Chapter 42: Indifference (Part 2)

Xiaonian refused her mother’s request to join the banquet and swiftly made her way to her room. 

As soon as she got into the room, she removed her dress and freshened up changing into a pair of casual clothes and fell on the bed.

The whole experience was beyond strange. There was no terrible sadness or grief. Instead, she felt…strangely detached.

She turned around burrowing her head into the pillow and before she knew it, she fell asleep.

When Xiaonian woke up again, it was late in the night. The curtains of the windows in her hotel were open and the lights of the boats and cruises on the sea twinkled from faraway.

She didn’t have to be here anymore. Her adoptive father wanted her to attend the wedding so that there wont be any negative impact on Shi Yue because of an absentee sister. She came, attended the wedding, so now her duty is officially done. Making herself scarce in this situation is the most ideal for everyone. 

She picked up her phone to call her adoptive mother, but she found that she already received three messages from Gong Ouyang while she was asleep. It was a time and address of where she was supposed to meet him. 

She rubbed the space in between her eyebrows with her thumb. 

She searched for Lu Rin’s phone number and called her.

“Xiaonian,” her mom sounded in high spirits on the phone, “we are going to the cruise Mu Qian Chu bought recently. We will have a small celebration aboard it. You will come?”

“No mom. I have some deadlines waiting for me so I need to go back.”

“Already? Won’t you stay for another few days? The celebrations will go on for seven days, you know” she said.

“It’s not possible mom. I really have to leave. You should go now. I will call you later.”


Lu rin was not entirely sorry that Xiaonian is leaving early. No matter how well she behaved during the wedding, she did not want to take any chances of her behaving rudely in front of the Mu family. This was their big chance.

After her call, Xiaonian packed her bags and left the hotel to meet Gong Ouyang at the destined place.

The night grew deeper and chillier. The island which looked like a fairy tail in the morning now looked like glittering. The sea shore was filled with cruises and yachts of different sizes and resembled a necklace on the beach at night.

“No. 23”

Xiaonian put her bag by the dock and looked around her. This area was almost deserted with no one around, the wind blew calmly and lifted her hair with it. Xiaonian did not even try to fix her hair. She just stood there and enjoyed the calm and peaceful moment.

She looked to her side as she heard the sound of a car moving towards her. The engine sounded smooth like one of those expensive cars and sure enough, the black Lamborghini convertible stopped a little further away from her and Gong Ouyang was driving it.

He wore a casual white cotton shirt with few buttons opened showing his muscular shirt and because the top of the car was down, his hair was tousled, and that coupled with his sunglasses made him look irresistibly handsome.

Even Xiaonian stared at him for a few seconds without blinking.
Gong Ouyang noticed her stare and felt inwardly pleased. Looks like she was finally realizing what a handsome man he was.

“My yacht is a little further away, get in” he told her.


Xiaonian chided herself for thinking him handsome. She quickly reminded herself what kind of a person he was to stop herself from being mesmerized. Nothing good will come out of having any sort of interest in a man like Gong Ouyang.

“Mr. Gong..” she greeted him and put herself and her bag in the car’s passenger seat.

“Dazzled by my good looks?” he asked arrogantly.


See? Nothing good came out of it.

“ye..yes” Xianian agreed reluctantly.

“Why are you stammering? You don’t have confidence to say that straight or are you lying? he looked at her suspiciously.”


Patience, she told herself.

“Of course not, Mr. Gong is very handsome” Xiaonian smiled flatteringly.

Gong Ouyang looked at her for a moment to gauze her sincerity and seemingly being satisfied, he started the car and they took off on the road.

Translator’s interview:

Translator: So Miss Shi, these days it seems that you are getting better and better at flattering Gong Ouyang?

Xiaonian: Of course not. How can it be flattery? Mr Gong is indeed that amazing. It’s not flattery at all, just truth. Hahaha. (laughs forcefully)

Gong Ouyang (Sitting by Xiaonian): (With a satisfied expression) Feng De, there is some useless stuff lying in my office, give it her.

Feng De: ……

[Stuff in the office? Wasn’t one of it their company’s new and most expensive tablet model most suitable for engineers and professional artists? How was that useless? Won’t the team at their office cry  tears of agony if they hear their Boss say that!]

Yes master.

Xiaonian: …… (ಠ益ಠ)

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