Chapter 34: Three years ago (Part 1)

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Damn it.

He forgot about the monitoring system.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. Most women around him usually try to advertise their relationship with him. But this woman just looked bitter.

His heart suddenly became very uncomfortable.

Why did her aversion to letting other people know about their relationship made him so uncomfortable?

Wasn’t this what made him tolerate other women usually?

“No one will dare look, those tapes will be sent to us in the end.”

Saying this, he pulled her in for a kiss again.

This time, Xiaonian did not struggle. After all, there was indeed a contract between them.

Gong Ouyang kissed her more deeply before he pulled his head up. He bent downed in a swift motion lifted her in his arms and carried her to the duplex luxury apartment.

The duplex Tianzhi apartment was a luxurious house with big windows facing east. When the sun rose, Xiaonian was still in the bed.

That night, she couldn’t get proper sleep. As soon as she thought she fell asleep, she was woken up by Gong Ouyang repeatedly.

In the night, Gong Ouyang just carried her into the apartment and he stumbled around to find the bed and they haven't left the bed since.

She turned her head to see the light on the curtains.

It was already day break.


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Gong Ouyang firmly held her in his arms and used her as a pillow most of the night. His arms and legs were wrapped around her leaving her no room for any movement.

This kind of sleeping posture, Xiaonian thought that it was really worth worshipping.

She gently pulled the hand on her waist and tried to move it. After a while she felt that she couldn’t unentangle herself from the mess of limbs and sheets around her.

“What are you doing?” Gong Ouyang who woke up due to her movements asked in a groggy and displeased voice.

“Need to use the restroom” she found an excuse.

“What a pain” Gong Ouyang released her and slipped back into the soft sheets and continued sleeping.


Xiaonian watched him go back to sleep and taking a spare sheet to wrap herself in and got out of the bed.

Pushing the bedroom door, Xiaonian made her way out. 

Out of the bedroom, she was embarrassed to see her clothes scattered all the way over to the hall.

Last night, she was not able to look at this apartment properly, but now with the sun light pouring in from  the east windows she can see the huge hall in front of her.

Unlike the european styled decor of Gong Ouyang’s place, this place was decorated with simple yet tasteful elegance. White and light shades were mostly used giving the apartment a soft touch.

It was a beautiful apartment.

And this house was in her name. When Xiaonian looked around, she somewhat understood why so many women wanted to become close to Gong Ouyang.

With a single phone call, he got one of the most expensive apartments in the country. How many women can resist against such blatant financial temptation?

Xiaonian explored the whole house twice before she decided to explore the apartment bulding. She put on her shoes and opened the door and immediately saw Feng De and the body guards waiting outside.

Did they not sleep the whole night?!

“Miss Shi” Feng De greeted her with a smile.

“Um, morning butler De” Xiaonian said lightly with her head bowed in embarrassment.

“Is Miss Shi going out?” 

“Oh, I’m going to pick up my stuff from the apartment.” In fact, she just wanted to get away from this all and breath a little freely to think about what just happened.

“So, that’s the case” Feng De said, “I have already retrieved your possessions from your old apartment and packed them accordingly. Would you like to take a look Miss?”

When Xiaonian turned around, there really were big cardboard boxes labeled and taped.

Just like that.

She felt surreal.

“Okay, I’ll check them.”

Within minutes, a group of moving staff came and moved the boxes one by one into the huge hall. Xiaonian opened box after box. Everything was packed neatly and in a systematic fashion. Feng De really was capable.

“Miss Shi, how many maids will you need?”

Xiaonian fell stupefied again. Everything he spoke seemed like a foreign language. Maids?


“No, I’m not accustomed to people around” Xiaonian gently refused.

But when she looked around at the huge apartment, she cannot imagine how she would clean and maintain all of it. She would need help atleast once in a while, right?


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