Chapter 33: An unexpected gift? (Part 1)

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The pretty picture he painted with his handsome build and sexy aura was suddenly broken as he stood before her to demand.

“Food, now!!”


How bad tempered.

Xiaonian quickly set herself to making the instant noodles. She took out some extra packets to make his portion. She had previously seen him eat and knew how big his appetite could get and she did not want him to throw a tantrum if he did not find his portion adequate.

Her birthday, she was making instant noodles to eat with Gong Ouyang.

Everything about the thought sounded strange and weird.

In the end, she put a huge bowl of noodles on the table. Gong Ouyang was in the hall, sitting on her sofa talking to someone about work on his phone, but as soon as he heard the clinking sound of utensils on the table, he came to the kitchen immediately.

Xiaonian sat down in her set and stirred her noodles preparing to eat. After cooking, she also felt quite hungry.

She bent over her bowl and mumbled to herself, “Happy birthday.”

“Although it doesn't look great, the taste is not bad” she said to Gong Ouyang who took the seat before her.

He was someone who tasted the best of the best cooking and he’s sitting in her apartment eating instant noodles. She really thought he would just flip the whole table off at the first sniff of them, but to her surprise he finished all of it very elegantly.

Xiaonian too, stayed silenced and both completed their meal with occasional clacking of their chopsticks.

Seeing him eat her food, just for a moment, she felt that she did not quite hate him as much. It might be because today was her birthday, and even though it was done inadvertently, he was the only person who accompanied her on this day in a very long time. Even though she might not agree with it, she did, subconsciously, crave company on this day, to feel as if someone cared that she was born.

She bowed her head down to hide the sheen of moisture floating in her eyes and suddenly, a hand took her bowl away from her.


Xiaonian looked stupefied at the man in front of her.

His empty bowl was beside him, the rest of the noddles in the big bowl were also gone, and now he was eating her portion!

Did she not cook 5 portions?!

Where is he hiding all that food?

Did he have an extra dimension thats connected to his stomach?

“…that is mine”

“Who asked you to cook so little, I didn’t get enough” Gong Ouyang said polishing off the noodles in her bowl at an astonishing speed.

What is this unscientific way of eating?

…dimension…it has to be a dimension..

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After he slurped the last bit of soup, he pushed back the bowl and looked at her. Gong Ou elegantly drank the last instant noodle soup on the spoon, pushed the bowl, and looked at her.


Was he expecting more?

“…would you like a dessert?” Xiaonian said, “aren’t you full?”

“Not full”

Is he a pig?

Shi Xiaonian wanted to tell him that there was nothing else to eat, but after a moment of deliberation she, instead, told him, “You just recently suffered from gastroenteritis, it’s not good to eat too much.”

Where was she supposed to get the dessert from at this time of the night?

Today was her birthday! She did not want to give him any desserts, she wanted to eat one!

Hearing that, Gong Ouyang’s eyes deepened. He seemed to think that what she said was reasonable and he did not insist on it. He just glanced at the three empty bowls before him and said, “change these bowls. I lose my appetite when I look at them.”


He ost his appetite? Is that why he polished off all the food? Even she couldn’t get in more than few bites!

Xiaonian was angry and hungry. Gritting her teeth, she stood up and picked up the food bowls and chop sticks to wash.

“I also don’t like this bottle, change it” she heard him say again in a few minutes.

She sighed.

“I like those things in my house” she mumbled.

Not only did he come to her home uninvited, now he was finding fault with her things. If he doesn’t like them that much, he should just disappear.

By the time Xiaonian finished washing dishes, Gong Ouyang disappeared. 

Did he go back?

She rejoiced at his departure and took a long breath as she wiped her hands off. She was just about to return to her bedroom when she heard a curse-

“Fuck! What a broken bathroom!”

Gong Ouyang came out of her bathroom with only his trousers on. His upper body was bare and the night light fell on his tight abdominal muscles making them look sexy. Even Xiaonian was slightly distracted at the sight and quickly shifted her eyes away.

“What are you doing in my bathroom?” Xiaonian asked looking at a spot on the wall behind Gong Ouyang. She had thought he was gone and now he was in her bathroom?

What was he doing there?

“I was trying to clean up before I go to bed” Gong Ouyang said rudely.


But this wasn’t his place though?

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