Chapter 39: The wedding (Part 2)

Everyone talked with each other and had a lively time. Thought the trip, Xiaonian was largely ignored by people and she was happy to be ignored.

As she was looking out of the window, she couldn’t help but hear how almost every person was interested in someone else’s life. They gossiped and speculated about the fortunes and misfortunes of other.They were now talking about a particularly unfortunate life event of a certain girl with her boyfriend and she could clearly hear their happiness at someone else’s misery.

She always thought that getting along with Gong Ouyang was difficult, but now she couldn’t help but wonder, if it really was. At least, he vented his hatred directly. She did not have to wonder if he was pretending.

Suddenly, she felt very bored.

At 10 ‘o clock in the morning, their plane landed on Yunshang island.

Once she came out of the plane, she saw that all her surroundings were covered by thin mist and thin rays of light made their way to the ground and onto the trees giving them a fairy tale quality.

It was indeed a romantic place.

“You, follow me” her adoptive mother Lu Rin pulled her aside, “you aren't allowed to run around” she wouldn’t be assured until the wedding was over.


Xiaonian was flabbergasted at how afraid she is of her.

A group of people passed by them making their way into the resort booked for them. Lu Rin accompanied her to her room all along behaving as if she was a prisoner.

Xiaonian could only look on helplessly at this behavior.

Lu Rin followed her into the room and as soon as she closed the door, she said, “Xiaonian, it’s not that I’m trying to be unfair, but look at what everyone’s talking about you. An elder sister trying to grab her younger sister?”

Xiaonian stiffened.


How was she not being unfair?

When had she not been unfair?


Lu Rin face stiffened when Xiaonian questioned her.

Xiaonian grabbed her bag and placed it on the bed. She pulled open the bag and started pulling out her stuff and placing them in the drawer. She really did not want to look at her adoptive mother’s face at this moment!

She stuffed her dress in the closet and picked up her creams into the bathroom. When she came back for the towels, she felt suffocated. Her heart screamed at the injustice!

She pushed the towels back into the bag, bowing her head low and without turning around, she said, “when dad agreed to take care of Mu Qian Chu to get promoted, did you take care of him?”

Mu Qian Chu, as blind kid, was not very well received by the Mu family. And Shi Zhong was happy to promise them that he would take care of him so he could gain good opinion. But even he knew enough about the Mu family to not care about Mu Qian Chu other than supplying him with basic necessities.

It was her that took care of him.

Because he was supposed to the one thing in this world that truly belonged to her. Her family! 

She invested her time, heart and energy for him because he was supposed to be her family! He was supposed to be the one person who liked her because she didn’t have any and she desperately wanted someone to be happy for her existence! Anyone! 

A silent tear dripped down her fair cheek and plopped on the cotton towel and was immediately absorbed.

Lu Rin twisted her fingers looking guilty, but she quickly stabilized her heart and said with determination, “I know you took care of him once and that you were really close to each other, but he doesn’t remember it anymore and most importantly, he is involve with your sister.”

Xiaonian stayed silent letting her tears dry. She took a deep breath in and said softly, “I know.”

Lu Rin stood there for a long while unable to say another word.

Xiaonian was still bowed over her bag, he hair covering her face and her back face Lu Rin. She used this silence to calm herself down. Once the tightness in her throat loosened and she was able to gather herself, she turned around, pushing back her hair behind her ear with a delicate hand that was impressively stable.

“Mom, you can rest assured that I’ve changed. I’m not interested in Mu Qian Chu anymore and I won’t obstruct Shi Yue’s life.”

Lu Rin looked at Xiaonian’s red eyes and felt more guilty. She couldn’t look at her right in the eyes. Instead, she lowered her eyes down to the ground and said, “After Shi Yue’s wedding, you should also find a nice man for yourself and marry him” her voice trembled slightly at the end.


Xiaonian stayed silent again.

A good man?

Where would she find one?

One guy told her that he would let some guys play with her if she didn’t stop pestering him, and the other guy treated her like a play thing and abused her.

She wouldn’t say it out loud, but at this point, she was actually scared of men.

Right now, she only wanted her freedom. 

Once she thought she needed a family to sustain her, make her happy, but now she would just be glad to go back to her old life. She was lonely for sure, but at least she belonged to herself.

The time to hold the ceremony was approaching and the guest were gathering in the church.

The women and men formed small groups and were constantly talking about the wedding.

“This is so dreamy!  Did you know that Mu Qian Chu bought a yacht that is named after Shi Yue!”

“Shi Yue has bothe fame and fortune, I wish I can also be like that!”

Xiaonian hear the conversation around her and work a faint smile on her face not caring a whit about the things going around her.

The crowd in groups slowly dispersed and went to fond their seats and Xiaonian followed them escorting her mother up to the first aisle. She was just about to sit down when she heard someone exclaim-

“That’s Gong Ouyang? Oh my god! Is it really him?”


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