Chapter 30: No one should touch her (Part 1)

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Xiaonian looked at the nurse waiting for her to follow her. 

“Mr. Gong, I’m afraid I can’t come right now. I’m here at the gynecology department getting a check up done. This will definitely prove to you that I had never been pregnant in my whole life!”

Xiaonian hurriedly told him.

Of all the things, Gong Ouyang was one person she definitely did not want to offend. For her meager life, she cannot afford to let this misunderstanding continue. 

“What did you say!?” Gong Ouyand did not sound happy and his question was immediately followed by rustling sounds and some jumbled voices from the other side.


“Mr. Gong?”

She couldn't keep the nurse waiting any longer and she wanted to get this test done as soon as possible for her own peace of mind. 

“Mr. Gong, I have to go now,” she talked into the phone even knowing that there was probably no one on the other side.

Xiaonian hung up and followed the nurse.

Sitting in the gynecologist’s office, Xiaonian squirmed uncomfortably in her chair. Coming for normal check up was one thing, but what she was planning to ask made her embarrassed. Was there any way the question could be framed without eliciting strange looks?

What a ridiculous thing to prove.

As Xiaonian was mulling over things, the doctor came in and pulling herself together, she greeted the doctor and asked, “I want to go through a test that can show whether or not I had ever been pregnant in my life.”

The doctor was female, around forty to fifty years of age. She had almost two decades of experience in her field and yet she couldn’t help but be surprised at the request.

Assuming she misheard the patient, she asked again.

“I’m sorry, what did you say you want?”

Xiaonian clutched her purse tighter and slowly repeated her request firmly looking away from the eyes of the doctor.

“I want a test that can prove that I had never been pregnant before.”

The doctor looked at her in strange sympathy, “well, ah, you young people these days, you keep surprising me.”

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“Okay. I’ve been in the profession for a long time and I can tell with just a look. Now, why don’t you follow me inside for a check young lady” she said painting to  a closed door behind her.

The room was relatively empty with the exception the elevated chair and some equipments.

“Please take off your pants and undergarments, cover yourself with the sheet over there and wait in the chair. I’ll come back when you are done.”

“ there any other way?” Xiaonian couldn’t help but ask. She hoped that there would be some x-ray or scan that she can conclusively show to Gong Ouyang.

“This is the quickest. I’ll be back in 2 minutes.”

Xiaonian, left alone in the room couldn’t help but hesitate. But, the quickest is the best right now in her situation.

She covered herself with the sheet and waited for the doctor to come back.

The door to the room opened in less than two minutes but the person coming in was not the doctor, instead, it was Gong Ouyang!

Gong Ouyang stared at her furiously. He was wearing a white shirt and dark gray trousers and looked as if he worn them in a hurry and his hair was ruffled. But nothing detracted from his handsomeness.

Xiaonian was surprised to see him appear here in the room and she couldn’t help but clutch the sheet around her as she became unbearably conscious about the state of her undress.

“Excuse me, this is my..” the voice of the doctor came from behind his tall figure but before she could complete her sentence Gong Ouyang said, “Zi Chen!” and immediately a guard came and ushered the doctor away.

Gong Ouyang still stared straight at Xiaonian and there was fury simmering in his eyes.

His eyes slowly slid down her and fixed on the blue sheet around her slender legs. 

Xiaonian tightened her hold on the sheet pulling it closer. Seeing her response, Gong Ouyang slowly walked to her.

He bent slightly and picked up her jeans lying on the table and threw them on her. Xiaonian stayed silent in shock not knowing what to do.

Seeing her not moving, Gong Ouyang moved to remove the sheet away. Xiaonian immediately clutched it tighter and pulled it, “what are you doing?!”

His hands grasped her hands and pulled the sheet away from them. Xiaonian quickly became alert and tried to pull her hands away from his causing him to further tighten his grip. Xiaonian couldn’t help but flinch in pain.

“ are hurting me..” she whimpered softly.

But Gong Ouyang did not gentle his hold, instead he leaned in to her, eyes burning with strange intensity. One of his hand slipped under the sheet and pressed down on her abdomen in warning.

“What do you think you are doing?” he asked, his voice unnaturally calm.

Xiaonian was unable to keep her voice calm, the hand pressing down on her abdomen was making her want to shrink into the chair as much as possible, away from his touch.

“To get the evidence..that,I was never pregnant..”

The hand on her abdomen slowly slid side ways and now gripped her slender waist.

“And how will you get this evidence? By letting someone else touch you?!” Gong Ouyang growled in her face with anger. 

He was seething inside with an unknown and unnamed anger inside him. His woman! She was letting some stranger touch her in a way that only he was allowed to! The very thought of anyone near her was making him unbearably irritated right now. He hated it!

“It hurts…” Xiaonian whimpered again as the hand around her wrists and waist strengthened. 

He acted as if he hadn’t heard her and stared at her for few more seconds. Suddenly, he took his hands away and gripped her jaw in his hand and told her firmly, “there will be no second time! Got it?”
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