Chapter 35: Accidental meeting (Part 1)

T/N: In the last chapter, a reader kindly pointed out a loop hole in the story (*3*). As you guys already know I change a good chunk of the scenes (while still keeping the plot intact) to make the story tighter. And I try to explain a lot of things as I translate, but if I miss any, please bring them to my attention and I'll do my best to resolve them.

“This search is not correct!” Xiaonian said anxiously.

“Will you please search again? ”

“Enough!” Gong Ouyang gloomily swept his eyes over Xiaonian, his voice angry. “I don’t want listen to this nonsense in the morning. Let’s have breakfast.”


“No buts” Gong OUyang rose from his seat and grabbed her slender wrist and pulled her towards him. When she was pulled into him, he bent his face down until his lips almost touched hers, “Shi Xiaonian, there is no substantive evidence to support your silly claims, so stop talking nonsense.”


“Understood?” Gong Ouyang bit her upper lip until she flinched in pain.

When Xiaonian did not say anything, he frowned in displeasure, “Well?”

“…I’ll make the breakfast.”

She was weak in front of him.

“That’s better” Gong Ouyang hooked his lips in a smile and watched her leave. Turning towards his housekeeper, he said, “Feng De, arrange a meeting two hours later at the head quarters to discuss the acquisition of Long Tai. If I don’t get any useful suggestions, they can consider themselves fired. 

“Yes young master.”

Feng De lowered his head and turned to leave the room. As he was leaving he couldn’t help but turn his head in the direction Xiaonian left, his eyes were clouded with sympathy. Although the young master was prone to violence, he was averse to touching people. But with her, his master was almost inseparable. It was like he could only stay calm with her by his side.

Was it a good thing?

After breakfast, Gong Ouyang left with his guards, leaving behind Xiaonian to unpack her things while ruminating over the Baja cruise incident.

As long as she found Tang Yi, a university student who was working with her at that time, it would help her to prove her innocence. She shared a room with her on Baja and that person can vouch that she stayed inside their room all through out the night.

However, she lost contacts with almost all of her college classmates and at present she had no information or contacts of them.

How can she find Tang Yi?

Can she ask Gong Ouyang for help? May be he would want to know the truth as much and would be willing?

She immediately shook her head at that ridiculous idea. How can he help her when he so firmly believes that she was the culprit.

What can she do now? 

Xiaonian was getting upset at the lack of her options and could not help but sigh. As she was trying to think of ways to get hold of Tang Yi’s contact, her phone notification sound rang. When she picked up the phone, the screen displayed a strange number, Feng De?

The message from Feng De requested her to buy dishes from a nearby porcelain store?

Was it Gong Ouyang who asked him to message her? With Gong Ouyang’s character, he most probably ordered her and the kind butler was too nice to phrase it so in the message.

But, dishes?

She remembered his criticism about her cutlery in her apartment. He really was uptight about something as mundane as cutlery.

How annoying.

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Grumbling about this rich person’s weird eccentricities, she changed into her street wear she pulled out from one of the boxes and headed out after picking up her wallet and some change.

Xiaonian took the elevator up to the first floor. When the doors opened into the floor hallway, she saw that there were already two people, a handsome man and a beautiful woman holding hands, in the hallway. 

Xiaonian’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at Mu Qian Chu and Shi Yue before her.

Her mind blanked in an instant. A lot of things have been happening and the fact that she saw someone like Mu Qian Chu yesterday had completely slipped off her mind until now.

It looked like the person she saw yesterday was not someone who looked like Mu Qian Chu but the person himself.

Once she regained her senses, her first instinct was to hide herself in the elevator from them. Unfortunately that was not possible, unless a dimensional door opened up in one of the elevator walls.

Her fingers twitched in embarrassment. She did not really understand why she felt the need to hide herself from them.

Although, in the past, she had presumably made herself a fool in front of them, but now, hadn’t she clearly drawn a line? So why was this hard?

“Mu Qian Chu, you are going to be busy again? Hmph! believe it or not, I have a movie coming up and I’ll be so busy that we can’t keep up with each other.” Shi Yue’s iconic little girl’s voice rang in the hall.

Their line of sight was away from the elevator and for the time being, Xiaonian was safely out of their view, but there was no way she can exit the elevator without confronting them.

“Well, we will get married soon,” Mu Qian Chu said, “and I’ll be home everyday to see you.”


“Of course, how can I deceive you?” he said as he gently pulled her with him around the corner slowly getting away from the elevator.

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  1. Why do I feel like when she does manage to find tang Yi, the woman will either lie or say she can’t remember? Thanks for doing everything you can to make the story smooth and understandable


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