Chapter 29: Meeting Shi Yue (Part 2)

Every step away felt as if she was moving away from something bizarre. She felt more relaxed and less wary. 

Every step felt much easier than the last one.

This was how it’s supposed be.

She was someone who did not belong with Mu Qian Chu, so she should stay away from them and sure enough, when she put some distance between them, she felt more at peace and was able to breath easier.

Time changed everything.

The lsat step she would take out of the room was stopped by Shi Yue words.

“Sister, I hope what you said is true. For a long time, I endured your behavior, but now, I’ve had enough. I love Mu Qian Chu and now we are going to have a baby together. Don’t blame if if I don't remember our sisterhood, if you come to entangle him again.”

This was the first time Shi Yue had said smooch about her behavior with Mu Qian Chu. On previous occasions, she would only stay silently by him.

Xiaonian only turned her head t give her answer. She smiled slightly and said, “No. I won’t be entangling with him again. You can stay reassured and raise your baby comfortably.”

But Shi Yue did not leave it at that. She spoke further, “Sister, you don’t have to act in front of me. How you feel about Mu Qian Chu, I know the best.”

Her voice took on a cutesy quality that made it seem like she was being bullied.


Xiaonian did not know what to say to that declaration.

She knew the best?

Is that even possible?


Shi Yue continued, “My parents think you are innocent and pure but I know that  you are someone who wants to take away her sister’s boyfriend. I also know how you looked overtime mother held my hand. It’s only natural that you want to take everything that belongs to me.”


Xiaonian could only blankly look at her after that explanation.

“You don’t care about Mu Qian Chu, you just want someone who cares about you, who is only yours and who’ll stay with you. You just don’t want to be alone.”

Sri Yue continued talking. And overtime she referred to Mu Qian Chu, there was an unmistakable pride in her eyes. It seemed as if, she wanted to take this opportunity to belittle Shi Xiaonian and wouldn’t let go until she completed her task.

While Xiaonian agreed with some of her explanation, she was not a complete pushover when it came to situations in which she had control.

“Are you done talking?”


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Xiaonian at last couldn’t hear anymore and turned away. But, SHi Yue was persistent, she move forward and held Xiaonian’s hand stopping her from moving away.

“Elder sister, Mu Qian Chu is mine,” she emphasized.


Xiaonian shook off her hand and looked at the red imprints on her fair wrist. The strength put in those hands told her about the desperation Shi Yue was hiding.

“Shi Yue, you really can rest assured. Mu Qian Chu, about him, I’ll never again be involved in his business.”

Shi Yue frowned as if she was not completely buying her story. But after Xiaonian’s insistence, she could only let go.

When Xiaonian opened the door and left, she found Shi Yue’s agent waiting right outside.

As soon as the agent saw her coming outside, she puled out an invitation and handed it to her.

“That’s my wedding invitation. Mu Qian Chu and I are getting married at the end of this month.”

Xiaonian stilled for a moment before she picked up the invitation from the agent’s hand.


That’s all she could say. She put the invitation in her bag and quietly turned to leave.

Pregnancy and marriage, that is double happiness.


It was just not meant to be her.

It’s okay.

She didn’t need someone to have happiness.

Even if this road is lonely, she can walk alone.

Xiaonian returned back to the waiting area and continued to wait for her turn. Despite the decisions made, her heart still did not keep up with them and unintentionally bleakness seeped into her beautiful eyes.

Just when the nurse called her name, Xiaonian received a phone call, from Gong Ouyang.

Taking a deep breath, she answered the phone.

“Shi Xiaonian, are my words air to you? You actually have the guts to ignore my warning?!”

His voice sounded furious.

Xiaonian’s mind blacked again for a moment. She lacked sleep and mentally exhausting events were cropping upon her one after the other. It was not surprising that she was not able to keep up.

“I’m sorry,” she automatically uttered. She checked her watch and found that there was still good 30 minutes to go before the time he gave ran out.

“Where are you?” 

Xiaonian clutched her bag tightly and replied without thinking, “In the hospital.”

There was a moment of silence on the other side and it was immediately followed by Gong Ouyang’s order.

“I’ll give you one minute, get yourself here immediately!”


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