Chapter 45: The president is hungry (Part 1)

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The private plane was docked inside and Feng de arranged for the staff to take care of Xiaonian’s bags and a special nurse was called on board to attend her swollen cheek. After a while, the swelling has become quite apparent.

Feng De watched her quietly as the nurse diligently took care of her wounds and left after dispensing some painkillers.

After the nurse left, Feng De said quietly, “Miss Shi, I’m sorry for not being to help. But, with master’s identity, it is very difficult to make your relation public.”

Xiaonian understood the unspoken words, but she did not mind. She would also rather no one knew about this shameful deal, and Gong Ouyang already helped her out during the Porcelain gallery incident when he was not obligated to. 

Though she may have come to this, she was someone who remembered kindness.

She did not expect anything more from him.

She nodded at Feng De in understanding.

Seeing Xiaonian behave understandingly, Feng De felt bad for her. Even though he cannot help her, he understood how she lived so far and his heart ached for the pain she had gone through. 

She was not someone who could survive besides a man like his young master, but the master was getting more and more obsessed with this young lady and Feng De couldn’t help but feel a little scared on her behalf. 

Gaining attention from a man like his master was never a good thing for an innocent young girl like Shi Xiaonian. The other women knew what they wanted, but Miss Shi who was vulnerable would be deeply scarred if not completely crushed.

Though he can’t do anything directly, he wanted to help her as much as he can.

“Miss Shi, there is something I want to tell you.”

Xiaonian looked at the old butler with a questioning gaze.

“It’s best if you don’t let young master know about the relation between you and Mu family’s young master.”

Feng De, who worked as butler and has seen lot of things, and can easily guess what was happening between the Shi family members and Mu Qian Chu. 


Xiaonian looked up at him with wide eyes. How did he know?

Feng De watched Xiaonian’s reaction and can guess her puzzlement. He thought for a moment, and then with earnest and sincere expression, he said, “Master is very attached to you. ”

Unbidden, a shiver ran through Xiainian. And Feng De could easily make out that she was frightened from her eyes.

“Miss Shi, like I said before, the young master is suffering from a psychological condition. While the major symptom is paranoia, there are other symptoms which make his condition slightly special” he saw that Shi Xiaonian was attentively listening to him, “because young master was born a genius, he has built a system to minimize the variabilities around him.”

Xiaonian looked at him confused. She did not really understand what he meant.

Feng De looked at her confusion and tried to explain, “Young master, he likes to  controls things around him, the more he is attached to something or someone, the more closely he monitors them. If he knows about your involvement with Mu’s young master, young master might take things into his own hands” he tried to put it delicately.


Controlling things…?

Did she also not experience that? When things did not go his way, he manipulated them to his liking, like how he made her sign the contract.

Although she was not in a relationship with Mu Qian Chu, she did understand Feng De’s concerns. With Gong Ouyang’s personality, he wouldn’t let neither her nor Mu Qian Chu face good days.

Xiaonian nodded, she was grateful for housekeeper Feng De’s reminder, “thank you, housekeeper De.” It was clear that he told her this keeping her well being in mind. She really was grateful.

Feng De smile, “I’m not just thinking about you Miss, the young master’s temper is much better since he started living with you in TianZhi. I am happy to see young master like this, and I hope that nothing complicates this peace.”

Gong Ouyang has good temper these days?

A man who was annoyed because she changed one menu item in the last minute, that man, has a good temper?

Then how bad was his temper before?

Xiaonian shook her head at her thoughts. There was no need to think so much, she just had to go ahead with her plan and prove her innocence and he would let her go according to the contract. 

She suddenly remembered how Feng De said that he was very attached to her and a small tendril of fear creeped up. But Xiaonian firmly squashed it down. Right now, all she had was hope or a better future, if even that was taken away, she would not be able to hold herself anymore.

“Rest assured housekeeper De, I don’t have any particular relationship with Mu Qian Chu now, so there won’t be any problem.”

“That’s good.” Feng De looked at her gently and smiled.

In the next hour, they flew back and reached S city around evening.

During this time, the newspapers published the story about Mu and Shi families’s wedding but they did not mention Mu Qian Chu’s disappearance or Gong Ouyang’s appearance.

When Shi Xiaonian landed in S city, she turned on her mobile and saw a message and few missed calls from her adoptive mom.

Her message was long and explained how Mu Qian Chu woke up and clarified that she was not responsible for his disappearance.

Xiaonian involuntarily touched her injured cheek and remained motionless as she reread the message.

The message was sent two hours back. So everyone now knew that she was not responsible, but no one apologized for the misplaced blame.

At the end of the message her mom mentioned about talking to her dad about not cutting her off the family…but what use is that now?

Xiaonian felt so tired and indifferent.

Her fingers hovered over the screen hesitating. Was there any point in saying anything now?


She put back the phone in her bag and quietly waited for her ride.

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