Chapter 32: Her birthday (Part 1)

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“You should realize that your existence is something that I can manipulate just with a flick of my finger,” Gong Ouyang said serenely as if he got everything figured out, “things will be much easier for you if you just accept it and surrender” he said with a smile on his face.

Xiaonian was left speechless at his shameless words, but she couldn’t think of any sensible comeback either.

What part of it can she refute?

“Feng De, give it here” Gong Ouyang took the black folder from Feng De and threw it in front of Xiaonian.

“I’m not a very patient man. I’ll give you one minute to think about it.”

Shi Xiaonian tried really hard to think of an alternative, any alternative that can get her out of this predicament unscathed, but it remained elusive until the very last second.

Biting her lip. she slowly moved to pick up the folder.

“I’ll sign it.”

“Smart” Gong Ouyang’s mood picked up slightly, “I’ll allow one request, anything except not touching you” he said leaning back into the chair. 

Xiaonian wasn’t scared of a lot of things. Other than the occasional bugs, rodents and some reptiles, she held utmost aversion to pain. 

“You are not allowed to beat me” she said in a small voice.

“Agreed” Gong Ouyang’s lips touched upon a slight smile.

Transaction: successful.

She was now his woman.

Gong Ouyang felt the last bit of sour mood leaving him. He could even say that at this moment his mood was particularly good. His face was practically covered with a thin veneer of satisfaction. For a man who was used to maintaining a poker face before most people, this was unprecedented.

He glanced once again at the woman sitting by the table in the corner signing the contract. Once the signing was completed, he called to Feng De almost cheerfully, “Feng De, give her the whole contract.”

“Yes master” Feng De went to get the said files.

Xiaonian looked at the back of Feng De blankly. She turned to look at Gong Ouyang in confusion, the question apparent in her eyes.

What whole contract?

Gong Ouyang looked at her and smiled with a hint of evil seeping into his pupils.


Xiaonian got a very bad feeling.

When Feng De cam back, he was carrying a thick stack of printed papers.

“Miss Shi, these are the pages 6-278 of the contract you just signed.”

Feng De handed the papers to her.

“Page 6 to 278?” Xiaonian heart sank heavily. She could vaguely make out the trap she sunk herself into despite reading scrutinizing the contract closely.

It can’t be what she thought it was!

Gong Ouyang watched her face pale as the truth dawned his little woman. Her changes on her face sparked interest in his heart. He leaned back lazily carefully noting her face, not  missing the way her beautiful eyes widened in shock and her pearly teeth bit her tender lips in worry.


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A tendril of desire swept down his spine as he remembered doing that very thing to her lips in the bed in the morning. He stifled a groan.
“Shi Xioanian, you should take a good look at the contract, the one’s you have pursued are only few pages, the rest is now in your hands. Look carefully at the rules and remember them properly.”

When Xiaonian heard that, she immediately picked up the black folder and went through the page numbers and sure enough, the 5th page jumped directly to 279.

She was careful to check the contents in detail but never thought to check the page numbers. She had never entered into any type of contract before and never had to sign any formal documents. This was the first time and she did not know what to look for.

“Gong Ouyang! This is obviously a scam! How can you?”

“Scam you? Do you think you are worthy?” Gong Ouyang still had the relaxed demeanor about him.

Xiaonian was enraged at his cavalier behavior and when she wanted to speak more Feng De opened his mouth, “Miss SHi, please rest assured the this part of the contract does not deviate from the main contents you have gone through in the first five pages, but they detail the rules you have to adhere to during the time you are with young master.”


“I can only ask for one request and he can impose so many rules on me? How is that fair?”

“Fair? Shi Xiaonian, when you are dealing with me, there is no fair or unfair, there only my conditions and people who follow them” Gong Ouyang said with conceit.


“And for you, a third rate cartoonist, I don’t even have to twitch my finger let alone stoop to elaborate schemes” Gong Ouyang chuckled as he watched her face fill with resentment at his words.

For some reason, he felt a sense of accomplishment as he watched her face express different emotions because of him.

This felt right.

She should only ever be effected by his actions.

She was in his hands now..

He was in control of the situation again.

With that, Gong Ouyang’s mind relaxed and he breathed out a sigh of contentment inside.

Xiaonian gritted her teeth and picked up the rest of the ‘missing’ contract pages and sat down to go through them.

“There are not rules you have to follow, there are also punishments you’ll have to suffer if you break those rules” he said with an evil grin.


Xiaonian had a resentful face now. She wanted to tear all the pages into tiny pieces and throw it at his face and drown him in them. 

She was so angry that even her fear was clouded. She just wanted to do something terribly violent. She imagined a cartoon version of her hammering him into the ground and only then did she feel slightly vindicated.

Gong Ouyang narrowed his eyes as he watched the emotions play on her. He could only imagine what she was thinking inside her delicate head. Stifling another grin he decided that this would have to suffice for today, after all he had so many more days with her.

“You can take the contract back with you and check it at liesure.”

Xiaonian was stumped. He was being …reasonable?

“…well, I will do that.”

Gong Ouyang laid back and let her leave.

She was not someone who liked being confined, and although she was docile and easily pushed around, she became rebellious when pushed too hard too fast. He should occasionally relax his grip to let her move around a little more freely, otherwise won’t she strangle herself struggling against him?

Once you understand what a person wants, everything becomes easy…controllable.

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