Chapter 26: Helicopter on the rooftop (Part 3)


There are four women with him. 

Was he planning to eat all of them tonight without discrimination? How disgusting.

“But…what doe that have to do with you being here?”

Xiaonian couldn’t understand. This time, Gong Ouyang did not take the women to his place and instead came here.

“When the lady goes down, you’ll know.” Feng De said with a smile.


Shi Xiaonian had a very bad premonition. But she was soon jolted out of it when Gong Ouyang pinched her chin and turned her face up towards his.

“Shi Xiaonian, you, are you deliberately making me mad?” His face was colored with displeasure.


He released his hold on her as if he thought of a much important matter and taking the four women dragged Xiaonian along to her rented apartment.

Xiaonian rented this apartment a long time back and paid for it with her own sweat and blood. When they entered the small apartment, the entourage showed contemptuous expressions, but they were smart and kept their silence. 

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Gong Ouyang walked into her house and started to undress. He took off his outwear and threw them casually on her work desk and went straight to the kitchen as if it was his own home.

Shi Xiaonian hurriedly followed him, “Gon…. no, Mr. Gong, are you looking for something?”

Gong Ouyang opened her fridge and thoroughly checked all the containers and frowned, “where’s the ice cream?”


“Didn’t you say that you’ll make me more ice cream after I finished my batch?” Gong Ouyang shut the refrigerator and crossed his arms, sulking and looking furiously at her at the same time, “You lied to me? How dare you lie to me!”

He was irritated.

And with his personality, it was very easy to get mad because he ascribes everyones actions to some kind of ulterior motives. Dealing with him was terribly difficult.

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“Wait…” Xiaonian could only think of one thing and looked at the handsome man before her in disbelief.

“What do you mean…you completed all the ice cream I made. You couldn’t have eaten all of it?”

“Give me ice cream!”

Gong Ouyang clearly did not pay any attention to her chattering. His mind was clearly focused on something else at the moment.

Ice cream.

The ice cream she made suited his tastes perfectly and he was irritable when he couldn’t find it any more.

“That’s 20 boxes worth of ice cream!” Xiaonian simply couldn’t believe it. A normal person can eat that amount in 2 months or more.

And he finished it all in 24 hours?

What did he think it was? Water? Air? Did he think something would happen if he didn’t inhale it all in the smallest time possible?

“Give me ice cream!” Gong Ouyang’s anger was slowly being rekindled and he was becoming impatient.

“Hurry up!”

Xiaonian looked him up and down. He stood before her, tall, handsome and still healthy.

She looked at his face again. Expect for the anger written so clearly on all his face she did not notice any signs of discomfort.

Xiaonian decided that his fit body just wasn’t for show. He was able to consume such large quantities of ice cream and still remain standing before her in perfect health. It was almost incredible.

“What are you doing looking at me?” Gong Ouyang grabbed her shoulder and pushed her against the refrigerator. His whole body loomed over her and he stared at her displeased, “What’s that look for?”

She could smell a whiff of alcohol in his mouth mixed with some kind of women’s perfume. She couldn’t help but frown at the strange mixture of scents assaulting her poor nose.


“Listen, I’ll allow you to see me, but make some ice cream for me, NOW!”

“….” Xiaonian could only remain speechless against his tirade. She did not like having him in her house. It made her whole body uncomfortable. Thinking about it for a moment, she said, “You should head back now. I’ll make the ice cream and get steward Feng De bring it to you.”

It would be best to get rid of him from her home as soon as possible.

“No! I want to eat it now!”

Xiaonian did not think that her suggestion would be rejected immediately and without any other choice she could only nod in consent.

“Okay. I’ll go and buy the ingredients.”

This way, she could at least leave him for a while.

Just then Feng De came in with a few maids from outside and started instructing them to put down all the materials they bought.

“Miss Shi, the ingredients are ready.”

Xiaonian could only look at them incredulously.

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  1. All this ..... just for an ice cream 😂

  2. He’s going to die from ice cream overdose, if that’s even a thing

  3. I wish he died of ice cream overdose... he is pure trash. I don't care if he has a sad background, he would not be missed by humanity. Throw a tantrum and everything. The only good thing about him? His money and capacity to make more. But other smart people do it. Yeah, just disappear.


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