Chapter 43: Missing (Part 2)

Xiaonian felt like she could lift her face up in the public ever again. Why? Why did he have to do this here? 


But she felt relieved too. Thank god someone came, otherwise he would have taken it until the whole act was finished. 

This was much better, she told herself. At least, all her clothing was on her.

“What is it?” Gong Ouyang snapped at the staff for ruining his good time. He had to talk to the captain about teaching his staff the rules around him.

The female staff became nervous, but was remarkably composed when she talked to him, “Mr Gong, we have a call from Yunshang island for you and Miss Shi’s mobile also has been ringing for sometime.”

Gong Ouyang frowned. He owned quite a bit of Yunshnag island but why was he being called for? So incompetent!

“What is Feng De doing?” What was the point of having an employees who can’t handle their jobs?

“Mr Gong, I was told that it is above his authority” she told him as she waited for his reply.

Gong Ouyang ran his hand through his hair in annoyance and went inside to take the call.

“Miss Shi, your phone is by the table and someone called you three times already” the staff lady informed her cordially before leaving.

Xiaonian was surprised that someone called her three times continuously. She knew no one who wanted to talk to her that desperately.

She followed after the lady staff inside to check who might have called her and when she when she picked up her phone the cell phone ringtone played again.

It was her adoptive mother, Lu Rin.

As soon as she picked up the call she did not even get a chance to say hello before Lu Rin asked her, “Xiaonian, where are you?” She sounded frantic and nervous. Xiaonian was even more startled not understanding what was going on. 

She could not tell her that she was with Gong Ouyang, so she told her the something nearer to the truth.

“I did not leave the island yet, I’m by the beach now. Is everything alright?” What was going on?

“That..” Lu Rin hesitated, “that.. Mu Qian Chu is missing and… people are saying that you took him away?” 

It sounded like Lu Rin was asking her to confirm the rumors instead of telling her what people were saying. Was she really that unreliable?

“Mu Qian Chu is missing?” Xiaonian asked.

“Yes. Yes, he’s been missing for the last two hours. Is he with you?”

Xiaonian flinched at the question.

Mu Qian Chu was missing. How was she even related to this?
“I’m not with Mu Qian Chu. In fact, I haven't even seen him after I left the wedding banquet” she said lifelessly. 

“But people are saying-”

“No mom. No matter what people are saying, I really am not related to this problem. Why don’t you check the monitoring systems?”

“Ah. Ah, yes. The monitoring systems, we checked them. He drove somewhere in his car but then he entered someone’s private property that isn't monitored, so we don’t know anything now. They are calling the person who owns the property now” she said.

“Xianian ah, if you know anything about Mu Qian Chu, please tell us, your sister is really worried..” Lu Rin sounded as if she was coaxing Xiaonian.

For a split second Xiaonian wanted to smash her phone against a wall until it broke to pieces.


Why are they throwing this dirty water on her?

Isn’t it enough that she had lost something very important because of them, did she also have to take the blame for this??

“Mom, if I find something, I will let you know. But really, he isn’t with me” Xiaonian quickly said her piece and hung up the call. There was no point talking anymore when the other person was not even willing to believe in her.

She slid down the chair in mental exhaustion when she realized that Gong Ouyang was standing by the lobby door and watching her intently.

“What’s the matter?” Gong Ouyang asked her but there was no concern in his voice.

He slowly walked towards her in his usual lazy gait and sat down before her watching her like a hawk.

“A missing brother in law?” he inquired indifferently when she remained silent.

Xianian’s eyebrows jumped up in surprise. How did he know?

May be her thoughts were easily read on her face, Gong Ouyang replied, “he went missing in my property. They called asking permission to search the area”. 

Gong Ouyang looked as if he didn’t care much either way about this topic, but his eyes betrayed the seriousness as he watched her.

Xiaonian twisted her fingers anxiously. She did not understand Gong Ouyang’s current mood, he looked like he could rip her apart if she said one wrong word.

“Why are you so worried? It’s not like it’s your groom who disappeared?” he said with displeasure. 

Xiaonian felt shocked at what he said. Her big eye became even rounder and looked at him bewildered making her appear like a harmless and pitiable bunny.

“Do you want me to give them permission to search the area?” he asked her gauzing her reaction.

Xiaonian hesitated for a second but nodded slowly.

“Come here” he ordered her in a voice laced with danger.

When Xiaonian went near him, she was dragged by him and put in his lap. His hand threaded through her hair and pulled her towards him. He whispered something in her ear and bit her jaw.

“Okay” Xiaonian promised him and remained obedient as Gong Ouyang’s hands slipped into her dress.  

Gong Ouyang looked at her reaction and seemed satisfied with her behavior. “FengDe, call the Mu family back and tell them that they have permission to search the premises, but only for two hours. They have to scram after that” he ordered.

“Yes master” Feng De nodded and left to make the call.

Xiaonian watched Feng De leave.

Mu Qian Chu, this way I’m paying back a little for the trouble I caused in your life. For trying so hard when it was not needed.

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