Chapter 27: A busy evening (Part 2/2)

When she was drawing them, Xiaonian did not feel anything. She drew explicit scenes to suit the dialogues and felt it was completely normal, but now, when the same lines were read by someone else, she never expected them to be so explicit. It felt very…slutty.

“You! Give it back to me! Gong Ouyang! Give it back!”

When Gong Ouyang saw Xiaonian blush, he became interested. He continued reading some more dialogues and later criticized, “Looking innocent, being inexperienced and still writing stuff like this, you writers are a bunch of hypocrites.”

Xiaonian couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “Gong Ouyang, just give them back!”

Goong Ouyang did not give and looked at her mockingly.

In order to take back the draft, Xiaonian put the ice cream aside and was now leaning over his waist in effort to grab them. Her delicate face was filled with urgency, her cheeks were coated with liberal red and her eyes looked particularly bright. He could almost see a thin layer of moisture coating her eyes making them more alluring.

Looking at those eyes, his heart slammed hard against his chest and his body tightened quickly.

He let her grab the drafts back from his hands.

When Xiaonian got her papers back, she sat back in the sofa and started organizing them quickly.

Gong Ouyang stared at her little face. She kept biting and licking her lips and a touch of anger was clearly visible on her face making her look more tempting.

He leaned forward unconsciously and kissed her lips.

Caught unprepared by the kiss, Xiaonian’s thoughts were frozen and swept away in an instant.

Gong Ouyang carefully moved aside his ice cream and swiftly pushed her down on the sofa. Before she could put up any struggle, he swiftly trapped her legs between his long ones making it hard for her to move. 

He stared deep into her eyes, his eyes darkening even further.

Xiaonian understood what that look in his eyes meant. Shivering, she reminded him, “You…you gave a week.”

This week, she was supposed to be free from him.

“I did,” Gong Ouyang whispered by her ear. His voice took on a hoarse quality due to his mood. He nuzzled her ear with the tip of his nose and whispered in her ear, “I gave you a week to find evidence, does not mean you aren’t mine”.


Before Xiaonian could properly express her outrage at his word twisting, he lowered his head and blocked her lips. His lips plundered arrogantly laying claim to everything as his tongue swept in.

Her hands that pushed against him were pushed up and held against the armrest restricting her movements even further. “Shi Xiaonian, if you can think of such things, you shouldn’t have any problem enacting them out with me, hm?” 

His arrogant assumptions made her mad. “I’m not pretending to be pure, I just don’t want to do them with you!”

Gong Ouyang’s body instantly stiffened at her words, his fingers imperceptibly tightening on her wrists. Just the thought that she hated his touch made him want to growl in frustration. He tightened his fingers further until she flinched in pain.

“If you have the ability, say that again for me!”

He looked mad and her hands in his were hurting. She immediately thought of the three days she spent in the forest and shivered once again. She never wanted to experience that kind of pain ever agin. 

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Reigning in her resistance, she looked down at his throat and noticed that his first two buttons were open. She felt helpless. 

With great effort she pushed away the self pity that threatened to seep into her. Strengthening her resolve, she concentrating on his first shirt button and calmly said, “I’m sorry”.

“Look at me!” 
Her eyelashes trembled like the wings of butterflies before they lifted and then he saw her moist eyes staring at him unflinchingly. Something in his heart loosened just like that. But before he could do or say anything else he felt his stomach clench in pain.

Xiaonian immediately noticed his pain and immediately asked, “what’s wrong?”


Gong Ouyang gritted his teeth and without completing the sentence rushed to her toilet.

For the next few seconds, all she could hear from the sofa were his heaving sounds. 

Xiaonian decided to check his condition after a while and made her way to the corner. When she opened the bathroom door, she found him on the floor panting and clutching his stomach.

20 vats of ice cream in a single day…


This is only expected.

Feng De and his other bodyguards were stationed outside and were currently unavailable. She hesitated before she asked him, “Should I call Housekeeper De and tell him to take you to a hospital?”

But Gong Ouyang did not reply. His back was soaked in sweat and he seemed to be dizzy. For a moment, his form reminded her of an innocent teenager who once faced the same thing after surgeries.

When she thought about it, her heart unexpectedly softened and she went forward to lift him and help him out of the apartment.

As soon as she put his hand around her shoulder, Gong Ouyang seemed to have regained a bit of his senses and mumbled out, “so uncomfortable…”

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