Chapter 49: Jealousy (Part 2)

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Xiaonian immediately caught his hands again pleading with him to stop, “You! stop! stop it!” she cried in desperation, “I didn’t cheat! he..he is my editor’s husband, he just wanted to send me to a hotel. Don’t kill him please!” she pulled at his shirt begging him desperately.

“Send you to a hotel?” He obviously didn’t believe it.

“You asked me to get out, I had no where to go” she explained in between sobs, “I beg you, just let him go.”

Li Chen will die if he hits him again.

When he heard that, Gong Ouyang’s body stiffened. He was angry at that time and to stop himself from hurting her more, he pushed her out.

He looked at her face that became unusually red as tears streamed down her cheeks.


Anger slowly dissipated as her explanation slowly sunk in.

Gong Ouyang gently pushed back her hair, tucking them behind her ear, “okay, I won’t fight.”

But there was still a small seed of dissatisfaction at her for crying for some other man. 
  •           *            *

In the hospital—

In a ward, Li Chen was lying on the bed covered in bandages. His face was beaten blue and black and a good part of it was swollen.

Xia Yu sat by his side and cried.

When Xiaonian stood by the door and watched her sob not knowing how to comfort her.

“Shut up! You are being noisy!” an impatient voice came from behind her.

Gong Ouyang stood there next to her looking at them unhappily.

Xiaonian bent her head and tried to tune him out of her mind and concentrated on Li chen and Xia Yu in front of her.

She knew about his unreasonable temper, but she never saw it so clearly as today. Even thinking about what he did to her and Li Chen sent shivers down her spine.

He was a dangerous man to be around.

She really needed to find a way to get away from him.

Gong Ouyang saw that Xiaonian was not paying any attention to him and instead kept looking at the ground or the couple on the bed. What was so good about them?

Xia Yu heard Gong Ouyang’s rude remarks and her already loud wails got louder.


Feng De came in just then from outside, walked next to Xia Yu and said courteously, “Miss Xia, I have arranged for the best orthopedic doctors in the country to treat your husband,” he took out a check and handed it to her, “this is a small gift from my master. I hope you can receive it, we really regret the misunderstanding.”

“You want to buy my silence using money? I’ll tell you now..”

Xia Yu stood in anger and then accidentally glanced at the number written on the check in Feng De’s hand and stood still temporarily mute.

How many zeroes were there?

She though they would compensate them in thousands, but wasn’t this number exorbitant?

Xia Yu’s tears stopped in shock as she stared blankly at the check and her husband on the bed. She looked at Gong Ouyang standing by Xiaonian.

In the end, what kind of a man was he?


“Miss Xia, we really are very sincere in trying to make amends, so please accept it and rest assured that there won’t be any aftermaths of this” Feng De extended the check towards her.

So much money, if she accepted it, she and her husband can eat and drink for the rest of their life without worry.

Xia Yu once again looked at her injured husband on the bed and seemed to think about something for a moment, and took the check from Feng De.

When it comes to filthy rich people like this, it’s better to accept damages like this than try and fight their power.

“Good” Gong Ouyang looked at the transaction and said curtly. 

If it hadn’t been for Xiaonian looking pathetic with tears streaming down her face, asking him to take this man to hospital, he would have simply left him out to die.

Seeing that the mater has been settled, he took Xiaonian’s hand and pulled her out of the room, “Let’s go.”

Xiaonian was dragged into the quiet hallway. She tried hobbling as fast as she can behind him but her untreated foot hurt so much that she couldn’t bear it anymore, “Don’t pull me, let me walk on my own..”

“What? Do you want me to drag you faster?” Gong Ouyang asked. He kept compromising for her, agin and again, and she did not even appreciate any of it!

Xiaonian had seen his temper today and was did not want to say anything that might prove him to become violent again. She lifted her injured foot and showed him her ankle which was now swollen like a bun.

Gong Ouyang was taken aback when he saw the angry red swelling on her ankle. 

“Who did this to you?” he asked angrily, whoever it was he will break both their legs!

“You” Xiaonian said softly.

Gong Ouyang stilled in shock. 

He did this?

Was it when he pushed her out of the car?

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