Chapter 47: Grocery shopping

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When Gong Ouyang entered his office, the first thing he saw was Xiaonian curled up on his couch. The sky darkened and the bright lights of his office made the girl on the couch seem ethereal. 

His footsteps stopped a feet away from her as he appreciatively took in all her curves on display. 

Her face was partially hidden and a softly curved jaw peeked out from under her silky hair. Gong Ouyang’s eyes swiftly went back to her cheek when he noticed a red imprint peeking out.

He moved forward silently and bent down slowly moving away the hair covering her face.

He can easily make out the swelling of her cheek under the bright lights. For a moment, he was infuriated.

Who dared move his woman!

Gong Ouyang gripped jaw with his fingers, his eyes staring intently at the mark on her face.

He suddenly let go of his hold, picked up his phone and called, “Feng De”

“Yes master” Feng De who already left to TianZhi and was in the middle of managing bills answered respectfully.

“Why si my woman’s face injured? Did I not tell you to take care of her?” he spoke with retrained fury.

Feng De who served by Gong Ouyang’s side for many years was surprised. He had never seen his master get angry for someone who was not his family, ever. He hesitated over what to tell and what to hide. 

“That, master, Miss Shi had an altercation with one of the people from the wedding. I could to not interfere because we are trying to keep a low profile” he answered trying to involve Shi family as less as possible.

Once Gong Ouyang heard the explanation, he went quiet. 

“All right. Prepare a car, we’ll leave in approximately 15 minutes” he ordered.

“Yes master, I’ll inform your security.”

Gong Ouyang hung up the phone and quietly stared at the sleeping woman again.

The Shi family?

When Xiaonian opened her eyes, it was the next day and the sky was lit bright with sun.

She did not quite realize where she was and she could only feel a hard and warm  wall sticking to her back.

Wait, wasn’t she still in the NE company?

She quickly tried to sit up and was immediately pulled down by a muscular arm that wrapped around her under her chest.


The king of hungry of stomach’s is here?

And, isn’t this their place in TianZhi?

“You woke up?” a husky masculine voice breathed into her neck.

Xiaonian went still.

“Yeah” she replied carefully.

The man seemed extremely sleepy. His arm around her slid down to her waist snd his thin lips slowly moved up from her neck to her ear, sprinkling little kisses along the way.

Xiaonian’s breath hitched.

His warm lips stopped behind her ear and the title kisses slowly turned into little little nips. His nose blew hot breath on her earlobe and with every whiff it felt like a small electric current ran through her, making her toes curl.

“Mr. Gong I….I’ll make breakfast for you” she said trying to get up. She wanted to put a stop to what was happening.

This was the first time something like this happened to her, and the fact that Gong Ouyang was responsible for it was terrifying.

“Call me Gong Ouyang” he ignored her and nuzzled her neck, his hand stealing over to squeeze her under her b**.

Xiaonian shivered at his touch. She decided that simply following him would make it easier to move away from him, “Gong Ouyang, what do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

When she asked that, she suddenly felt weird. Such  a morning and this exchange, does it not feel like a dialogue between a husband and a wife?

She shocked by her own idea.

“Anything.” Gong Ouyang didn’t care what he had for breakfast, he was more focused on the soft beauty in his arms. 

He turned her body around and caught her by wrist pulling her fingers near to his mouth. Catching one in his mouth, he gently bit down and watched as Xiaonian shivered again.

Gong Ouyang’s lips curved. So sensitive.

“That..then, I’ll go and buy some ingredients” Xiaonian quickly escaped his arms and started straightening her clothes. 

A delicate blush stole up her cheeks making her look like a woman who thoroughly loved in the night.

Gong Ouyang watched her with a calculative glint in his eyes. His eyes double checked her cheek, the bruise was almost non existent this morning.

If it was another woman, they would come to him and complain about the injustice they faced and asked him to settle scores for them, but not this woman. It was better that she was the mother of his child than one of those manipulative shrews.

“I’ll go with you” Gong Ouyang said as he got p from the bed and went into the bathroom.

Gong Ouyang? On grocery shopping?

He once asked her what a durian was? A man like that.

Ah, whatever. As long as she was away from the bed and his hands, she was okay with anything now.

When you can’t resist, just obey.

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