Chapter 31: The woman he wants (Part 2)

In the VIP ward, Xiaonian still lay on the bed. There was a dull pain radiating below her abdomen. She tried her best to ignore the pain as she slowly gathered her clothes and put them on. 

She calmed her emotional state and thought of the best possible action to take in the circumstances. 

She was dealing with someone she did not understand at all.

He wanted to kill her and thought she was a liar.

Yet, he was behaving abnormally possessive.


What was his interest her?

Did he have an interest in her?!

The thought scared her more than anything so far. She couldn’t imagine how her life would be if she caught the interest of a person like Gong Ouyang. Feng De said that he suffered from severe paranoia, but this was insane!

First, she had to get that evidence. Somehow, she had to convince him that she did not have anything to do with his child. 

Forming a coherent argument about getting evidence from other tests, she rushed to talk to Gong Ouyang. But when she tried opening the door, she found it firmly locked.


He locked her in.

After bout two hours later:

The door was pushed from outside but it wasn’t Gong Ouyang who came in, instead it was the kind hearted butler Feng De.

“Miss Shi” Feng De smiled at her.

“Can I talk to him?” Xiaonian asked immediately as soon as she saw him. Her eyes were red rimmed but her voice was calm.

Feng de looked at her sadly and shook his head. he raised a black folder in his hands handing it to her and said, “master asked me to talk to you some things Miss Shi.”


“About what?”

“Yes. The young master is willing to give you unlimited time to find the evidence to prove your innocence, but during this time, he wants you to be his woman” he said.


“Once you prove your innocence, or hand over the baby, younger master will let you go free.”


Was Gong Ouyang crazy?

“No. No, I won’t agree.”

She doesn’t trust Gong Ouyang.

This man was volatile. How can she trust someone who acts like he owns her very being?

Feng De smiled a little, “Don’t worry Miss Shi. Please don’t say that immediately. This is actually a very good deal.”

Xiaonian couldn’t agree with him, but she wanted to hear him out.

“The young master is almost always surrounded by women. And I haven’t ever seen him be with a woman for more than a month” Feng De analyzed rationally.

But he couldn’t say out loud, that the master was never fixated on someone like he was fixated on Miss Shi. It was almost obsessive, his behavior. But he really hoped, for both their sakes, that this fixation of his wouldn’t last long. His master was someone who liked to the extreme and hated to the extreme. That was why his ruthlessness was so famous in the business circle. 

Xiaonian listened to his explanation.


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“The young master is used getting everything he wants. If you keep resisting, it will make him more stubborn and arouse his predatory mentality. I’m sure this is not the outcome you seek either, ” Feng De quietly looked at her, “you want your freedom the most, don’t you?”

Xiaonian couldn’t help but look at him with pleading eyes. The look clearly said, ‘yes’.

Her head was a mess and in the current circumstances she couldn’t think of anything that could help her out and she was ready to clutch any straw thrown her way.

“Miss Shi, why don’t you take some time to think about this?” Feng De suggested her gently.

Listening to her talk, right now she only had one question on her mind.

“How will I know that he won’t go against his word?”

After hearing her question, Feng De smiled knowing that she was thinking about master’s proposition.

“Youg lady can feel relieved. A legal contract will be drawn and signed by both you and the master, it will be as binding to the master as it will be to you.”

He once again kept silent on the fact that his master was powerful enough to subvert something as small as an agreement contract. He just hoped that it will never come to it.

“This is the contract and it has everything written down clearly. Please take a look and verify” he once again extended the folder in his hands towards her.

Xiaonian looked at the black folder in his hands like it was snake that will bite her.

She was like an insect in a spider’s web. She had no way out. The only people who could help her hate her and she was practically alone in this world. Only she can help herself, but the price she had to pay was making her tremble, especially in the wake of what happened just few hours ago. The bruise marks on her waist and chest were the still throbbing.

Her fingers trembled as she extended her hand to take the file.

“Butler De, I just have one small condition” she said bowing her head low.

“Please say it Miss.”

“I..I will be his woman, but,…”

“but he can’t force me to do that kind of thing” she almost buried her head into her chest with embarrassment as she said it out loud. 

She never wanted to experience it again, the forceful hands pushing her to his whims.

“No” A high handed voice came by the door.

When Xiaonian looked, the door by her was open and the figure of Gong Ouyang was standing by it with a serious look.

He pushed himself off the door and walked. Looking at Feng De he said, “You have been with me for so long and yet you cant strike a good deal, what a waste.”

“Yes young master, my ability is not enough” Feng De respectfully lowered his head and moved aside.
Xiaonian took two steps back when Gong Ouyang moved towards her. Her body was tense and cautiousness was written all over her face.

“Shi Xiaonian, you can only ask for one request” Gong Ouyang sat down in the chair by the bed, “and it can’t be that.”

If he couldn’t touch her when he wanted, how was she his woman?

Xiaonian clenched her fingers on the folder. 

“Then…then I’m not signing it.”

Gong Ouyang froze for a second at her decision and something akin to rage flashed across his eyes and vanished without trace before anyone could identify it.

If she didn’t want to sign it, he can make her!

Looking bored, he told her nonchalantly, “Even if you don’t sign it, I can still play with you.”

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