Chapter 36: Calling for help (Part 2)

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On the 1st floor of Building A, Tian zhi apartments, Mu Qian Chu came in from outside handing his coat to the housekeeper.

“Master, you are back” she greeted him wile taking his coat from him respectfully.


He went into the hall decorated in european lavish style. It looked lie the interior of a western palace. Shi Yue like to be treated like a princess.

Inside the hall, the news channel was switched on and Shi Yue wearing yoga pants was doing a series of yoga exercise that looked quite difficult. Her slender legs moved smoothly and her body contorted like a snake.

“You are pregnant, don’t do this” Mu Qian Chu said as he moved towards Shi Yue and hugged her from behind.

“I’m afraid that you’ll hate me if I don’t maintain a good shape” she said looking at him plaintively.

Mu Qian Chu laughed at her silly answer, he pulled her with him as he sat in the sofa, “We will be married soon and you are still thinking about these things.”

Shi Yue’s wallet was laid on the coffee table beside the sofa and he inadvertently thought about the girl he left behind.

It was a tough situation. Will she be escorted to the police station.

At that time, amy be he should have helped her?

Realizing what he was thinking, Mu Qian Chu frowned.

There was no reason to think kindly about that person. He offered to help her but she did not accept it, how was it his fault.

Seeing that Mu Qian Chu’s thought’s were somewhere else, Shi Yue, put her hands around his neck and gently pulled him towards her.

“You can’t think about anything else while you are with me” she said snuggling into his arms.

Mu Qian Chu’s thought’s immediately focused on Shi Yue, there was a small delight at her obvious jealousy.

Just for a moment, he couldn’t help but think again about Shi Xiaonian. She sounded resolute when she maintained that she will not bother them anymore. It was inevitably a relief, but a small part of him was curious about her persistence in trying to help him remember the past for the last 6 years.

“Ah Yue,” he said looking at the woman in his arms, “6 years back, were your sister Shi Xiaonian and I, really close to each other?”

Hearing Mu Qian Chu ask the question out of blue, Shi Yue jolted in his arms. Looking pitifully at him, she complained, “Mu Qian Chu, what’s wrong with you? How can you ask that question! She is always lying because she wants to take you away from me, please don’t listen to her, okay?”

Her eyes reddened as fin pain and she hid her head in his chest like a little bird looking for shelter.

Mu Qian Chu immediately hugged her and reassured her, “Of course not, I’m just curious as to why she kept maintaining the same story for 6 years. It is very strange, isn’t it?”

Shi Yue immediately hugged him tightly.

“Do you have feelings for her?” Her voice trembled.

Mu Qian Chu felt guilt at causing her such obvious discomfort by saying such things. He immediately consoled her.

“What are you talking about? Why would I have feelings for such a person?”

“Really?” She grabbed the shirt on his chest.

Mu Qian Chu chuckled and kissed her lips. “Really. Do’t think about such things, you’ll harm the baby in your stomach.”


Their kiss deepened and the news channel was discussing the current environment in the prisons. They mentioned that most prisons were damp and dingy and it was not uncommon for the prisoners to fall ill within few days especially during this season.

Mu Qian Chu became a little stiff as heard that but Shi Yue pulled him closer and soon his thought shifted away from the news.

The servants soon moved away from the room when they saw their masters in intimacy.

Outside the Porcelain gallery:

A globally limited custom built car stopped before the store.

Two guards got off quickly and stood before the store and waited for the other man to get down the car. 

Gong Ouyang opened the door and walked expressionlessly into the store. As soon as he walked in, he saw Xiaonian  standing by the wall. Her head was down and one of her hand was rubbing the wrist of the other hand. Her dark hair fell forward and made her look like a pitiful little hamster.
Gong ouyang walked to her and stood before her. When Xiaonian felt a shadow on her, she lifted her head and was startled to find Gong Ouyang standing in front of her.

He came?

She called Feng De and did not expect Gong Ouyang himself to come. 

“Mr Gong..”

Her sentence was cut off as Gong Ouyang lifted the hand she was rubbing and saw a set of finger prints encircling her delicate wrist. His pupils constricted. 

Xiaonian was startled by his action and made to pull back her hand but it was restrained by him. With a face that did not betray his feelings, he grazed over the bruises with his thumb.

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Suddenly, he squeezed her wrist tight with is hands, making Xiaonian cry out in pain. 

Gong Ouyang ignored her cry and and asked, “who did this?”

“ hurts, please let go..” Xiaonian felt him exerting more pressure on her wrist than the salesman did and it hurt much more.

Gong ouyang did not release her hand, nor did he lessen his grip, “I asked you, who did this?” he looked at her gloomily.

Xiaonian looked at his face and she knew that if she pointed to one person, that person wouldn’t have a good outcome. And, they hadn’t intentionally caused her any harm either. She could only remain silent.

The manager heard him ask the question and was scared stiff.

What kind of man was Gong Ouyang? If they displeased him, there wouldn’t be a good day for them from today. he only hoped that he or the staff could get away safely from this fiasco. These kind of giants, a small store like theirs isn’t even worth thinking about.

Gong Ouyang looked at her silence and looked around at the staff. One lanky waiter in particular was trembling are than others. The corner of his lips turned up slowly.

“Very well. Cheng Xi.” he called one of his body guards.

The body guard moved swiftly, caught the trembling salesman by his hand and twisted it around.

The suffocating silence that permeated the store since Gong Ouyang’s arrival was now punctured by the shrill scream of the man.

Xiaonian shivered as she looked at the actions of the bodyguard. She asked him for help to cover the compensation, but now she implicated an innocent man.

“ wasn’t his fault” she quickly tried to explain to Gong Ouyang before he did something more drastic. From the whimpers of the man on the floor, it looked like his hand was broken. Tears filled her eyes when she realized that she caused harm to someone.

“You, shut up! You don’t even know how to handle a small thing like this!” he glared at her unpleasantly.


Xiaonan’s hand was still in his and it hurt.

“Break everything in this store until nothing is left intact! And call the owner of this store, everyone here, I shouldn’t see their faces here again!”

Giving his orders, Gong Ouyang pulled Xiaonian by her hand outside with a dark and gloomy face.

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