Chapter 29: Meeting Shi Yue (Part 1)

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Gong Ouyang sounded furious.

“I…” Xiaonian wanted to explain but before she could get another word out, he hung up the phone. She looked at the phone in her hand silently. How can this man be so unreasonable?


What was the  matter with him!

Xiaonian immediately got up and got ready to go out.

She had planned to go to the hospital anyway today. She wanted to visit the gynecologist and get her evidence that she had never been pregnant.

It was important to clear this misunderstanding between her and Gong Ouyang as soon as possible. Otherwise, with his thinking, he’ll probably kill her in the soonest possible time.

When she headed out to the hospital, she couldn’t help but notice that the day was bright. She wore casual and loses clothes, a jeans and a blouse. At Gong Ouyang’s place, she was forced to wear skirts and they made walking so hard. She was most accustomed to casual wear.

On her way, she told herself that today would be a new day.

She cheered herself all the way in the bus. As soon as possible, she could put behind this whole affair and forget this nightmare like experience.

When Shi Xiaonian reached the hospital, she did not directly go Gong Ouyang’s ward. She registered with the gynecologist at the earliest possible time and head to the department ward.

The obstetrics and gynecology ward was filled mostly with women with round bellies or expectant mothers reading magazines. Xiaonian found a corner seat and sat down to wait for her turn.

On the big screen in front of her, a historical drama was being run and the star was the show was none other than her sister Shi Yue.

A couple of young women behind her were discussing the beauty of the female lead.

Shi Yue was a very beautiful woman of the obvious sort.

Although Xiaonian had a face that could easily rival Ski Yue, she lacked Shi Yue’s flirtatious demeanor. She was quite and boisterous and liked to dress as conservatively as possible, covering up most of her assets.

If Shi Yue was grass displayed in a beautiful pot in a green house, Shi Xiaonian was a wild rose blooming under open skies.

Shi Yue’s charm was made obvious by her persona, whereas Xiaonian was subdued.

So, how can people not like Shi Yue, when she was dismayed as such?

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Shi Xiaonian heard the women talk about Shi Yue and agreed with their views. She was beautiful. No wonder Mu Qian Chu loved her so much.

Unfortunately, she voluntarily did not consider this point. What if he even regains his memories? He had Shi Yue who was more beautiful and kind to him. With a woman like her beside him, why else would he look at anyone else?

She had been silly.

“Miss Shi, please come with me” someone suddenly called her name when she was reminiscing.

When she looked up she was startled to find the familiar face of Shi Yue’s agent.

Shi Yue was in the hospital?

Xiaonian was slightly confused and followed the agent.

The agent took her inside the corridor and stopped in front of a door and signaled for her to go in. “Miss Shi is waiting for you inside. She saw you and wants to see you.”

She was in gynecology department?

Shi Xioanian pushed the door open and saw the slender figure of Shi Yue standing by the window. She wore a chanel dress and a sweet perfume wafted from her direction.

“Xiao Yue, why are you here? Are you sick?” 

The relationship between the siblings had never been good note bad. It had, in one word, always been, indifferent.

Always, indifferent.

There was always a marked lack of conversation, no closeness and no desire to improve either. So it stayed so.

“I am pregnant. With Mu Qian Chu’s child” Shi Yue said lightly turning around to look at her. She wore her sunglasses even inside and in her hand she held a booklet.



Shi Yue?

With Muqian Chu’s child…

Xiaonian tried very hard to stop the stabbing pain in her chest. She chanted to herself the little fact that she gave up on him. Completely.

With things between them like that, this was bound to happen sooner or later. there was no reason for her to feel shocked nor did she have any right to.

“You look very white,” Shi Yue looked at her through her glasses, removing them with one hand, she smiled sweetly at her, “Sister, for so many years, I did not blame you. Can you please let go now?”

Her voice came out all sweet and soft. As she said that she gently touched her still flat belly.

Xiaonian stayed silent for a moment and replied.


It was only natural to let go.


Shi Yue looked at her in surprise. 
She wondered if she had indeed heard Shi Xiaonian say ‘yes’. Is this true?

She had prepared a speech to make her finally give up but she did not even get to use it.

She looked at Xiaonian skeptically.

How can she just give up so easily after years of infatuation with Mu Qian Chu? She was still unconvinced.

Before se could say anything else, Xiaonian spoke her words.

“Since you are now pregnant with a baby, you should now take better care of yourself. Be careful during your job.”

Xiaonian could not fake happiness, but she tried to sound and be sincere.

“If you don’t have anything else to say to me, I’ll leave” and she turned around to leave.

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