Chapter 32: Her birthday (Part 2)

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The night was peaceful and cloudless with the moon shining bright through the window of the small apartment softly.

Xiaonian came out of the bathroom and lowered her head to sniff at her shoulders and her arms.

Finally, after three washes she was able to get rid of Gong Ouyang’s smell off of her. Now she can only smell her body wash and shampoo.

Xiaonian rubbed her hair with a towel in one hand while the other moved around the pages of the contract.

She is now officially the woman of Gong Ouyang.


This was so stupid!

How did this happen? Really? How?

She has been asking herself this question since meeting Gong Ouyang and she had yet to find an answer.

She sat before her desk and started going through the rules page by page. After an hour, she couldn’t help but wonder, what did that man think to come up with a 274 page rules? Did he want to show how powerful he was? or did he want to emphasize on how powerless she was?

Because every rule emphasized how she, the Party B, has to cater to the whims and wishes of him, the party B.

She warily rubbed her forehead. At least, now, she has indefinite time to prove her innocence. She felt like a huge load has been lifted off of her, just thinking about it.

As long as she proved it, she was free.

That did not sound bad.


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She went back to the contract again. Time passed and the quite night was punctured by the sudden notification ring of her mobile.

When Xiaonian took her phone she saw the phone screen lighting up with sparkles around the picture of small cake.

A small text scrolled at the bottom. It read: Dear Owner, Happy 24th Birthday!

It was an automatic reminder function that she set up when she bought the phone.

She slid her finger across the cake on the screen before she shut the phone down and put it aside.

It has been years since she hadn’t celebrated her birthday. There was once a time when she did with Mu Qian Chu, but those were the days of past that will never come back.

The promises of marriage, together forevers and everything have been now buried in the tomb of time.

Now he is a different person who has his own fiancee and soon he’ll even be a father.


Xiaonian shook her head attempting to shake the thoughts out of her head.

The door bell rang.

At this time?

Curbing her wayward thoughts that suggested it may be her parents or Mu Qian Chu, she went to get the door.

When she opened the door, it was not a neighbor like she expected it to be, instead it was Gong Ouyang!

Gong Ouyang stood by the door casually in a custom made suit that fitted him like a glove. He looked like one of those male models on the magazines.

In a weird and bizarre moment, she thought that it was not a bad thing to take a look at a handsome guy the first thing on her birthday. But she quickly suppressed the ridiculous thinking and inquired.

“Mr Gong, why aren’t you in hospital?”

The surprise at his arrival here was clear in her eyes.

Gong Ouyang looked at her disdainfully before he walked uninvited into her house like he owned it. Xiaonian could only look at his back in dismay and follow him inside.

His body guards followed behind her.

“Wait outside” Gong Ouyang ordered without turning around and just as quickly the bodyguards made themselves scarce.


Xiaonian once again looked helplessly as they closed the door behind them. Since when did her apartment become a nest for Gong Ouyang?

“I’m hungry, make me food now!” Gong Ouyang ordered and walked into her kitchen.

Ah, she’s wrong, not a nest, it was clearly a 24 hours diner.

Isn’t he Gong Ouyang, his house is like palace and they hire some of the world’s most famous cooks, why come to her humble kitchen?

“Hurry up!” 
He looked at her unpleasantly. He was really hungry and his cooks were clearly losing their touch to come up with those unappetizing dishes. He will fire them as soon as he is done eating here.


“What you?! You are now, my woman. And as my woman, you should cook for me” Gong Ouyang came forward grabbed her wrist and dragged her into the kitchen.


Hearing her agreement, Gong Ouyang released her hand and directly went to her fridge and inspected it. She hasn’t cooked in a long while and most of her fridge was empty. She only had some instant noodles on her hand.

Xiaonian suddenly remembered the notification on her phone. She looked at Gong Ouyang still moving things in her fridge.

Should she celebrate it with him?

She went through harrowing experiences in the last few days, and through it all, she learnt one thing, to make the best of things, who knew how bad things would get tomorrow?

Birthday celebration and Gong Ouyang was definitely a weird mix, but there was nothing wrong in trying it.

When she looked up again, Gong Ouyang was noticeably absent before the refrigerator but the door was left wide open. Sighing, she went to close the door and when she tuned around she found him walking back in with only his shirt. He seems to have removed his coat. She didn’t know if the custom made shirts made any difference, but he looked lean and sturdy.

He was like one of those main characters in her comics.


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