Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 1)

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Xiaonian watched Mu Qian Chu, she suddenly felt that he was acting very strange.

In the last 6 years, he was never once cordial to her, and she had tasted disappointment too many times to count with him so she wasn’t in hurry to believe that he would become cordial to her just after a small misunderstanding like that.

She looked at him warily.

“It was not a big thing,” Xiaonian said lightly holding the bottle in her hand, “I’ll leave now, I hope you get better,” she pointed at him vaguely and limped back.

“What happened to your feet?” Mu Qian Chu asked frowning when he noticed that she was walking favoring one leg, “you are here to see a doctor? I’ll go with you?”

Xiaonian’s eyes widened momentarily from shock. 

“No. No, I’ll go by myself” she rejected him immediately. At this moment, he was not just someone she vowed to stay away from, he was also Shi Yue’s husband.

But she needed to see a doctor soon, the pain in her leg was getting gradually worse.

Mu Qian Chu took a few steps towards her and ignored her refusal, “I know the chief physician here. He’s good at these problems, I’ll…”

“No, I can do it by myself” Xiaonian once again refused, but this time her voice was determined cutting off his suggestion.

Mu Qian Chu stopped mid step stiffening at her determined refusal.

“Thank you for your kindness,” Xiaonian said politely and distanced herself from him, “You are Shi Yue’s husband, and I’m her sister. Before, I got myself involved with you, that wasn’t good. Now, you don’t need to concern yourself with me. What happened before, I really don’t mind, it was a misunderstanding that’s all.”

She hobbled few more steps away from him, “You can rest assured, I will go look for a doctor” she said walking away.


Mu Qian Chu looked at her back moving further away from him, his lips moving slightly wanting to say something, but in the end he remained silent.

Xiaonian walked around the corner but suddenly stopped and turned back.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Qian Chu immediately asked when he saw her look at him as if hesitating to say something.

Xiaonian looked at his earnest face, hesitated for another second before asking, “I remember that you graduated from my university too, do you know any way to find the contact information of past university student?”

Mu Qian Chu was surprised at her request, “the school does have information on it’s graduates. Are you looking for someone?”

Xiaonian fidgeted trying to restrain the blooming hope inside her, “Yes. I want to find a college student, my classmate, Her name is Tang Yi, same department.”

Mu Qian Chu looked at her serious demeanor and said with assurance, “After a few days I’, going to the university to deliver a speech, when I’m there, I’ll make sure to ask about her. If you need it urgently, I can try and get the information early.”

Hearing this, Xiaonian wanted to immediately refuse.

However, she can not forget the feeling of Gong Ouyang’s strong fingers clenching around her neck. At this point, she hurt herself, art her friends, if this went on longer, she was not sure if she would be left unharmed. 

“Will it be too much trouble for you?” Xiaonian asked Mu Qian Chu. The idea of freedom prevailed.

“Just a little thing.”

“Thank you so much,” Xiaonian said healing a sigh of relief. “I don’t know much about Tang Yi, just her name and the fact that she was in the same department as I, the arts.”

“Just a little thing.”

Xiaonian nodded, “thank you so much.”

She stood there of a few seconds where no one spoke, she looked at Mu Qian Chu, “thank you again” she said and limped away.

Mu Qian Chu saw her turn the corner carefully and disappear. The expression on his face was somewhat complicated. He leaned back agains the hospital wall.

The walls were cold.

His eyes gradually dimmed.

She held herself distant and said thank you, to him.

In the corridor, Xiaonian took a step after step carefully trying to keep the pain flaring up in her leg.


A voice that she would recognize anywhere rang with anger.

When Xiaonian raised her head, she saw Gong Ouyang standing a few feet away. He was once again wearing his usual expression on his face and it was now slightly colored with anger.

She was startled to find him back for her. Subconsciously, she expected him to leave her at the hospital and go home. She was expecting to wait in this hospital for another few hours, but he actually came back?

“What are you looking at?” he snapped at her.

Xiaonian immediately lowered her head, “nothing.”

Gong Ouyang felt irritated watching her actions.

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