Chapter 35: Accidental meeting (Part 3)

Watching him pick up the coffee bough by the waiter, she said, “You don’t have to worry. I was not following you.”

The sales attendant went inside to show her another set that had recently arrived and he still wasn’t out. She stood there waiting fidgeting.

Sunlight shone through the floor to ceiling windows, washing their section in a moment of brightness. 

The attendant who brought the refreshments was momentarily dazzled at the picture Xiaonian painted with her cream sweater bathed in the bright sunlight. Her black hair that fell on her back sparkled like a thousand diamonds were embedded in them and her skin glowed, she looked like an ethereal being.

Mu Qian Chu looked up at the attendant who froze before him and follows his sight to Xiaonian. He clenched his fist and made a tapping noise on the table. The attendant jerked at the noise and moved his gaze away from Xiaonian in embarrassment.

Mu Qian Chu snorted in disgust. This was all she was worth. A beautiful face. But what does it matter when her character is so twisted and nauseating. Humph!

Xiaonian raised her face to look at Mu Qian Chu and flinched at the look in his eyes. Sure enough, there was no way she could convince him that she had no interest in involving with either him or Shi Yue.

Previously she followed him around persistently asking him o remember her, how could he believe her so easily?

“I’ll leave now.”

It’s better to keep as much distance between them as possible.

“Oh”  Mu qian chen sneered at her looking extremely satirical.

Mu Qian Chu watched her every move since he came here to make sure of her motives. But she really did not seem the same as before. Before, she used keep mentioning random things of past whenever she saw him.

“Is this another trick of yours?” Mu Qian Chu said expressionlessly, “your strategies surely are endless.”

That was the only way he can define her motives now.

A trick.

Xiaonian stiffened at her spot. For the first time, she looked at him without trying to see the shadow of his past in him.

The two pairs of eyes stared at each other for a short moment.

Mu Qian Chu was the one to look away first and inexplicably, he felt a sense of defeat well up inside him.

Xiaonian picked up her bag from the counter and said, “I really gave up on you.”

“Well, if you did, why don’t you tell me why you appeared in Tian Zhi?” he asked as if he he could barely believe her.

Hearing the question Xiaonian stilled.

What can she tell  about her presence here in Tian Zhi?

Could she tell that she is now one of Gong Ouyang’s women. That he gave her a place here in this expensive apartments?

Even if the situation pushed her to the bottom, she still wanted to maintain an illusion of some sort of self esteem.

“It has nothing to do with you” Xiaonian could only give such an answer. “I’m leaving.”

Mu Qian Chu stood up and moved in front of her, he was almost 6 feet tall and easily blocked the light. He looked at her indifferently, “Shi Yue’s pregnant now, I won’t tolerate any harm to befall her.”

Xiaonian felt the onset of a slight headache at this display of affection towards his fiancee. A few days back, Shi Yue told her something to her along the same lines. What are these people doing? Displaying their love in front of her?

She had told them time and time again that she wasn’t interested in causing any disturbances in their lives and stayed away. At present, she was struggling to save her life from the whims of a crazy person like Gong Ouyang. She could barely breath sometimes when she imagines what her life could be if she can’t produce any evidence to prove her innocence. Will she even be alive? 

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She had personal experience with the ruthlessness of Gong Ouyang’s. That person pushed her near death because he did not get what he wanted. How can she hope to stay intact with a person like that?
And here he was, talking about how she could harm Shi Yue because of her existence in this place.

She really wanted to laugh. This situation was insane and yet she couldn’t cry. She even started to wonder if the experiences in the past few days were a wake up call. She certainly was able to put this part of her life into perspective.

The last glimmer of wishful thinking she had towards this Mu Qian Chu was snuffed out just like that in a porcelain gallery near Tian Zhi.

“Mu Qian Chu, I will not bother you again. I hope from now onwards, when we come across each other we can move on without recognizing the other person.”


Such a thing, it was laws him who said it, but hearing those words from her mouth made him feel defeated.

Standing with his back to the sunlight, Xiaonian couldn't make out any expressions on his face. Just as well, she had no more energy for this.

“Good bye” she said and walked away from him resolutely.

But god obviously had different plans for her, because in the next second, the sales person who attended her came back and Xiaonian who didn’t see him crashed into him making him drop the boxes in his hand.


The delicate sound of porcelain breaking in the boxes rang throughout the store.

And just like that, in a second, a whole box of expensive china became a pile of worthless pieces.


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