Chapter 52: Schemes (Part 2)

After a few moments, she put her phone back to her ear and composed her voice, “It’s nothing-”

“You sounded scared, did something happen?” Mu Qian Chu asked her before she could say anything else.

Of course, she was scared. But, she definitely would not confess that to him.

“It really is nothing, I thought it was something else. I’m really alright” she said quite proud that her voice remained steady.

“Is there something Mu Qian Chu?” she asked him immediately. He never called her, ever. So this call must mean that he needed something.

And now that he is her brother in law and she is Gong Ouyang’s woman, it was more necessary to cut to the chase. Any entanglements would be only harmful.

“Just to ask how you are doing with the foot” he said slowly.

Xiaonian’s eyebrows flew high into her hairline in surprise. In the last 6 years, he had only called her a couple of times, and every time he called her it was to threaten her or warn her. There was even a time where he had told her how much of a shameful existence she was in the Shi family.

Now, he called to ask her about her foot?


“Good, thank you for calling, I have to go, I have something to do” she said before hanging up. There really were no reasons for them to talk.

The phone lit up again with a call from him.

Xiaonian immediately cut the call put her phone in flight mode.

At least with this call, she realized that she still had her phone. She switched on the flashlight function on her smart phone and slowly made her way to the bedroom. She could just open the curtains and light up her room until morning.

She would think of something tomorrow.

In TianZhi’s parking lot, a white Porsche flew in and went straight to building A space.

Mu Qian Chu sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the screen that turned off with a complicated feeling. Just as he tried to back his car up in his parking space, a grey car zoomed by with incredible speed even in this confined space.

Mu Qian Chu immediately applied brakes to avoid crashing into it and skidded in his spot.

A limited edition car? 

Who was it?

Mu Qian Chu stared at the car and was shocked to see the man hurriedly getting out of the car.

Gong Ouyang?

Why was he here?

  •         *          * 

In a darkened bedroom, Xiaonian looked out the windows to make sure there were some bright lights outside and tried to sleep again facing the window.

No matter how she got used to sleeping in dim light, the distant lights did not offer her any reassurance in this big empty cold house.

At this time, it was clear to her that the water cut and power cut must have been orchestrated by Gong Ouyang in retaliation.

One incident she could blame it on coincidence, but three? If it was not him, who else could it be?

Suddenly in the quiet of the house, she heard the sound of the door opening and her face turned white with fear.

She did not know about the bodyguards that guarded her without her knowledge, and her scared heart could only thump loudly and fast against her chest.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

She can just call the emergency number.

She immediately clutched the phone and turned on the screen only to see the notification of low battery. She used the flash light on her phone for a long time and was on the phone with her editor most of the afternoon, no wonder the charging ran out.

What should she do…!

Her leg was hurt, so she cannot run and hide somewhere.

While these thoughts were running in Xiaonian’s mind, a familiar angry and drunk male voice rang through the hall, “Xiaonian!”

His voice was followed by a series of loud footsteps nearing towards the bedroom and the door ricocheted off the wall and the silhouette of a tall man stood before her, and made his way towards her bed.

When Xiaonian realized that the intruder was none other than Gong Ouayng, a huge weight lifted off her chest and she felt like a 7 year old child again, rescued from the basement, she simply jumped into the arms of Gong Ouyang and let out soft sobs in relief.

Gong Ouayng who wanted to say a lot immediately swallowed his complaints. The soft body melted in his arms and clutching his shirt, she sobbed soaking his shoulder.

Gong Ouayng was stunned.

He came here today to warn her not to test his patience anymore with her antics and drag her back to his place, by force if necessary, instead he found her clinging to him in tears.

Did she miss him?

A thread of pleasure unraveled in his heart.

“Are you crying because you miss me?” he asked, brushing her trembling soft lips with his thumb. Even when she cried, she looked enticing enough to be pushed into bed.

Xiaonian pushed away his hand, “Weren’t you the one who cut off the electricity? If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be crying!” she couldn’t control herself and the tears flowed once again over her cheeks.

Gong Ouyang restrained the small flicker of anger at her stubbornness, “Shh, don’t cry” he said to her taking her body further into his arms until she could intimately smell his cologne and alcohol wafting from his skin and breath.

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