Chapter 38: Take the initiative (Part 1)

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She heard him berating his employees and expressed her sympathy to them in her heart. As far as she observed him, he liked keeping a tight rein on all his affairs, even a single mistake was not allowed. 

Everyday, she heard him manage his myriad affairs and wondered if there was any field that he wasn’t involved in. Even the shadier side of business, but for those she shut herself in her room and pretended she didn’t know anything. What else could she do to preserve her life in the future?

The twirling pen suddenly stopped in her hand.


Isn’t this a really good material?

She quickly pulled out some drawing sheets and penned down a bare framework of characters on the paper.

‘The paranoid president’

Xiaonian worked on the story and edited some features and details her drawings and before long, she had a more or less complete plot for a manga ready before her.

She immediately mailed her editor in QQ with her ideas. Writing out the last sentence apologizing for her weeks long disappearance, she hit send.

In less than a minute, her editor’s message jumped up: Sounds good! I’m sure we can push this without any problems. Do you have the briefing material ready?

Motivated by the positive feedback, Xiaonian stated detailing the characters. 

A handsome man-

Approximately 6 feet 1 inch?

Cold and sharp eyes that can take a hint of evilness at times. And the biggest feature- he is a paranoid person who can’t trust anyone and has a veeery big appetite.

She smirked to herself.

She did not understand the full spectrum of his disorder, just the little tidbits that she was told by Feng De that one time and her own observations, but she did not really have to make this work about all his tendencies, thinking that she scribbled some prominent behaviors she observed.

She softened the outline, re-did his eyes and added some details to his suit. All the dissatisfaction she harbored towards that man, she threw it at the paper. 

He loved to abuse her didn’t he? Then, she can abuse him in her comics!

Thinking about it gave her more strength, as if she chugged down 10 cups of coffee.

That night, she did not stop drawing until her hand felt almost numb. 

When she looked at the watch, it was almost time for her to cook for him, the king with an endless bottom for a stomach.

Xiaonian transferred the drawings to the computer and then crawled out of the study.

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As she passed through the living room, Gong Ouyang’s displeased voice came through, “Why should I attend some rich second generation’s wedding dinner? Just send some useless secretary, we have plenty of them these days, if they can’t do their jobs well, they can atlas compensate by doing doing these stupid chores.”

“But master, the other side is about to inherit..” Feng De tried to tell.

“Feng De” Gong Ouyang cut him off and gave him a look impatiently.

Feng De bowed his head already making plans to reject the invitation.

Xiaonian heard about the wedding invitation and couldn’t help but remember that Mu Qian Chu and Shi Yue’s wedding was set two days later. The unsigned invitation was still lying in her bag.

Her change in address was kept a secret by her request and her mail was still being dropped at her old apartment and picked up weekly by one of Gong Ouyang’s house staff.

She had it with her for the past two weeks, but could not bring herself to make a decision and then she forgot all about it because of all the trouble stirred up by Gong Ouyang.

Go or not to go? 

Xiaonian frowned and entered the kitchen. She could think about it later, right now she had to feed the ever starving devil lord. She began to choose food for dinner.

When she was half way through preparing the main course, her phone in her pocket vibrated suddenly. It was her step father. 

She hesitated for two seconds before she picked up the call. 


She forgot how long it has been since she heard from her parents. Back when she left for her hometown, their conversations were already dwindling.

“Yes,” he replied with a voice devoid of any emotion.

Xiaonian was adopted by the Shi couple a long time back when they learnt that conceiving would be difficult for the Shi mother, but a year after they brought Xiaonian home, she found out she was pregnant with Shi Yue.

And as time passed, Xiaonian became a burden that had no use. But in the eyes of society, the Shi family had some standing and had to maintain appearances, but  even that went down with Mu Qian Chu’s situation. 

Years of indifference from the Shi family taught Xiaonian her place in that house. And that is why, when she finished her college, she moved out immediately. They had taken care of her for almost a decade and she did not want to make it more difficult for them. Even if Shi parents and Shi Yue treated her with cold indifference, or an embarrassment or ridicule, she acknowledged that they gave her a roof to stay under and food to eat, and for that she will always be grateful.

“How are you and mother doing?” she asked.

“Good. Are you still drawing those comics?” he asker with disdain. It was no secret that he looked down on her profession. 


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