Chapter 35: Accidental meeting (Part 2)

Xiaonian stood still for a moment in numbness. She was definitely not in pain, she told herself. After all, she had given up. And, Mu Qian Chu using the word ‘home’ just told her the importance he placed on Shi Yue. It was only natural. This was expected. Of course, it is.

Mindlessly, she walked out of the elevator, still reeling from shock that they lived here. Of all the places, why here?

She laughed low humorlessly.

Of course, they could be here. Mu Qian Chu was rich and he would want the best for Shi Yue. It was her who shouldn’t be here. A poor artist who couldn’t even afford to spend on clothes for new year because her pay check barely covered for her roof and food, how could she afford to be in a place like Tian Zhi?

A person like her wouldn’t even be allowed near the security door.

Tian Zhi, apart from being most expensive, was also home to some of the richest business men and stars because it affords a great deal of privacy. It made sense that Mu Qian Chu, a rich heir and Shi Yue, a popular star, would choose this place for their home.

If  anything, it was weird that she became their neighbor.

If they knew that she was here, god only knows what criticisms they would fling her way.


Xiaonian chewed her red lips for long time considering the implications. But, there really was nothing she can do here. Even if she wanted to do something here, the decision wasn’t really in her hands. After a long time, she put her hands in the sweater and went outside.

Outside, the sun shone bright and a beams of light fell on the flower beds along the road and the nearby fountain rose and fell in intervals.

Xiaonian browsed through the stores looking for the Porcelain store Feng De mentioned in his message. Along her way, she saw country officials, second generation heirs, and other people of the upper class of the society.

Soon, she found the Porcelain gallery. It was was a big store with glass displays displaying extremely beautiful and delicate porcelain wear.

She was struck dumb for a few seconds. How was this a cutlery store? This was clearly an expensive artwork sale of porcelains!

Gong Ouyang wants to use these expenses things to eat her home made food?

He is crazy, right?


He is crazy!

“Miss, do you need me to show you anything? Please tell me what you need” a dignified looking young man in white shirt and black trousers asked her with a smile.

“I…I want to take a look” Xiaonian said flustered. How can she say that she is looking for some kitchen bowls!

The person escorted her inside the store and enthusiastically showed her the goods. 

“Miss you look like a relatively low key person, so, I thin this subdued design will be more suitable for you.”


She wasn’t low key, she was just wearing some cheap clothes she bought at discount store near her home. T_T

Xiaonian was by nature a very shy person. She always kept to herself and rarely made any contact with the opposite sex. She was unaware of the appreciative glances from her male classmates and the females she knew rarely made it a point to tell her about her beauty. In fact, her beauty was leaps and bounds beyond even the most popular star including Shi Yue. It was also one of the reasons why Shi Yue guarded so closely against Xiaonian. 

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So when Xiaonian walked into the store, with her face, the store sales person assumed that she belonged to the high society.

He kept showing her different pieces but the price tags that followed them literally scared the wits out of her. She could buy two of her old houses with one this small bowl!

The man insisted on showing her more varieties, but Xiaonian had enough of the insane prices so she searched for an excuse to leave when a contemptuous mocking sound came from behind her.

“So it was you. Shi Xiaonian, I really underestimated your stalking abilities.”

Even before she turned around, she recognized who the voice belonged to.

Mu Qian Chu.

Just an hour back she decided to stay away from them and this quickly she was found. The fate was definitely having a laugh at her misfortune right now.

Mu Qian Chu stood beside a black wooden show case, his face was expressionless but his eyes were cold as he looked at her.

So, he saw her at the elevator. Was that why he steered Shi Yue away from the elevator then?


Xiaonian tried to stop the involuntary painful pangs in her heart.

“Mr Mu,” the attendant recognized Mu Qian Chu at a glance, “our rest area is over there, if you can wait there, we will bring over some refreshments and catalogues for your perusal.”

“Good” Mu Qian Chu said coldly.

Xiaonian wanted to immediately leave and was preparing to do just that after informing the sales man. But as soon she started searching for him with her eyes, Mu Qian Chu spoke to her coldly, “How did you come here? You cannot afford to rent a house here and you can’t have any friends in this area.”

The way he spoke to her was earth and heavens different from the way he spoke to Shi Yue. Forget Shi Yue, she had seen him speak better to a stranger. But she, she only got contempt from him. But then again, perhaps she deserved this for meddling in his life when he hated it.

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