Chapter 37: Repayment (Part 2)

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Xiaonian looked at him silently with mouthful of rice.

“So ugly” he said again disdainfully. When he saw her stay silent at his comments he looked at her displeased.

“You, turn your face and eat, don’t effect my meal!”


Xiaonian almost wanted to flip her food out her food in anger. On his face!

He helped her today.

He helped her today...

He helped her today.....

She chanted to herself over and over in her heart. She simply got up to go eat near the sink, away from his eye sight and in peace. But when she got up Gong Ouyang barked at her, “Sit here!”

Helplessly, she turned her chair around and sat down to eat facing away from him.

Gong Ouyang was satisfied with this and continued to polish off all the dishes with amazing speed.

The dishes he loved were gone within a few minutes, swept clean.

In the end, she only managed to retain some rice and side dishes for herself.

“Shi Xiaonian, I want to remind you of one thing,” Gong Ouyang put down his dishes and picked up a wet towel to wipe his hands. His voice was low and strong, “From now on, if you need something call me directly, don’t contact Feng De.”

This woman, she contacted Feng De instead of him to borrow money.

Did she think that his butler had more money than him?

When Xiaonian hear him say so, she nodded obediently. “I understand. In fact, i really wanted to ask you for help on something.”

Gong Ouyang raised his eyebrows with interest, “Regarding what?”

“That…I have a classmate called Tang Yi, I.. I want her contact information.”

As long as Tang Yi is found, it is tantamount to finding a witness for her case. Tang Yi can prove that she didn’t go out of her room in the night in those three days, that she had nothing to do with the drugging case.

Gong Ouyang played with the spoon, swirling it in the dessert, “And, why should I help you?”

Xiaonian was confused, “Well.. did you not ask me to come directly to you if I needed help?”

“I said you should ask me, not that I’ll help you” Gong Ouyang’s eyes took on an evil tint.


Xiaonian became silent, she slowly put down her chop sticks, it was true, he really had no obligation to help her, “um, okay. I will try to find it myself.”

She got ready to get up clean up the table when Gong Ouyang started looking at her unhappily, “What with your attitude? Don’t forget the contract clearly stated that you should focus on your behavior, and you dare take that attitude with me?”

Xiaonian was surprised at his proclamation.

What attitude?

She just agreed with him, how can that make him angry? Was this something to do with his disorder?

Xiaonian did not want to quarrel with him, so she smiled complacently and took on a subservient attitude with him, “Mr Gong, I’m sorry that it came off like that, I really wasn’t trying to do that.”

Gong Ouyang’s mood improved when she said that. He stood up from the dining table, “Look at you being so obedient. What kind of classmate do you want me to check?”

“She’s called Tang Yi” she said, afraid that he would forget her name.

“I know.”

Gong Ouyang strode out of the kitchen.

Xiaonian looked at his tall back and couldn’t help but call him, “Mr Gong..”

Gong Ouyang stopped but did not turn back.

“Thank you for helping me today” she said softly.

Hearing this, Gong Ouyang said, “How can I let my own dog be abused by others?” and left.


She…. was a dog?

She thanked him so sincerely and he called her a dog?!

Next time, she’ll just put some laxatives in his food!

The next few days between Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang were spent in harmony.

Gong ouyang was often busy. For the first she understood how rich people make money, they work twice as hard. She sometimes saw Gong ouyang on his phone even when he was exercising.

She and him did not have that many interactions and most of them were limited to only two areas, either the kitchen or the bedroom.

To be honest, those are the only places they have any exchanges.

Xiaonian, in these days, was able to figure out a little bit more about Gong Ouyang’s temperament and kept herself out of any arguments with him. Because when he was furious, it never spelled well for her.

Sitting in front of her computer, she opened her QQ for work.

She had been way from work for a long time and sure enough when she opened her account she saw an emoticon of bloody kitchen knife from her editor and a demand to create a new manuscript for a new manga.

New comic.

She also wanted to create a new manga. The problem was that she had no inspiration. If they asked for a manga about bizarre incidents, she felt she could whip up her life story in the last week in an instant, but for her genre, there was nothing she could think of.

Her life here was boring. When Gong ouyang was here, most of her time is spent cooking or in the…cough..cough.

And she almost did not go out of the apartment anymore to avoid running into Mu Qian Chu and Shi Yue.

Being cooped up in here, how can she draw anything?

Suddenly, she heard Gong Ouyang roaring at someone from outside the study.

“What is the use of employing you bunch! So useless! An error of 0.1 is also an error and can cost us millions! Which school did you go to? You don't even know that! Just roll, you lot!”

He once again started with the curses.


Translator’s little interview:

Translator: Miss Shi, what ever happened to the poor staff of Porcelain gallery?

Shi Xiaonian: That, I explained it to Gong Ouyang and they won’t be sacked. They are being demoted though. And, he paid for the hospital care of the salesman with broken arm and he was paid a hefty compensation too.

Translator: And the store?

Shi Xiaonian: Cough. Ah, that…it’s destroyed. (hangs her head down in shame)

Translator: Still, that’s a great accomplishment. How did you convince him to change his mind about the staff?

Shi Xiaonian: (Shifts her eyes around) Oh! I think I forgot something on the stove! I have to go, sorry!


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