Chapter 44: Severing their ties (Part 2)

In less than an hour, Xiaonian reached the hospital. The hospital on Yunsheng island despite having a very small population had an excellent team of doctors for the rich clientele that visited the island. 

Xiaonian went to the receptionist and inquired about Mu Qian Chu. The receptionist asked her a few questions to make sure that she was not a nosey media and only then did she give her the room number. Mu Qian Chu belonged to a very rich family, so this was not entirely unexpected.

When Xiaonian reached the VIP ward that Mu Qian Chu was currently occupying, she found that most of his and her adoptive family were there. And as soon as they saw her, her adoptive father Shi Zhong quickly walked over to her and slapped her.

Xiaonian felt her face sting with the force. For a few seconds, her ears rang and she saw dark spots before her eyes.

“Scum! how much face will you make me lose? I should have thrown you out long before if I knew you would turn out be such a slut!” her adoptive father screamed at her.

No one in the room made any attempts to stop him, just watching her with cold eyes.

Xianian covered her numb face with a hand and was still dazed from the hit as she heard Shi Zhong speak blame her.

“Today, before my friends and family, I am declaring that I’m cutting off the Shi family ties with this snake!” he continued, “I will call the police and give an account to the Mu family for Mu Qian Chu’s abduction” he declared firmly before them.

Hearing those words, Xiaonian’s head cleared slightly. 

Cutting off ties with her?

Mu Qian Chu’s abduction?

Call the police?

What are they talking about?

With difficulty, she tried to open her mouth and said, “I did not kidnap Mu Qian Chu..”

“Shut up!” Shi Zhong screamed at her, “do you think we are fools? Mu Qian Chu himself uttered your name before he lost consciousness!” 

“We shouldn’t have held back when you shamelessly tried to seduce your younger sister’s boyfriend and now that it didn’t work, you resorted to kidnapping her husband! People like you should be beaten to death!”

With every word, Shi Zhong’s anger grew. He hated this wretch who keeps trying to spoil their and Shi Yue’s good life. he should have discarded her when she became a burden.

“Get out of here” an elder woman from Mu Qian Chu’s family told her.

Xianian stood still for a second as she looked at the faces of the people in the room. Their eyes carried contempt for her. Her sister was looking at Mu Qian Chu’s unconscious body and her adoptive mother looked at her in doubt.

She slowly turned around and made her way out of the hospital.

She just.. wanted to make sure that Mu Qian Chu was all right and to clear her name that she was not involved in last night’s affair, instead, how did it turn out like this?

Did Mu Qian Chu say she was the culprit?

But why?

She walked a little father from the ward and sat down on a bench. Her cheek hurt a lot, but she felt that her heart was hurting more.

She felt all the weight of her helplessness descend on her and she curled up on the bench and hid her face in her knees and cried.

“Miss..we should leave now, the private plane is scheduled to leave in a few minutes.” Feng de’s voice came from above her.

Xiaonian took a second her wipe her tears off her skirt and without looking at Feng De, she acknowledged him and followed him with her head down.

As she sat in the car, Feng De, who did not say anything quietly handed over an ointment to her.

Xiaonian extended a trembling hand as she took it. She wanted to look at the name but her vision was blurred as tears filled her eyes.

She felt so ashamed of herself, for having people blame her for trying to seduce her younger sister’s boyfriend, for selling herself to Gong Ouyang just so she could survive for few days, for being so useless that she couldn’t do anything about her situation and for being so pathetic that even a small kindness reduces her to tears.

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