Chapter 37: Repayment (Part 1)

T/N: Did you know? the story gets interesting! There will be a couple of filer chapters here and there, but I'm trying to minimize the unnecessary content as much as possible (▰˘◡˘▰)

Several staff paled at Gong Ouyang’s declaration. The manager who talked to Xiaonian walked forward and tried to plead with Gong Ouyang but he was quickly detained by one of the guard.

Within few seconds, Gong Ouyang was out of the store. He did not even stay in the store for more than two minutes before delivering his verdict and leaving Xiaonian.

An Xiaonian couldn’t even get a word in during this time. She looked back at the waiter who huddled on the floor and felt guilt weighing on her chest like a huge stone.

She just wanted to borrow money. How did it turn into the destruction of a whole store?

When they got into the car, Xiaonian involuntarily touched her bruised wrist. Gong Ouyang pulled her hand away and examined the fresh bruises on her wrist. No one was allowed to leave anything of theirs on her, she was his alone.

He suddenly mumbled, “so incapable of dealing with a few small staff, how did you have the courage to drug me three years ago?”

Within few minutes the car parked in front of their building, and Xiaonian was dragged out Gong Ouyang once again. All through their journey, he berated her poking her head with his fore finger, “What an idiot! being bullied, letting others hurt you, what use is your mouth? Can’t you tell them who is behind you?”

Xiaonian felt that her head was poked into a sieve by now and still did not say anything back. 

He repeatedly told her and stressed that she should tell people that she had support and backing, that she should not get bullied.


Xiaonian’s nose felt slightly itchy.

From a young age, she knew that she had to be independent because there was no one to support her. Even when she was with Mu Qian Chu, she was always in the protector role, taking care of him and his needs.

And today, for the first time, someone supported her in a difficult situation. For some reason, she felt complicated. Her throat hurt at this kindness offered to her, but she couldn’t forget that this was from a man who was actively disassembling whatever life she had built for herself.

“Thank you” Xiaonian looked at him and thanked him sincerely.

Gong Ouyang stilled and he looked at her, “what did you say?”

“Mr Gong, thank you” She turned to him and bowed properly to express her gratitude. A bad man he may be, but the kindness he had shown her, she definitely wanted to let him know that she appreciated it.

Gong Ouyang just stared at her and did not speak for a long time. When the car stopped at their building, he only mumble, “how unexpected” and quickly got off from the car as if escaping from an uncomfortable situation.


Xiaonian looked blankly at his back. What was the reaction? She thanked him and he acted like….he was shy?

Even she thought her thinking was ridiculous. How can the Gong Ouyang be shy?

But he did not react to it violently at least.

Xiaonian returned to the duplex apartment by herself. When she entered in, she did not see Gong Ouyang anywhere. 

Feng De followed her with the body guards who stationed themselves outside the hall and Feng De moved towards the stairs. Before he left, he stopped to explain the situation to Xiaonian.

“Miss Shi, master has a video conference to attend and some work things to take acre of. he will be out once he finishes his work.”

So, he came for her in middle of his busy day?

For some reason, she did not dare to ask Feng De if that is true. She felt that no answer would make her comfortable.

But she couldn’t not ask anything either. 

“Housekeeper De, is this how he treats all his bed partners?” she asked him.

Today his behavior, was very different from how he usually behaved. He did not seem like a person who cared for others.

Feng De hesitated a little before he gave her an answer.

“Miss Shi, I am not sure about all aspects of master’s life, but I very rarely see master doing something like this for other especially when he is inundated with work,” he carefully explained.

Listening to him, Xiaonian couldn’t help but be startled.

She quickly stopped herself from anymore questioning. There was no need to add unnecessary explanations to this deed. It’s enough to remember the kindness extended to her today.

Xiaonian wanted to tell Feng De that she did not have anymore questions and he could attend to Gong Ouyang when the door to the hall was opened and a couple of people who looked like they work in upscale boutiques and malls quickly carted in packages one after the other. 

After few minutes, when everything was delivered, Xiaonian looked questioningly at Feng De.

“Miss Shi, master said that you shouldn’t be allowed to go out shopping anymore, so instead, your daily necessities will be delivered from now on. If you need any changes made or you don’t like something, please let me know.” feng De smiled at her.


Xiaonian bit her lip in consternation. Changes were happening too quickly and she had a hard time catching up.

Downstairs in the exquisite kitchen, Xiaonian busied herself in anapron.

She was person who knew how to repay her debts, so she decided to make a sumptuous dinner for him today.

She started working and in a few hours, she made 10 different dishes, two soups and two desserts. When she arranged all the food on the table and turned around Gong Ouyang was standing in the doorway in his gray shirt and black trousers. he looked lazy as he watched her face.

Xiaonian did not how long he was watching her and not knowing what to say to him, she just invited him to eat awkwardly.

She took a small peak in the nearby mirror to make sure that nothing was on her face. She looked her usual self, only more unkempt. Her hair was tied high in a lopsided bun and there was some dough plastered to her skin and her apron was stained by cooking stains. She cried for a while in the bathroom when she went to her room so her eyes looked slightly puffy and swollen. 

There was nothing unnatural there, so what was he staring at her for?

“Don’t you take care of your face? With a face like that, one can barely look at it” Gong Ouyang mocked her with slightly hooked lips as he made his way into the kitchen.


Was he telling her she was ugly? If he hated looking at her so much, why even bother making her sign that contract.

Xiaonian thought, once again, that she cannot understand the eccentricities of the rich and calmly carried the soup to the table.

Gong Ouyang sat on his chair like a king and waited for her to serve him, like a king. 

They had no servants in this place and so she took the role of servant and quickly started serving him. She put a rice bowl before him and he immediately picked up the chop sticks. Even she was surprised at the speed with which they were picked up.

Having experienced his meals, Xiaonian sped up serving him food and only then did she take a seat to eat.

It took a lot of work to cook all the dishes and she was very hungry.

Gong Ouyang lifted his head and looked at her eating, “you are really ugly” he said.


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  1. Haha thanks for the chapter! Any filler chapter is a good chapter if I get to see more dere interactions between our two MCs.

  2. And damn if the story gets any more interesting I’ll die.


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