Chapter 30: No one should touch her (Part 2)



“the evidence…” Xiaonian could only slowly plead with him. She had put all hopes on this test and now seeing it not turning out the way she expected it to was making her unbearably anxious.

“I don’t care! If you let other people touch you, watch what I’ll do!”

Xiaonian could only calmly bite her lips and shrink back.

“Now, put you clothes on, or I’ll put them on for you!”

Xiaonian immediately picked up her jeans and clumsily tried to push them on with the sheet still on her. As soon as she was done buttoning the jeans, she was pulled roughly off the table and dragged out of the room.

On the way out of the office, Xiaonian kept her head low in humiliation but Gong Ouyang stopped right before the doctor.

The guard Xi Chen seemed to have explained to her some things and now the doctor seemed more respectful and fearful of Gong Ouyang.

“There won’t be a next time with her, understand?” his voice was filled with authority and the doctor could only nod and give her assurance.

Xiaonian could only silently stand by him, and after hearing him, her face was pale.

She was dragged once again out of the department and into the nearest elevator. No one talked and Xiaonian still kept her head down.

She was still reeling from what just happened. She just couldn’t believe that he did that. Once the implications of his actions became clear, she became jittery with anxiety. 

If she can’t take the test, how can she prove that she was never pregnant? How can she get away from this?


“Mr. Gong, you have to let me take the test! How can I prove that I wasn’t pregnant, if I can’t take the test?” she asked beseechingly.

She was desperate.

He wanted her to handover a baby that did not even exist, what can she do now??

“Shut up!” Gong Ouyang barked at her. His thin lips were pursed in displeasure and his body emanated his anger. 

His displeasure was not because of her arguments, but because she looked so lost and pale, clutching her shirt and tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

His chest squeezed like it was hit by something. The confusing feeling were increasing his irritation. He couldn’t help but feel that she was deliberately doing this, seducing him, making him so attracted to her that he couldn’t bear people near her, looking so sad that his heart clenched in pain! 

Was she doing that to manipulate him? Was all the softness and sweetness of her body he felt underneath him designed to pull him into a trap?

He was one of the richest in the world, controlling multiple assets and millions in market. It wouldn’t be the first time to have people around him try to manipulate him through women. But, it was a first that he felt so gripped with one. He just couldn’t seem to shake her out of his head.

And the though that  this was all orchestrated, made him almost lose control, made him feel vicious.

When the elevator doors opened into his ward, he grabbed her arm tightly and dragged her to his room.

“Out!” he ordered and everyone one took one look at their master and scampered away as soon as possible out of the room.

Xiaonian felt things getting out of hand and quickly tried to back away and struggled to get her hand free from his grip.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Gong Ouyang threw Xiaonian on the bed. She immediately tried to escape but was caught in his long arms and pushed down on the bed.

Soon she felt his hands wandering over her and all her objections were swallowed up in his fierce kiss. When she tried to wriggle her mouth away , he bit her lips in retaliation until she settled down. 

Gong Ouyang moved his hand down to her jeans and started unbuttoning it, Xiaonian was once again shocked wide eyed and tried to push him again once again, but Gong Ouyang was much quicker this time and he easily flipped her over and pulled her hands back and locked them in his hand efficiently stopping her movements. 

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Xiaonian kept trying and failing to free herself and when she couldn’t she broke down and sobbed softly.

Gong Ouyang retained his hold over her hands and bent over her, sliding his free hand up inside her blouse.

“Umph..” Xiaonian tried to struggle against him after she felt his reaction against her hips. She shuddered thinking that he wanted to wanted to do this like this. How is this different from animals having sex?

Gong Ouyang subdued pressed himself against her back, his eyes darkened considerably and along with desire, there was a hint of viciousness and hysteria in them.

“Xiaonian,” he stared a her with heavy eyes, “I want you,” he bit her ear, “Now!”

Kisses rained on the back of her neck as he swept away her long hair aside, almost suffocating her with his body weight. With that she couldn’t even struggle. His hands roamed freely across her body and did as they pleased. 

Xiaonian used her now free hands to push away his hand that was painfully squeezing her breast. But as soon as Gong Ouyang felt her soft hand pressing against him, he lost his last thread of reasoning. 

He turned her over, on her back and pushing her hand against his chest he kissed her madly, reveling in the soft touch of hers against his body.

Her blouse was torn and her jeans were pulled off amidst struggles. When he looked at her soft body on his bed, he remembered how she let that woman almost see her!

Any part of her, was only for his eyes!

How could she let some random person to check her most intimate part!! Only he can experience the touch or sight of her! 

Fueled by fury, he quickly pushed himself into her, trying to reclaim every part of her without any ounce of gentleness.

Xiaonian’s struggles were muted and after a while even her voice faded away under his continued onslaught. She could only close her eyes shut and wish it to be over.

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    And that man is CRAZY.


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