Chapter 28: Stomach ache (Part 2)

Feng de brought Xiaonian into Gong Ouyang’s ward and directed her to a seat nearby the patient’s bed.

Xiaonian inspected her surroundings and could only sight in her heart at the extravagance of the rich.

Every pice of furniture in this room screamed money and the room itself looked more like a presidential suite than a hospital room. If it wasn’t for the bed and the patient lying on it and the group of doctors, this room resembles nothing like a hospital that she's familiar with.

Xianian sat by Gong Ouyang’s bed side for more than an hour. She had a long day and did not get sufficient sleep. he was just about to doze in her chair when she heard Gong Ouyang murmur her name.

It was almost inaudible at first but it jolted her out of her sleepiness. When she strained her hears she heard him call her name again. Only this time, she heard him say something more.

“Xiaonian…. massage .. my stomach…”

For a moment she really did not know whether to cry or laugh. She thought he might be calling her name because he was anxious about the child or at the least, she assumed he was still hooked on ice cream, …but, it turned out to be …this?

She bluntly looked at Feng De.

“You see Miss Shi, master is unusually attached to you.”


Is this..really attachment?

Was it not more like she was a slave?

“…mass….ge…” Gong Ouyang mumbled incoherently again.

This time even Feng De kept his silence.


“Housekeeper De, Can I leave now?”

“yes, of course Miss Shi” feng De bowed to her apologetically.

Not waiting to be held back again, Xiaonian immediately got up and made her way to her home.

Feng De looked at unconscious Gong Ouyang and his brows furrowed slightly.

Miss Shi might know, but he knew that his master’s behavior with Miss Shi was not normal. Though his master was a brilliant business man, he was, to a degree, emotionally stunted. And added to that, his paranoid personality disorder makes it near impossible for him to believe or trust any human being around him. A person like that made plans to personally interrogate Miss Shi and handle her business. If it was any other person, his master would have ordered his subordinates to do the job.

But only he knew, that when it comes to Miss Shi, no matter how angry the young master is, only he controls the decisions related to her. He does not allow any one to meddle. It was almost like a kid with his favorite toy. Taking care of it, or breaking it, only he should be responsible for it. He can’t bear other’s interference.


Xiaonian returned to her place at 2 in the morning.

When she got back she saw that most of the community was gathered in twos or threes and talked about the helicopters on the rooftops.

And among those whispers were her name.


Xiaonian lowered her head further into her coat and quickly moved towards her apartment. She wanted to avoid being recognized by her neighbors and dragged back to be questioned.

How can she tell them  that the person who dropped by so ostentatiously was the work famous billionaire, Mr. gong Ouyang? That he came here to eat ice after completing the 20 vats she made..

Will anyone believe her?

When finally Xiaonian returned to her home, she quickly closed the door behind her . She headed straight to her bedroom to catch some much needed sleep. She plugged in her phone to the charging cable and put it on the side table before slipping in between her sheets.

With her unadventurous and bland personality, whatever did she do to provoke a man like Gong Ouyang, she wondered as she switched on her phone. 

Her phone was designed by the popular NE group who were the mascot for quality in the world of electronics. It was one of her best possessions.

The sparse number of messages told everyone the story of her life. She went missing and no one had cared enough to enquire.  her fingers tapped gently on the screen as she wondered, would anyone very want to find her even if she went missing for a 100 years.


Probably not.

The only person who used to care about her no longer remembered her and now it looked like he won’t care even if he did.

Xiaonian quickly pulled herself back from the direction her thoughts were heading to and went through her messages.

There was only few messages and one of them was from a blind date guy.


Xiaonian put aside her phone and looked at the ceiling.


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For a long time, her world only had Mu Qian Chu and drawing.

Now, she just had her art.

But in the recent days, because of all the fuss, she did not even create any comics.

What was left of her now?


Nothing at all.
She was someone who failed at life and like this, she’ll continue being in those ranks.

She turned around to bury her face deep into the pillow willing away the burning in her throat and the sting in her eyes.

The next day:

The sun fell on the sheets through a gap in the closed curtains, and the woman on the bed was still asleep.

Even in her sleep, her eyebrows were slightly growing as if she could not find peace even in her dreams.

Suddenly her mobile rang, its vibration setting shaking up the whole side table. the ringing noise bombarded her ears and shook her awake.

Xiaonian threw back her tangled mass of hair and picked up the phone without much thought.

“Hey!” An angry voice sounded from the other side.

“gong Ouyang?” Xiaonian heard his voice and immediately recognized him. But it also confused her. 

He was already awake?

And, how did he have her phone number?

“You dare to run! You leave me at the hospital and dare to run away? Don’t you want to live anymore?!!”

Gong Ouyang was clearly enraged. Every word that spilled out of him was a threat.

Even through the mobile phone, Xiaonian can imagine his appearance right now. His face would be filled with anger and his eyes clouded with viciousness.

She held the phone tightly as an unconscious shiver ran up her body.

“I’m not running away, just came back to my home” Xioanian tried to calm her voice.
“You have one hour. If you don’t come back to hospital immediately and apologize to me, I’ll break your legs!”


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