly promised her a week.

Walking out of the elevator, Xiaonian climbed another floor and pushed the door to the roof. When the door to the roof opened, she blinked.

The square roof was now flooded with intense light. There was a row of floor lamps around the floor lighting up the whole night like it was a day.

From afar, she could spot four helicopter parked in the center of such lights on few buildings around her.

It was exaggerated to the extreme.


Now she finally knew where the earlier buzzing noise came from

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