Chapter 41: Not Happy? (Part 1)

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Gong Ouyang did not message her again.

The light in the hallway was dim and quiet. She gripped her purse and walked back but stopped in her tracks.

Gong Ouyang clearly wanted to find her, and she did not want to be found. Atleast, not among her family members. So, there was only one option in front of her- she has to escape.

She immediately took another route mentally remembering the location of church’s back door. Thinking for a moment, that was not a safe choice either. She hesitated, but she found a window a little farther from the door and she was sure she can fit through.

She never had any formal training in jumping windows but she definitely remembered how some heroines did it in certain comics. Gathering her courage and her dress, she opened the windows and jumped down the window with her shoes in her hands.


“Miss Shi, Mr. Gong is waiting for you.”


Xiaonian looked up to find a person who stood before her tall and dressed in dark suit.

When she turned her head, she found that there was another similar looking person standing further away.


The church seemed to be…surrounded?


If she can’t run away, she’ll just go along obediently. As long as she did not have to divulge her and Gong Ouyang’s relationship before her family, she was fine with almost anything at this point.

She calmly followed the bodyguard and left the church premises. Fortunately, everyone was busy with the wedding and there was no one to be seen in this part.

The bodyguard directed her towards a small discreet room by the back. It was hidden behind thick rose trellis and would have been hard to spot if one didn't look carefully. 

The bodyguard talked into his mouth piece and someone opened the door from inside as soon as they approached the small room.

The room inside was decorated warmly in harmony with the island’s atmosphere. Inside, Gong Ouyang was sitting on a table, his legs lazily lazily stretching before him and supporting him. He looked lazy and casual, with no expression on his face and his fingers were sliding and tapping on his phone screen.

Gong Ouyang looked up at her when he heard her footsteps walking towards her. His eyes were filled with anger and dissatisfaction.

“What? Hiding me from me already?” he snapped at her.

“No” Xiaonian answered as sincerely as she could. 

“Really? Weren’t you running fast as a rabbit just a while ago?” Gong Ouyang muttered satirically. His gaze swept her up and down before he asked almost to himself, “How was I never able to tell that you were a sports athlete?”


Xiaonian did not say anything and stayed calm. Gong Ouyang now was like a ticking bomb and she was not stupid enough to light his fuse by saying something stupid.

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“Come here” he threw his phone on the table and beckoned her towards him.

Xianian did not even hesitate for a second and walked towards him, and Gong Ouyang caught her arm and pulled her onto his lap. He was not exactly sitting on the table, but leaning into it with a leg raised up and she was in between the crook. While Xiaonian couldn’t help but be amazed at his stamina to be able to bear her weight on one leg, she found it uncomfortable to be in between his legs and squirmed a little to get to a more comfortable position.

Gong Ouyang slipped his hand around her waist and tightened it over her hands stalling her movements. His dark eyes looked at her deeply, “What? Not happy?”

“No” Xiaonian replied with a smile and ceased her movements to sit still on his lap.
“I don’t think you are happy!” Gong Ouyang exploded with anger. He chased her to this broken island  and instead of being happy she fled from him and looking scared. His time was so valuable that even the most powerful had to beg just to see him, and here this woman had the courage to actually be unhappy!


“I’m really happy,” Xiaonian tried to convince him. She turned to face him, putting her hands around his neck, she approached him to kiss him lightly on his cheek, “really, very happy.”

“I just don’t want to inconvenience you with unnecessary publicity in an event like this” she came up with an excuse. She watched his face closely to see his reaction. 

Gong Ouyang wrinkled his eyebrows. Upon seeing this Xiaonian became nervous. She grabbed his sleeve with one hand, “Mr Gong, today is my sister’s day. It’s her wedding.”

She rarely took the initiative to approach him, so Gong Ouyang mood improved slightly.

“What about it?” he said disapprovingly. His face no longer looked angry but took on a sulking expression as he stared at her.

“Today, the focus should be on my sister. I don’t want to cast a shadow on her limelight….. so, on this island, …can you pretend not to know me?” Xiaonian asked carefully.

Gong Ouyang’s mood dropped immediately and his hand around her waist clenched in displeasure. 


Was she ashamed of him?

“What did you say?”

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