Chapter 28: Stomach ache (part 1)

T/N: Hey all. I wanted to tell you a couple of things about this translation. The series has an interesting premise but the author often uses exaggerated and disjointed scenarios. The ML's arrogance doesn't make much sense and the FL's reactions make even less so through out most of the series. It is one of the reasons for low ratings on NU. To make the series 'how I wished it to be', I often make changes in the dialogues and reasoning, sort of to bridge the gap and disconnect between their actions and reactions. The plot remains the same though, so the ML is still yandere-ish and our FL is still a little white flower (^.^'). If you guys are dissatisfied with this, I can translate a chapter as it is and you can be the judges. Now, back to the chapter-

At the moment, he did not have the arrogant demeanor that he usually sported in his daily life. He looked rather like a sick child in urgent need of care. 

Xiaonian gently patted him on his back, “It’s okay. It’ll be fine”.

Gong Ouyang looked at her with what felt like disdain. It was hard to distinguish when his face was pale and in obvious discomfort.

“Woman,” he said, “I have a stomach ache”.


Did she hurt his male pride?

She looked at him silently to assess his mood. There was cold sweat on his forehead and his eyes looked slightly unfocussed. There was no ounce of strength on his face, no over bearing attitude, so unlike him a few moments ago.

For just a moment again, he reminded her of Mu Qian Chu, the helpless person who needed someone to take care of him. Her heart throbbed thinking of the past.

Gong Ouyang stayed in place silently, looking at her with determination. But his body gave him away with slight spasms that travelled all over his body.

“Okay,” Xiaonian decided to give in and kneeled by his side, “I’ll help you massage your stomach, it should alleviate the pain temporarily, what do you think?”

“Um” Gong Ouyang gave his consent.

Gong Ouyang gave low cry and leaned forward suddenly. 

Xiaonian aso subconsciously moved back and in the next second was pulled into his arms. He put his arms around her and put his head on her shoulder murmuring something illegible.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but he was like a child.


Was he really that uncomfortable?

As Xiaonian was thinking, Gong Ouyang moved her hand into his shirt and murmured, “continue..”

As soon as she touched his skin Xiaonian was immediately flooded with the memories of unpleasant experiences under his hands. Her body felt uncomfortable and she tried to move back but was stopped midway and pulled back into his arms again

His hand covered hers trapping it against his stomach. She could feel the muscles move under her fingers with every breath he took.

“Why is your hand shaking?” he asked as he tried to nuzzle into her neck for comfort.

Xiaonian’s body was frozen and she couldn’t answer.

He clutched her hand tightly in his and moved his lips nearer to her ear. Every word he spoke sounded labored, as if the pain was becoming unbearable for him.

“…what?” Xiaonian was stunned by his answer.

“Your finger are sensitive, they even tremble with a single kiss” Gong Ouyang said weakly. His hands gentled around her fingers. 

“I noticed it the last time in the steam house. They kept trembling every time I moved.”


Xiaonian wanted to shake him.

“Your fingers are so sensitive…. your body is as well… no wonder you can seduce me so easily without doing anything..hmm..” Gong Ouyang chuckled lightly as if he received a revelation to all his questions.

This man!

He lost his mind!!

What sensitive fingers?! What seducing him?!

Unconsciously she pushed him away but even without putting much strength, Gong Ouyang who was already weak stumbled and crashed onto the floor.

Xiaonian came back to her senses as soon as she heard the huge ‘thunk’. She quickly squatted by him to help him up again but noticed that he had already fainted. 



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And there was more sweat on his forehead than before.

Xiaonian was scared out of her wits and ran out of the bathroom calling for his guards.

His situation seemed really serious. The guards rushed in immediately and under the guidance of Feng De, Gong Ouyang was shifted to the nearest hospital within 10 minutes. As soon as they reached the hospital, a group of private doctors and more body guards were escorted into the hospital room.

Feng De’s efficiency was really astonishing. So far that she has seen, he had managed almost everything for Gong Ouyang.

The top floor of the hospital that he was staying in was also completely blocked and only approved personnel were allowed access.

Xiaonian sighed at the level of security. She did not much about Gong Ouyang except that he came from a very rich family, but even then she felt that this kind of care was too much.

She stood out in the hallway when the check ups were taking place and did not know what to do. So she observed the people guarding outside the room and the silent corridors.

“Master is not an ordinary person. Usually, he has his own private group of doctors who check on him but today is slightly special so we can only visit this hospital. We have to make sure that this news is not leaked outside.”

Xiaonian did not ask how he was special or why it was important that such a minor news not be leaked. She  just faintly smiled at Feng De’s explanation.

She could vaguely guess that he was involved in more than the billion dollar industry he was uncharge of. Some things she inadvertently heard him talk, she immediately erased them from her mind. Somethings are better left undiscovered. Especially fro people like her.

“I’ll keep my mouth sealed,” Xiaonian promised.

When Feng De nodded at her reply, she immediately bade informed him, “I’ll leave then Housekeeper De,” she bowed in farewell and turned around to leave.

Gong Ouyang’s reports were already out and as expected he suffered from acute gastroenteritis from eating too much ice cream. It was not risky or life threatening in any way.

“Wait,” Feng De stopped her before she took more than few steps, “Won’t you please stay in the ward to accompany the young master?”


Xiaonian was surprised at his request. She helped him to the hospital and the results were already out. For what else would they want her here?

“The young master has been murmuring your name in his sleep. I think he’ll very much want  your company once he wakes up,” Feng De looked at her in an apologetic manner.

“If young master wakes up and cannot find you, I can only guess that he will not be in a pleasant mood.”

She can tell that he was trying to gloss over Gong Ouyang’s mood by using a word like ‘not pleasant’. She could only laugh in her heart. Gong Ouyang when ‘not pleasant’, is usually thunderous. But still, she was surprised at what she heard.

“He called my name?”

Xiaonian looked at Fenge De, her look clearing saying that there might be a mistake.

How can Gong Ouyang call her name? She was not an important person to him at all. Someone who can be killed at his very whim, what kind of importance would she hold to him? According to him, she was just an arrogant liar.

“Yes. Please Miss Shi, follow me.”


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