Chapter 40: Mu Qian Chu's headaches (Part 2)

Xiaonian felt sweat slowly dripping down her hairline.

“Nothing, my family’s dog is lost” Gong ouyang said casually.


That damned Gong Ouyang!

He said she was a dog?


Xiaonian gritted her teeth in frustration. 

But at least he didn’t say her name, she consoled herself.

Mu Qian Chu felt a small wave of headache creeping up on him, but before Gong Ouyang, he could only push it back and make conversation, “Oh? Mr Gong bought his pet to the island? Do you want me to send someone to help with the search?”

“No need” Gong Ouyang dismissed him rudely. For small second generation heirs like Mu Qian Chu, he did not have that much patience to deal with them.

“There is a pet play center near by, My Gong can take your pet there for some exercise.”

“Um. I’ll leave now.”

“Mr Gong, please take care.”
Immediately there were footsteps moving away from the room and disappeared in few seconds.

Xiaonian took  deep breath in relief.

Thank god he did not find her!

She quickly wiped the sweat off and fixed herself in the mirror and opened the door. She did not look at Mu Qian Chu and just said her thank in the passing, “thank you for letting me borrow the toilet, I’ll see myself out.”

“Wait” Mu Qian Chu caller her.

“I have a question for you.”

Xiaonian had no option but to stop and turn around to look at him.

Mu Qian Chu reached out to take the watch in his assistant’s hand and out in on him. He asked calmly, “How did you get out of the incident with Porcelain gallery?”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t go to jail” he asked pointedly.

After the whole incident, he sent someone to inquire what happened, but over night the Porcelain gallery disappeared and no one knew what was going on. According to Shi Yue, Xiaonian would attend the wedding…so she did not go to jail.


Xiaonian’s face stiffened and she said lightly, “I’m asked a friend for help.”

“You don’t seem to have any rich friends as far as I know” Mu Qian Chu looked at her for a moment, “did you take a loan?”

The interest wouldn’t be small and on top of that who would give a loan that big without any assets.

“That’s my business” Xiaonian said indifferently. His attitude towards her, really was something. She did not have to put up with this anymore.

“I’ll go out first.”

She reached out and tried to open the door and suddenly there came a big bang from behind her and an assistant asked worriedly, “what’s wrong with you?”

Xiaonian looked back and saw Mu Qian Chu kneeling on the ground clutching his head in his hands. His face looked pale and his expression twisted into a painful grimace.

What happened?

Wasn’t he fine until just a minute ago?

She was so shocked that she couldn’t move a step from her place.

“Me..dicine…” Mu Qian Chu said in pain, and the man beside him quickly supported him to the nearby chair.

“Miss, could you please pass the medicine on the dresser by your side” the assistant asked her directing to the dresser by her right.

Xiaonian quickly picked up the bottle on the dresser and brought it to Mu Qian Chu.

“Miss, two pills should be fine.”

Xiaonian immediately took out two pills and handed it to him.
Another assistant quickly filled in a glass of water and bought it to Mu Qian Chu.

Xiaonian was still confused. She did not understand what was happening.

Is he in poor health?

Was he not completely treated?

Mu Qian Chu panted slightly after he took the pills and sipped some water. His face was still twisted in pain.

“It just some headache he has now then, so I hope miss can keep quite about this, other wise, we hope you understand what happens if this leaks out,” the assistant emphasized to her.

Meanwhile Mu Qian Chu kept getting flashes off white in his head and with each flash it hurt more and more. He felt weakened and unable to move. He stayed still and breathed in deeply until the pain passed.

When he opened his eyes, his headache lessened a lot and the first person he saw was Xiaonian standing before him looking worried. For just a second, he felt a familiar feeling sweep through him confusing him.

“Sir, you have to take your regular medications otherwise..” the assistant reminded him.

“Shut up!” Mu Qian Chu did not want to hear anymore. Those medications usually made him weak and he did not want anything to mar this day with Shi Yue.

“I’ll hold on until the takes precedence” he said firmly but with a weak voice.

Just with that one sentence, Xiaonian can make out how important this wedding was for Mu Qian Chu. 

For a long time, she felt that Shi Yue was the third wheel between her and Mu Qian Chu, but todays, she understood, she was the real third wheel.

She already cut her ties with this person who is not the Mu Qian Chu she knew, so what right did she have to be worried about him?

“You take care of yourself, I’ll see myself out” saying that she left the room and this time she wasn’t stopped. 

As she kept walking in the corridor, she felt her mobile vibrating. When she picked it up, there were three messages from Gong Ouyang’s phone. She touched the screen hesitantly. Leaning back against the wall, she typed out a message with an appropriate excuse of having to use the bathroom urgently.  

She received a message immediately from Gong Ouyang, it was simple and crude, ordering her to get back to him. She looked at the message and put it back in her purse without replying.

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