Chapter 27: A busy evening (Part 1/2)

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Xiaonian looked at the huge amounts of ingredients lying on the floor of her kitchen. These kind of his end and fresh ingredients, where could they get them from so late in the night?

Her head throbbed a little indicating the beginning of an oncoming headache.

People said that you had to bow down your head when you are out but she had to bow down her head when she was in her own home. 

Xiaonian shook of the unbelievable fell still lingering within her and started busying herself with the ingredients. Gong Ouyang clearly lacked any interest in the process of making his ice cream so he quietly left the room almost immediately.

Not a moment passed, when Xiaonian heard the twittering of the women flocking around Gong Ouyang.

“Mr. Gong, so you like desserts? How about I make some for you next time?”

“Mr. Gong, taste my lips, you’ll find them sweeter than ice cream..”


“Mr. Gong…slowly..uh..don’t..”

“…..” Xiaonian stood speechlessly in her kitchen. She really wanted to pick up her knife, rush outside and kill someone!

What did Gong Ouyang think her place was?

A freaking night club?!

Shi Xiaonian couldn’t bear hearing this lewd noises getting louder and louder in her own home. She felt that she was either going to die of anger or kill someone out of anger.

This was just too much!

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Xiaonian walked out the kitchen angrily. When she got into the living room, she saw Gong Ouyang and the woman in the see- through outfit against the wall kissing each other. The other three women were sitting on the sofa looking at each other.

Shi Xiaonian was about to call his name and reprimand their lascivious actions when Gong Ouyang suddenly pushed the woman away looking very displeased.

“Not sweet at all! You are just another liar!”

“Ow!” The woman fell heavily on the ground and her dress, Xiaonian noticed, was pulled down to her waist. The woman looked stunned.

“Mr Gong…” the woman looked at him sadly reaching out her hand and trying to pull herself up.

Gong Ouyang clearly hated her movements and once again harshly jerked off his hand and wiped his lips with its back. His eyebrows scrunched in a frown, “Feng De! Throw this woman out!”

“Yes, master.”

The omnipresent Feng De appeared out of thin air beckoning the bodyguards forward and they quickly towed away the woman in a matter of seconds.

Gong Ouyang moved to sofa and was immediately greeted by the eager looks of the other three women. Each one looked like they wanted to rush into his arms immediately. Looking at them the frown on his face intensified. 

Without taking another step forward he ordered, “Feng De, throw all these women out, immediately.”

Despite their protests, the women were quickly moved out and only then did Gong Ouyang sit on the sofa leisurely.

He did not hate the distractions women are able to provide but cannot block his way and become an eyesore. With them gone, Gong Ouyang became visibly relaxed.


Xiaonian couldn’t make the heads or tails of his personality. Really, how did he think? 

Not that she was complaining, but for him, did ice cream rank higher than …..women?
Shi Xiaonian turned back and went into the kitchen to make his ice cream, and soon afterwards, a bucket was successfully finished. She brought it out with a small bowl, spoon and a scoop.

When she came out she saw that Gong Ouyang was holding a stack of her drawings she drew for the comic “Exclusive desire”. 

He flipped page after page and the pages he went through were now lying on the floor haphazard.

What was he doing!

“Hey! Don’t mess up the sequence”. Xiaonian rushed forward to rescue her poor drawings.

She loved drawing. This was her passion and luckily, her job too. In her life, apart from Mu Qian Chu, this was what she cherished the most.

Now that she had completely given up on Mu Qian Chu, this was the only thing that she has left.

“I looked at you and thought you would be a pure woman,” Gong Ouyang did not let go of the papers and instead pulled out a few particular papers and mocked her, “but you can draw stuff like this too. Uniform fetishes, handcuffs, leather whips, …very interesting, this stuff.”

Xiaonian went red with embarrassment. She quickly tried to explain, “It’s to depict the protagonists’s character! Just give it back to me…”

Although she said that her hands were currently occupied and maneuvering them was difficult for her right now, but still she tried.

Gong Ouyang pulled away the papers from her. His long hands put her at a disadvantage and she was left hanging trying to reach. But he did not stop there. He started reading the dialogues, “Her inner warmth gave him an innate sense of satisfaction and red mark left on her spurred him on. Her skin looked like it was covered with cherry blossom petals left by him. She slowly moved and before long, the whole of him was in her..she felt so full..”

He intentionally read those dialogues and showed her the drawings making her very embarrassed.

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