Chapter 49: Jealousy (Part 3)

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He was so consumed with anger back then, if he did not push her out, he would have done something more regrettable to her. And she was so fragile, even a little force left marks on her fair skin.

He now noticed a slight reddening of the skin around her neck and wrists where he grabbed her.

A feeling akin to guilt rose from his heart and made him feel suffocated. Unused to such emotion, Gong Ouyang wanted to quickly fix the situation and looked around him for his staff or Feng De.

But he sent Feng De away on some errands and once his anger receded he rushed bak to find her by himself so he did not get any personnel with him either.

He eased the grip on her hand and pointed to a hospital bench nearby, “you sit there and wait for me, I’ll be back soon” he said and left without looking back.

Xiaonian looked at his back and slowly hobbled to the bench and made herself comfortable.

She exhaled a sigh of relief. He seems to have come out of whatever mood he was in.

Psychological disorders were terrible. Just within minutes he changed from his usual weird self to someone terrifying. She was lucky that she didn’t die today.

She raised her hand and gingerly touched her neck as she remembered the feeling of suffocation and shuddered.

He was dangerous.

Xiaonian sat on the bench and waited for Gong Ouyang but she kept thinking how she was almost strangled. After trying to push back the memory of it and failing, Xiaonian decided to get a small walk and get a drink for herself.

May be it will distract her from this horrible train of thought.

Xiaonian walked down the hallway taking one step at a time carefully. She found a wending machine right around the corner and she dropped a few coins and took out a can of soda.


A gentle voice that sounded a little doubtful came from across her.

Xiaonian turned sideways and saw the person she saw just two days ago standing not far away from her.

Mu Qian Chu dressed in patient’s clothes, stood by a potted plant. The smile on his face was gentle and graceful.

The world really was a small place.

Every time you come to the hospital, you can meet acquaintances.

Seeing him at this time, Xiaonian was somewhat reluctant to smile, she kept her face expressionless and asked, “are you hospitalized here? the wedding…?”

“Some activities for the guests are still continuing. I felt uncomfortable and came back with Shi Yue.” 

For the first time in a long while Mu Qian Chu’s tone as he spoke with her was soft and gentle without any past coldness in it.

“Oh,” Xiaonian nodded  and asked, “is this because of your headaches?”

“Um. It’s always been like that, I think it’s getting better slowly” Mu Qian Chu said slowly walking towards her. He looked at her face as if he recognized the remnants of the slap on her cheek and apologized sincerely, “I’m sorry about what happened on the island. I’m sorry for letting people misunderstand you.”

Xiaonian was taken aback by his admission.

This was so far away from the attitude she was usually shown.

Xiaonian unconsciously shook her head rejecting his apology, “It’s okay, I’m used to it” she said without thinking much.

The smile on Mu Qian Chu’s face froze.

She go used to it?

She put it so mildly.

Xianian picked up the remaining change given out by the machine and counted it before she put it in her purse.

“Xiaonian, I’m really sorry” Mu Qian Chu said once again as if he was talking about something else now.

Xiaonian looked at him carefully and found this inconceivable. The Mu Qian Chu she knew these past few years would never apologize to her.

“Why are you saying this? You know it was not your fault.”

In the corner of the hospital filled with disinfectant smell, the two people stood quietly facing each other.

For the first time in a long while, the man did not look at the woman in scorn and disgust but the woman had long given up hope.

Mu Qian Chu softly smiled at her, “I just thought that I caused you too much trouble this time, don’t know how I can compensate you.”

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