Chapter 43: Missing (Part 1)

T/N: Starting last chapter, this translator's work started deviating greatly from the original author's. As I've said once before, the plot remains the same, but I've made much changes in the dialogue delivery and character attitudes. One of these days, I'll release a chapter's as-it-is translation vs modified for my readers.

This is all in the spirit of a good story and nothing else. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Gong Ouyang used the sports car like a sports car. They reached his yacht in few minutes and when Xiaonian got down the car, her legs were still shaky.

“What? Scared of this little speed?” Gong Ouyang asked in disdain when he saw her shaky legs.


“Haha, just a little” she brushed it off and followed him onto his yacht.

She saw the pictures of the yacht that Mu Qian Chu bought and named after Shi Yue yesterday. People were only eager to pass it around. She did not know much about these things, but she thought that it was a beautiful yacht. But Gong Ouyang’s yacht, it was simply massive and very impressive.  

They went inside and Xiaonian couldn’t help but notice that all the yacht was decorated in Gong Ouyang’s personal tastes. She lived with him for some time and she has seen his home and bedrooms, and she knew that he liked his luxury to be understated but elegant. And it reflected in the upkeep of this yacht.

Once they were seated comfortably in the gorgeous living room with windows that pen to the sea, the fact started moving and Yunshang island slowly got smaller and smaller as they moved further away from it.

 “Master, Mr Ze is on the phone about N city’s company acquisitions” Feng De passed a phone to Gong Ouyang.

While Gong Ouyang was on the call, Xiaonian helped herself to some refreshments supplied by the staff. The yacht moved at a steady pace and the breeze blew in bringing with it the smell of night. Xiaonian got up and walked out to the balcony that was separated from their room by a pair of french windows offering privacy. 

Standing on the edge of the balcony, Xiaonian for the first time wondered about this day. 

A long time ago, she thought she would be devastated if Mu Qian Chu got married to Shi Yue, and today, at that very thing she stayed calm and collected. She was surprised that she did not even feel sad. How strange.

The moon shone on the dark sea and wind chilled her body.
“I did not bring you here so you can leave me inside” Gong Ouyang’s dissatisfied voice came from behind her.

It looked like he was done with the call.

Xiaonian turned a little to look at him standing at the doors with his hands tucked in his trouser pockets. The lighting was dim and it made him look like one of those male models posing for a men’s magazine. Attractive.

“I thought I would come out and enjoy the sea, this is my first time on a sea like this” she told him honestly as he walked up to her and leaned with his back to the guardrail.

Gong Ouyang raised an eyebrow at that.

“I was on the Baja as a waitress” she reminded him, “we were given the basement rooms and had to work very long hours. By the time the work was done, I would fall asleep as soon as I hit my mattress. Didn’t have any time for viewing” she smiled in nostalgia.

She had to work hard in those days, but every day was satisfying.

Gong Ouyang stared at her side profile in the dim lights of the yacht. The more he knew her, the more he felt that she was further away from the person in his investigation reports. Although there’s virtually no chance that they found the wrong one, he felt uncomfortable at the thought that she might find any evidence to prove her innocence. 

He clenched his hands around the guardrail and his eyes took on an evil tinge. He already decided that no matter what the outcome, she was not getting away from him. Conniving or not, he had a taken a liking to her and until he felt otherwise, she can only learn to live happily by his side.

“Thank you for taking me on this yacht, I really didn’t know that the sea could be this beautiful at night” Xiaonian told him sincerely in a moment of tranquility.

Gong Ouyang watched her lick her lips as she continued to appreciate the view. He recently discovered that he had developed certain fetishes, like her lips, fingers or those dimples on her back, they seriously challenged his restraint. Like now.  

She started biting her lips as she watched some sea creatures jump out of the water surface and laughed cheerfully. Her inky black hair whipped against her fair cheeks and showed him little glimpses of her neck now and then. It was all very tempting. He wanted to enjoy the picture more, but at the same time, he also wanted to plunder this beauty until his thirst was quenched.

He saw her slender fingers brush against her chest unconsciously to brush away few strands of her and he caught the hand and dragged her to his arms to kiss her lips.

Her soft lips crushed under his mouth and tasted mildly sweet as if inviting him inside for much sweeter delicacies. 

“Wai…” Xiaonian’s lips were sealed before she could ask him to wait.

How did it become like this? Weren’t they just having a harmless conversation?

Initially she did not resist his kisses, but they soon changed from little nips into aggressive bites and her lips and neck were really hurting. After a particularly painful tug on her hair as he nipped under her ear Xiaonian struggled to get away from him. 

Gong Ouyang suddenly lifted her up and placed her on the guard rail.

The guardrail was made of strong materials but was very thin and with the sudden motion Xiaonian was slightly disoriented. And when she felt empty space underneath her except for a thin piece of metal she immediately wrapped herself around Gong Ouyang in fright to stop herself from falling into the sea.

Gong Ouyang clutched her delicate waist in his two hands savoring soft body against his. He rubbed the tip of her ear with his lips and whispered, “if you don’t want to fall into these waters, you should obediently hold onto me and stop struggling.”

Xiaonian’s hands trembled as she tried to properly hold onto him to make herself secure on the guard rail.

“I’m scared…” she told him and pleaded with her eyes to let her down, but Gong Ouyang simply grinned devilishly and started kissing her again. But this time, she felt his hands wander under her dress scaring her.

A slender hand tremblingly stopped Gong Ouyang’s hand from moving any further. There was nothing she could do about his other hand, she will have to take a free fall if she uses her other arm.

“Don’t do this..” she began softly but Gong Ouyang cut her off mid sentence. Kissing her lips, he smirked. Touching her intimately against the sea breeze felt so good. He will remember to bring her out on to the sea more often.

“Don’t make a fuss. Remember the punishments, hm?” he said wickedly against her lips. He was standing in between her legs effectively stopping her from sliding down onto the floor, she had no choice but to bend to him. Her every shiver and tremble stirred the beast in him to act more brazenly.

He let her hold off on of his hands, he could shake her off easily and if this was anyone else it would have annoyed him enough to push them off the yacht, but with her, he just enjoyed the feel of her soft fingers against his wrist. 

Xiaonian did not know what to do. She did not want to do this kind of thing out in the open. The yacht was full of staff, what if someone came in and saw them? 

And just as she was thinking this, a female staff member came inside.

Xianian jumped in her skin when she saw another person with them, but Gong Ouyang quickly held her still with both hands on her waist. He slowly pulled her down and backed off her while she adjusted her dress with flaming red cheeks.

Someone saw them!


  1. Just when things were getting steamy someone had to interrupt

  2. After reading the previous chapters i realized that ML' attitude like being cold, abuser and overbearing is what women like. Thinking of how this novel will end both of them will be together. So girls like bad guys? Or its just make the story more interesting.... Nah... My friends from high school like bad guys. So it must be true

  3. "But Gong Ouyang’s "yacht," it was simply massive and very impressive."

    I'm sure you know all about his yacht, MC.


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