Chapter 34: Three years ago (Part 2)

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“Can you help me find someone to clean the apartment once in a while?”

“May be for two hours every week?”

“Yes Miss Shi, I can help you arrange that.”

Xiaonian looked around the new space, and couldn’t help but tell Feng De, “Housekeeper De, although Gong Ouyang bought this place, I’m living here now. As long as I’m here, let me manage this place as I want.”

“Of course Miss” Feng De did not disagree with her.

In his eyes, Shi Xiaonian was a pure person. He previously read her records while gathering information for his master and he knows that she was a hard working person with an upright attitude. It was only natural, that after going through so many changes, she would wish for a little bit of freedom in this new place she had to call home.

“Thank you” Xiaonian smiled. In her thoughts, she was only a temporary resident of this apartment. As soon as she can find the evidence, she would leave.

And speaking of evidence, she turned to Feng De to inquire about some things.

She put away the pictures she found in the cardboard boxes and asked, “Housekeeper De, I want to know what happened three years ago. The so called incident where I climbed into his bed.”

Since she cannot go to a hospital for a check up, she can only try and verify the whole incident.

“Miss Shi wants to prove her innocence,” Feng De smiled and said, “please ask.”

“What happened three years ago?” Xiaonian asked.

Feng De was silent for a moment, “I don’t know the exact details, I only know that that day, the young master attended a celebrity dinner on a cruise ship called ‘Baja’.”

“Miss Shi remembers it?”

“Yes” Xiaonian nodded her head, “At that time I applied to work on that ship during New Years. It lasted for three whole days.”

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The wages for waitressing were very high and she was quite impressed.

“Yes Miss Shi, that’s right” Feng De said looking at her hopefully, “It lasted three days, and on the first day young master was drugged and that night a woman came into his room and…” he left the obvious unsaid.

He continued, “The young master was furious. But, there was some urgent work so we couldn’t do anything about it back then.”

Infant, if they hadn’t come to know that she was pregnant, the young master wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet with Xiaonian again.

“You dared to drug me, treating you the way I do now is already me being very lenient” a lazy voice rang by her side.

It was Gong Ouyang.

Feng De respectfully lowered his eyes.

Xiaonian was about to turn around but Gong Ouyans embraced her from behind and buried his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent.

Knowing her now, he couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful at not catching her three years ago.

He opened his mouth and took a bite out of her white, smooth neck.


Xiaonian reacted to his bite immediately and covered the bitten spot with her fingers only to have Gong Ouyang taking two fingers into his mouth lightly into his mouth and bit them gently after licking them.

She shivered in reaction.

What a crazy person!

Gong Ouyang chuckled at her reaction, “your fingers are really sensitive.”


Does he not see the butler?

Xiaonian gently pulled herself out of his arms to Gong Ouyang’s displeasure and told him, “Mr. Gon, I now understand the whole story and I think you need to know about some things.”

Gong Ouyang looked at her lips, his eyes dark and unfathomable, he sat down on the sofa and said, “Go ahead.”

Hearing his words, Xiaonian quickly told him about the cruise, “Three years ago, I was indeed working on the Baja Cruise, but I swear, I did not drug you nor did I climb into your bed.”

Gong Ouyang sneered at her explanation, “If that’s all you have to say, then you can stop.”

He believed in his own search better than her empty words.

“What I said is true” Xiaonian said anxiously. “” There should be some monitoring system there, please check it, you’ll know.

Gong Ouyang’s expression showed his ridicule.

“Miss Shi, the even on the boat was a font for discussing some very important things. Although they advertised it as a banquet, it was highly confidential, so there were no surveillance systems on that ship.”

No surveillance.

Xiaonian suddenly remembered the terms and condition of the application. They asked them to refrain from getting any mobile devices or cameras onto the ship.

That means, no one recorded anything.

“How else can I prove that it wasn’t me?”

Gong Ouyang looked at Xiaonian who looked anxious to prove her innocence and felt faintly unhappy.
Why was she so eager to prove her innocence? To leave him?

“But…how can you be sure it’s me? There were so many other people!”

“Miss Shi, about that, we did a very meticulous search and we are quite sure that you are the person, no doubt.”


  1. Omg!!! Finally catched up to the latest chapter!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.. So sorry I didn't comment in previous chapters because it's so good and I literally cannot stop reading. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜†.. Thank you translators for the chapters and I really really really appreciated your hard work and dedication to this novel. Hoping for more and to see you again soon.


  2. So many plot holes......if she showed him the bloodstains on the sheets the night of when he did it with her the 1st time he'll know she's a virign and that it's impossible she had a child......oh well

    1. Lol. True. I did think of mentioning it again in future chapters to tie up the loose ends but the first translator translated the first 11 chapters as it is and that makes it difficult. But, I'll try and do something about it.

      Also, thank you for pointing out these things. Like I mentioned before, I'm trying to change the scenes to make the story more put together, so your comments help a lot. :)

      Will try and mention this in the next post.


  3. Thanks for translating. I’m so curious, can’t wait to find out what really happened. And if she wasn’t the woman will Gong Ouyang still want her? Then there’s still the issue with her brother in law. And she hasn’t even started catching feelings for Gong yet...


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