Chapter 45: The president is hungry (Part 2)

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In order to keep a low profile, Feng De couldn’t accompany Xiaonian back to TianZhi, instead she was assigned a couple of bodyguards tasked with escorting her.

Xiaonian almost wanted to laugh at Feng De’s explanation. Weren’t these people just here to keep an eye. What did a nobody like her need protection for?

But she did not say anything and meekly accepted the arrangements. The hustle and bustle of the city made her feel as if the event on the island happened not yesterday, but a long time back.

Xiaonian lowered her head a little more when she saw people staring at her swollen cheek.

When the bodyguards escorted her out, her cell phone vibrated. It was a message from Gong Ouyang-

The screen displayed only one word, ‘Hungry’.

Xiaonian swiped the message to see if something else was written. But no. Just- Hungry.

He was indeed the king of hungry stomachs.

Just as she was about to reply, she received a call directly from the great devil himself.

She couldn’t help but reluctantly pick up, and as soon as she lifted the call, Gong Ouyang’s unhappy voice was transmitted through, “Have you returned to the city yet?”

“Ah. Just came back ” Xiaonian couldn’t suppress the tiredness out of her voice.

“The don’t you know to call me?” he snapped at her sounding dissatisfied.

“I should?” Xiaonian blurted out before she could stop herself.

How can anyone blame her. This was Gong Ouyang who hated such things and  sometimes snapped at her if she said one extraneous word.

Can you blame her for being surprised?

Gong Ouyang on the other side was choking with irritation at her question, abruptly he laughed, “Good, very good! Shi Xiaonian, well done!” and he simply hung up before she could say a word of apology.


Xiaonian looked at the silent phone in confusion.

He seemed very angry, didn’t he?

As she was contemplating how she can apologize to him to reduce his anger, she received another phone call, this time from Feng De.

Feng De greeted her with his soft and gentle voice, “Miss Shi, the young master requests you to make dinner for him at the head office.”

“Cook for him at the company?”

Did she hear that right?


Feng De paused, “”master wants you to head directly to the office and make dinner for him. I will have the staff in the cafeteria arrange necessary ingredients for you.”

Xiaonian was stunned.


She could only sillily accept it.


But then again, when had Gong Ouyang ever made sense.

“That, Miss, the young master looks angry so it would be better if you came early without any delays” saying that Feng de hung up.

So that was where he went after they reached airport. Attending to Gong Ouyang, must be very tiring for him. 

Look at her. She hasn’t even been with him for a couple of months and she  could feel the tiredness in every extremity of her body.

  •         *         *

Xiaonian got out of the car in front of a high rise building which proudly displayed the name ‘Regal science and technologies’ on the top.

This was her first time coming to NE headquarters. She had seen many photos in the news, but it still seemed shockingly impressive in reality.

“Miss Shi,” a female secretary waited for her at the door, “the cafeteria has been prepared for you. If you need anything please let me know and I’ll immediately arrange it for you. The master hopes you can complete cooking his dinner in an hour” she said good naturedly.

Dinner in less than an hour?

Xiaonian silently followed the secretary and reached the cafeteria kitchen in the basement in few minutes.

She was once again shocked silly when she saw the kitchen.

The NE company which owned all the businesses under Gong Ouyang including this one was very well known for its services to its employees, but her imaginations did not even compare to reality.

The cafeteria kitchen looked less like a cafeteria kitchen and more like the kitchen of a five star restaurant. The chefs looked professional and everyone seemed buy as they were shuffling around getting things done.

Xiaonian felt very embarrassed once she realized that she was using her less than mediocre skills to cook in between these professionals.

“Miss Shi, this way please” the secretary led her all the way to the back where a small kitchen was built separated from the rest.

Xiaonian was stupefied looking at it.

She is making her egg fried rice in this hi-spec kitchen that looks like only gourmet food should be made in?


On the other side-
In the president’s office Gong Ouyang was sitting in a chair going through a proposal while a group of staff were waiting on tenterhooks for their verdict.

The president’s office was situated on the topmost floor and the huge glass windows showed the best view S city has to offer. But no one in the room was presently interested in the view.

Gong Ouyang slammed the papers on the desk and several people standing before him shuddered.

“This is the best you can offer with your best degrees and national talent?” Gong Ouyang said calmly, “if you can’t make another better proposal in a week, you don’t need to attend this company anymore. Show yourself out.”

Gong Ouyang watched as they shuffled out as quickly as they can. 


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