Chapter 41: Not happy? (Part 2)

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Xiaonian immediately understood the reason for his anger, and she quickly explained, “I mean, Mr Gong, you have too much influence. Even when you came in, the reporters immediately besieged you. If I appeared with you, they would definitely be more interested in your life than the wedding of my sister… and tomorrows headlines won’t even cover it.”

Gong Ouyang’s displeasure once again receded at her explanation. He leaned back against the table lazily and pulled Xiaonian a little higher onto him. His hold on her waist gentled too. He scoffed and said, “Of course, my news will naturally be treated more importantly.”

How can some random people’s wedding be more important than him?

However, he never liked to be written about, especially by these gaudy tabloids. It annoyed him whenever he looked at them, as if their mere existence cheapened the air. It wasn’t too hard to settle them to suppress the news, but it was annoying.

“Yes” Xiaonian nodded in agreement and she wasn’t even lying. Gong Ouyang was a very big existence that cannot be ignored by these newspapers.

He hated those annoying reporters, but he just did not want to let her go. He wanted to keep her with him and just feel her soft lips against him all day, but he couldn’t do it now. 

Looking at his bodyguard, he gave a slight nod, and told Xiaonian, “you can go attend the wedding, but tonight, you are staying with me.”

Xiaonian agreed immediately. He relented and let her attend the wedding so she has to compensate him for his understanding.

“Okay. I’ll come out tonight and look for you. I’m leaving first.”

Xiaonian got down his lap, straightened her dress and quickly left the room heading towards the chapel.


Gong Ouyang looked at her back and frowned. 

Was it necessary to run so fast?

When Xiaonian returned to the chapel, the wedding ceremony had already started and her adoptive mother Lu Rin looked at her questioningly.

“You were gone for so long. Are you physically uncomfortable somewhere?” Lu Rin asked in a low voice.

“Nothing like that. Let’s focus on the ceremony now” Xiaonian quickly diverted the topic and turned her head towards the ceremony.

Lu Rin did not ask more and was soon watching the bride and groom exchange their vows.

She was not the only one, every one of the guests and the reporters were focused on the wedding. The chapel was beautiful with antique architectural style, and lent a solemn atmosphere to the whole ceremony. And Shi Yue herself looked dazzling in her white wedding dress. Even the wedding dress received a lot of attention in the media. It was designed months ahead by one of the most popular designer and was made with thousands of Swarovski crystals. The dress itself cost tens of millions and was widely displayed on many magazines.

Just that was enough to see who much Shi Yue was loved.

The two people faced each other vowing eternal love to each other.

Words flowed from their mouths and their faces shone with happiness, but Xiaonian sat there in daze.

She gave up on him.


But for years, she thought that the place beside him belonged to her based on the promises he made her.

And now, there wasn’t the old him who promised and neither was her place beside that man.

It’s over.

It’s finally over.

She strangely felt at peace.

The man she once loved was dead and this Mu Qian Chu wasn’t him. And, she did not get in between the lives of this Mu Qian Chu and his love Shi Yue.

Everything is just the way it should be.

She stood mindlessly with everyone and clapped for the happy couple. She clapped really hard. Even  the sting to her hands didn’t stop her from going on.

This, for her, was her own requiem to ‘their’ past. The couple before her, she had no deep relationship with.

When they took their seat, Xiaonian’s hands hurt, but her heart was strangely at peace.

The phone in her purse vibrated with a message notification, it was from Gong Ouyang. There was only one sentence-

‘She can have her limelight.’

Unbidden, a smile jumped up on her lips.

How conceited was this man. Even though it was true, there should be a limit to arrogance.

The phone shook again.

Gong Ouyang was not finished yet.

‘How long will this nonsense go on?!’

Xiaonian could already imagine his frustrated expression and eyebrows furrowed in displeasure. 


Lu Rin watched her type something other phone with a smile. She was worried that Xiaonian would be unable to conduct herself properly during the ceremony. After all, this was Mu Qian Chu whose she had nursed and liked for a long time. But seeing her like this, she can now rest assured about Shi Yue’s future.

No  matter how long she raised Xiaonian, her own daughter is most important to her after all.

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